Para sa Kamukha ni Georgina Wilson (Daw)

Last day ni Partner sa opis kahapon. Ibibigay na niya yung susi ng locker, yung health card, yung proximity card. Resigned. The end. Kaya hindi rin ako masyado nakapagtrabaho eh. Nakipagkwentuhan lang ako sa kanya.

Partner: Wag kayo magda-drama sa akin na huling araw ko na dahil sasampalin ko kayo.
Partner: Ax, four years. Biruin mo, tumagal ako ng four years dito.
Ax: Tigil-tigilan mo’ko. Meron nga dito na nagwo-work pa rin ng five, six, seven years. Ten years.
Partner: Natatakot ako, san ako pupulutin kapag wala akong nahanap na trabaho.
Ax: Benta benta ng Avon.
Ax: Wag ka magda-drama sa akin na huling araw mo na dahil sasampalin din kita.

Partner: Laya na ako.
Ax: Dalaw dalaw na lang sa mga bilanggo.
Partner: Masaya ako kahit aalis ako. Nag-enjoy ako sa department na’to.
Partner: Isama niyo pa rin ako sa mga pictorial niyo ha.
Ax: Oo naman. Pag mas mayaman ka na sa akin ‘wag mo ‘ko kakalimutan ha.

Ax: Baka mag-text ka sa akin, di muna ako magre reply.
Partner: Bakit naman?
Ax: Wala lang, baka mangutang ka 😀


Hindi lang pang telenobela kundi pang-pocketbook din ang istorya niya.

Siya lang. Siya lang talaga ang umalis nang hindi nagpapaalam.

Magpapa 40 days ako para sa’yo 😀 


Shirt Disorder: I Think Ergo I am

Be ready because this is a bomehian style writing.

The moon was broken in half. I cant sleep yet. I closed my eyes. The dogs’ howling clogged my lips. The windows invites me outside. I looked at the moon. I looked at the pool. I opened a soda. I lie onto the bed. I searched for good dreams. Yeah, I can’t sleep yet.

When you open a beer, you make simple words so beautiful. And so I drink the soda I was holding in my hand– because when beautiful words are uttered, you gave a fairy some disillusionment. And when a poem is offered to a fairy, she will lose her trail in the woods.

I drank the soda in my hand.

I get out of bed. But the moon is gone. This is what happens when you search for good dreams. You take it away from the moon. You selfish poet who gets everything that is good and beautiful.

I feed the radio with a cassette tape. It nauseated a classical song. It was dark outside, and so is the room. The music then breathes sepia colors. But the music stops. And so I am. I search for good dreams. I realized the outer space is not a bad place to search for good things.

The next night, the moon was nowhere to be found.

Face Your Demons, Laugh Like Hell

Someday, you will be facing ‘that’ monster– your demon. The one that is famously called “that thing beneath your bed.” But in reality, the monster isn’t under your bed. Or in your closet. Or behind the curtains. Because it resides in a  place that no one has ever explored to but you.

It resides in your heart. 


All throughout your life– unconsciously– you are feeding this demon with fears and insecurities. By doing so, it has become a parasite eating your fright’s carcasses. And in the bottommost of your heart, it continues to lurk. And it breeds. And it grows.

But most of all, it is silently waiting. Awaiting the day when you are in your most vulnerable state– the moment when you are weak and off guard. This will be the day that your demon will face you. And when that day comes, it will grab you in your neck. Consume you. And devour you. 

Surprisingly, that is also the day you will realize that you have made a creature who will mercilessly annihilate your dreams. Your passion. Your happiness. But that will also be the day that you will have to make a choice. So when that day comes, when you have to face that monster who surfaces from the bottomest of your heart, do not ever, ever face it weak.


How so? How can you not be weak when that day arrives? Simple. Vomit your fears. Do not doubt your ability. Go bungee jumping. Conquer a mountain. Step up. Ask her out for a date. Learn the piano. Forget what people say if you want to wear that crappy hat.

And when the demon stands in front of you, deliver him to hell.