“The sight of that ass-butt plant takes me to the old garden of our old house circa 1992 when the world was daylight and all doughnuts hadsprinkles. That ass-butt plant, I love it. I will always love it.” –Akso Rojas

“Humanity must continue to harness its most powerful innate gift, most basic talent: CURIOSITY. ” –Akso Rojas

“While my insecurities turn into darkness, she becomes a burst of lightning dispersing into the heavens.” –Akso Rojas

“Mediocrity is either a predator that feeds on the cowardly or a feeble prey with sickly, sour flesh. Be wary of what you devour as well as what consumes you.” –Akso Rojas

“Both of us originated from a limitless energy, that after an almost endless waiting, we finally materialized into fragile containers with myriad of mysteries inside. We are forces made from an eruption of chemicals. Of euphoria.
Of love. We are reincarnations of our ownselves. We were once part of a singular mojo that has been scattered all over the place. We are ancient. Because energy can never be created or destroyed.” –Akso Rojas

“Do not let yourself wither from mediocrity.” –Akso Rojas

“Someday I will buy you a ring. But for now, ice cream.” –Akso Rojas

“There will come a time when, we will try to search for that ‘thing.’ But instead of finding it, I will find you and you will find me. And we wouldn’t know that we have found what we are looking for until the day we realized we are in love.” –Akso Rojas


“If you can’t laugh at my jokes, I can’t trust you with my life.” –Akso Rojas

“I once experienced a rage so inflicting I thought nothing else would ever compare to it until I saw someone hurt a dog.” –Akso Rojas

“Any day is a Friday if you are brave enough.” –Akso Rojas

“One day, humanity will be able to live in harmony. Not today, of course. Not on the next decade. And maybe not in my lifetime. But it will. I know it will.” –Akso Rojas

“I began to love you the moment I realized you treat redemption as something out of your reach, almost unattainable thing, like distant stars embraced by boundless darkness.” –Akso Rojas

“Master your craft. If you must, master it to the point of shedding blood. For when you have done so, no fraudster can ever imitate your art.” –Akso Rojas

“I’ll find you–and you’ll find me. And we wouldn’t know that we’ve found what we are looking for until the day we realized we’re in love.” –Akso Rojas

“Defying gravity. Ascending into the sky. Rocketing over the firmament of darkness. Vomiting light in all colors. Be a firework.” –Akso Rojas

“You will be missed more than the earth misses its cuddly dinosaurs.” –Akso Rojas

“Determination, not strength, Pare. Determinasyon ang kailangan mo. Wisdom at hindi truth. Wisdom na lang ang hilingin mo.” –Akso Rojas

“Whenever I eat green mangoes smothered with chili, salty fish paste, I tell myself to take some time to fall in love.” –Akso Rojas

“A heart of iron gathers rust.” –Akso Rojas

“It is essential you tell me, to my face, that everything is going to be alright because all these confusions and anarchy makes me lose myself, pushing me to the edge, making me crumble like a sandcastle in a raging duststorm.” –Akso Rojas

“You have been waiting—-For the right time. For the right one to come along. And for all the right reasons. For so long, you have been waiting. But it seems you haven’t figured yet that you are the one you’ve been waiting for.” –Akso Rojas

“You give me comfort like my old, familiar sweater.” –Akso Rojas

“Wrap me the finest heartbreak and offer it to me when we part ways. So that when someone handed me another, the feeling won’t be a stranger anymore.” –Akso Rojas

“His hatred is like a lightning striking an ocean. For the most part, the electricity travels onto the surface killing everything that floats. You must dive deeper into the abyss for you not to get hurt.” –Akso Rojas

“You cannot save her. Yes, she is drowning in sorrow. Yes, she needed saving. But her ocean will only consume you.” –Akso Rojas

“I miss you like a hundred soldiers desperately yearning to return to their hometown. But let me miss you like how Halley’s Comet misses to hit on any satellite circulating the Milky Way. Let this feeling linger because your absence makes me realize that I have to cherish all things that I treasure more than life itself.” –Akso Rojas

“Nang makauwi ako ng bahay at nadatnan na walang hapunan sa lamesa, doon ko napagtanto na kailangan kitang tawagan at sabihing hindi totoo ang lahat. Na kailangan na nating maghiwalay. Dahil doon ko lang din napagtanto na gutom lang pala ako sa pagmamahal at handang kainin ang kung anumang putaheng ihahain sa akin.” –Akso Rojas

“I remember the happiness that I felt but not the conversations that I had. I could not tell you the exact time,
or how far I drove, or what the sunset was like that day. I don’t remember. But I know I’m happy.” –Akso Rojas

“I hope to break the curse you casted upon yourself for I don’t believe you are not worthy of love. Because love in all its various forms are capable of burning any and all kinds of fear. So let love toss your fears up into the sky,
blasting it into wreckages like meteors falling into earth only to become ashes that will bury itself deep into the ground never to be seen again. When that happens, we will be staring at that particular spot of the sky. The same spot where you told me you are not worthy of anyone’s love.” –Akso Rojas

“I open The Fridge. Look for something in The Frozen. What welcomed me are crystal-clear stalactites desperately reaching the ever-insistent stalagmites. But in there—-in the middle of the transparent frost is a bar of chocolate that will be the death of me and my dog.” –Akso Rojas

“You may have shattered my heart into fragments; but you will never be able to scratch, at the least, my resolved to love anew. Because unlike you, I am capable of forgiving someone who ripped my dreams into shards. And unlike you, I am determined to find solace—-someday, with someone who will put altogether the shards you have broken.” –Akso Rojas

“I can see it. There. In front of me. Just some meters away. Hiding seamlessly in plain sight. Perfectly camouflaging
within the chaos of everything. Glistening at the touch of disorder. Disguised—-as a human flaw, as uncertainties,
as one’s weakness. Yes. I can see it. There. That is hope.” –Akso Rojas

“There is a kind of hysteria that stalks the heart of every writer, I say. Because—-every story that is woven in a writer’s mind is made from threads of madness and foolishness interlaced with euphoria and ecstasy. All these are knitted beautifully creating a fabric that shall provide warmth every time a writer feels cold.” –Akso Rojas

“What are you waiting for,” she asks. “The right moment. The crucial timing. The perfect particular instant,” I uttered. “Because only in these exact moments that we will be able to win a war, evade death, or get that perfect kiss. For there are no second chances. And because it matters.” –Akso Rojas

“You are a vast galaxy full of blackholes and exploding stars—-putting everything out of order. But amidst the chaos and confusion and mayhem within you, there exists, in a corner, a distant stellar that cradles a planet of balance fated to sustain all life known to the universe.” –Akso Rojas

“Sa tuwing magkasama tayo, nararating ko ang hangganan ng kakornihan; Nalalasap ko ang tamis-anghang ng pagdanas;
At nakikita ko ang mga bituin kahit tanghaling tapat.” –Akso Rojas

“Love is for the weak, they say. But it sure made me brave, I say. Because in this crippling tale we have, Bravery is all I need.” –Akso Rojas

“I wish you another millennia to your life with all its glory and curses but above all these desires may you experience a haunting heartbreak every hundred years so you will realize that loneliness is more sinister than death.” –Akso Rojas