Mga Bata, Pag-usapan Natin ang Sex

Minsan naiisip ko, makipagkilala kaya ako sa bus at pag-usapan namin ang tungkol sa sex na parang pinag-uusapan lang kung paanong ang carbon dioxide ay nagiging oxygen. Sex lang naman ang pag-uusapan.. napagtanto ko na simple lang naman ‘to. Sex alone is just as effortless as the process of combining genetic traits, or penetration ng genital ng lalake sa genital ng babae. Simpleng simple. Pero paano kung ang magtatanong sa akin ay isang five-year old na bata, ganon din kaya ang isasagot ko sa kanya, or I would be most people na ikwekwento ang sex in a fairy tale genre, in a jokingly manne,r or just a plain-lie-chronicle-supposed-to-be-story-for-children. Naisip ko bata yon.

Malalaman niya rin yon quite a few years from that time. At bata ‘yon na gusto ng mga kasagutan sa mga tanong na nakakapagpalito sa kanya. How pathetic na sasabihin mong galing siya kung saan at napulot lang sa tabi ng kama. I believe he is a child and a child could understand more. A kid should not be tied from the word ‘only’ because he is a being whose innocence could understand the most complicated matter as long as you let him understand it. But most, nasa iyo ang malaking responsibilidad na maaaring makapagpabago sa buhay ng isang bata. Nasa iyong kamay ang magiging kinabukasan ng musmos na nagtatanong sa’yo. Nasa isasagot mong kwentong nagtataglay ng mahigit dalawampung salita ang maaaring makapagpabago sa mundo. Nasa batang ‘yon ang maaaring mag-impluwensya sa mga daan-daang tao na maaaring mag-impluwensya sa milyon-milyong tao dito sa mundo.

Kung iisipin, ang sex ay hindi isang komplikado at maselan na usapin. Ang komplikado at maselang subject matter ay kung ano ang gagawin ng isang bata sa pagkakaalam niya sa salitang sex. Ang komplikado dito ay ang buhay ng isang musmos. Kaya sa akin, pag may nagtanong na five-year-old na bata tungkol sa sex, madali lang.

Er, mahirap din pala. Pero dahil future ng mundo ang nakasalalay sa akin, ipapaliwanag ko ng walang halong fairy tale!

Dad’s Resolve and My Bike

I’ve paved my way for Dad to buy me a bicycle. At what expense, I could hardly remember. For all I know, Dad wouldn’t give me something because I want it except for a robot, a kite, and a trumpo. But yeah, later in my life, he gave me a phone. Many times I have asked him a couple of things which he denied for no apparent reason. So the notion of my asking for a bicycle, back when I was six or seven years of age, is like requesting for my independence. That is what I thought then. And it is still what I think now.

Independence. Simply because I wanted to travel by myself around the neighborhood.

I have my point to telling you all of this. That one of my life-size glory experiences is learning how to ride a mechanical bicycle. That incident took place some time ago. Funny that I do not have a recollection of what my age was back then. Going back on that time frame, the whole thing, even the littlest unspecified object, is still lucid in my memory. Along with my cousins and my brother on the scenario, I underwent a grandeur life-learning ~and that is riding the two-wheeled human-powered vehicle. My dad taught me the formula of bicycling. I used the word ‘formula’ as that word best portray the process of problem solving but he did not teach me the complete process. What he instructed me is the basic rule of not falling.

Let us start my storytelling at that moment when I am holding the bicycle frame ~a feeling of an incalculable ecstasy of Dad’s trust that I can do things my own way. I am Euphoric. I am ready to hit the street 120 kilometers per hour. I must look absurd. And I like it. But hell ~I was scared. Damn, I am really frightened of things that might happen. Five minutes from that moment, I might be struck by a moving object that often the road. See myself rolling with blood and sweat. The ditch, I foresee myself swimming on the ditch. Fear enveloped me and..

Dad tapped me on the shoulder and somehow I’ve regained my courage.

“You know how to pedal, right? You know how to rear-end and you know how to use the brakes. What you are not familiar with is how to ride a bicycle. Well, Kiddo, I won’t be teaching you how to ride the bicycle.”

And my dad continued.

“I will teach you how to do balancing.” Dad paused, for awhile.

And what about balancing? I can stand unabashed with my foot. I can do the standing position onto the floor effortlessly. I can walk a non-slanting area without hitting the ground. So what about balancing?

“And you are on your own to discover how this thing works.”

My dad, who is holding the bicycle, has to let go of his grip. And that is when I realized ~the freedom of his grip entails my freedom to learn.

I managed to drive at least three meters away. Still, I fall ~big time with some scratches on my knees. Balancing is a little harder, I uttered. I got up, dusted myself, and held the bicycle frame once again.

I gaze at my Dad. But this time, I am no longer scared.

Face Your Demons, Laugh Like Hell

Someday, you will be facing ‘that’ monster– your demon. The one that is famously called “that thing beneath your bed.” But in reality, the monster isn’t under your bed. Or in your closet. Or behind the curtains. Because it resides in a  place that no one has ever explored to but you.

It resides in your heart. 


All throughout your life– unconsciously– you are feeding this demon with fears and insecurities. By doing so, it has become a parasite eating your fright’s carcasses. And in the bottommost of your heart, it continues to lurk. And it breeds. And it grows.

But most of all, it is silently waiting. Awaiting the day when you are in your most vulnerable state– the moment when you are weak and off guard. This will be the day that your demon will face you. And when that day comes, it will grab you in your neck. Consume you. And devour you. 

Surprisingly, that is also the day you will realize that you have made a creature who will mercilessly annihilate your dreams. Your passion. Your happiness. But that will also be the day that you will have to make a choice. So when that day comes, when you have to face that monster who surfaces from the bottomest of your heart, do not ever, ever face it weak.


How so? How can you not be weak when that day arrives? Simple. Vomit your fears. Do not doubt your ability. Go bungee jumping. Conquer a mountain. Step up. Ask her out for a date. Learn the piano. Forget what people say if you want to wear that crappy hat.

And when the demon stands in front of you, deliver him to hell.