Kung Paano ako Natalo sa Pustahan ng Sabong

Fastest Kill. Registration: P300.00. Last day. 

Yan ang theme ng sugal ngayon sa tupadahan/sabong kung saan ako nagbebenta ng mineral water. Nagbebenta rin ako ng yosi’t sopdrinks. Sa dami ng binebenta ko, kulang na lang eh pati one-day old chicken ay ilako ko sa mga mananabong.

Mula Sa Wala, Sa Meron, Sa Puti, Sa Pula, Sa Gitna. Sa Dugo, Sa Balahibo, Sa Swerte. At may tamang paraan ng pagwawasiwas ng kamay o senyas ng mga daliri kung magkano ang tayaan. Daan, Libo, o Motor. Sugal na may kasamang panalangin. Pustahan kalakip ang kalul’wa. Okay, tataya na ako. Uno-uno. P1,100.00. 


Akso: Pre, ayos ba ‘yan?

Pre: ‘Di natin masasabi. 

Akso: Pupusta ako. Uno-uno. 

Pre: Go away, Anna. 

Akso: May pera ako. 

Pre: Just go away. 

Akso: Papupustahin mo ako o mag-iiskandalo ako dito? 

Pre: Oh, uno-uno daw. Pakilista na. 

Akso: Lagyan natin ng glitters para matakot yung kalaban. 

Pre: Atsaka balloon. 

Akso: Tapos necklace na may diamond. 

Pre: ‘Pag heto natalo, iyak tayo. 

Akso: Okay na ‘yan. Rak na yan. 


‘Di ako nanood ng laban. Why will I? Eh nagbebenta nga ako ng mineral water. Pero minuto lang ang itinagal ng tournament. Bumalik si Pre. Sumenyas. Patay daw. 

Tsk. ‘Di kase ako naligo kaya malas eh.

Okay lang. Kahit talo eh naibenta ko naman lahat ng mineral water ko XD

Where Bold Stars Go To Die

If you are expecting a porn review, you will just be disappointed.. And I won’t apologize for that. Yes, this is probably a bomba komiks– but the kind of which that had undergone evolution in aspects of intellect and emotions. A bomba komiks with a flesh of sentiments and art seduction, a masterpiece of nine years in-the-making. And this is entitled ‘Where Bold Stars Go To Die.’

The story is about Daniel. About a boy, unbeknownst to himself, is sustaining ‘the’ life of an 80’s bold star named Anna in a different magical world. Thus, allowing Anna to continue existing. The magical world is an alternate paradise. Paradise in its literal sense: a garden forest, scattered nude women, a place of complete bliss.


Where Do Bold Stars ‘Really’ Go To Die

“I loved her once or twice a day.
Sometimes, even more.” – Daniel

Any one could live forever. That’s what I believe in. Luckily, bold stars are not precluded in this idea. They are being immortalized through photos and videos. And this is how Daniel met Anna. The first time he saw Anna on one of her 80’s film, he knew he was lost.

It went for days and weeks and as time passes, he just couldn’t get enough of her. Daniel was consumed with the idea of Anna like an insomniac addicted to coffee. Daniel searched her in the internet, but the internet does not know Anna. Fortunately, he found a collector with unbelievable vintage stuff of the 80s.

Daniel realized that these bold stars are just human who, in any manner, could not escape the inevitable of becoming fat or getting old. Daniel doesn’t care if Anna had become any of that, except for the death part.

“As more men fantasize about a particular person,
the stronger and happier she becomes here.
And if no one fantasizes about a girl anymore,
she fades away like you saw.” – Anna

Any woman, be still living or dead, so long someone fantasizes about them, manifests in this magical paradise. They are mostly bold stars who have become the sex object of many men. When a sex symbol is being imagined in mundane acts by someone, or simply the reason of one’s masturbatation, the sex object continues to exist in this alternate world. For some reason, Daniel finds himself in this magical world after a deep slumber.

He finally met her. Had talked to her. Made love to her. Until he woke up and realized he won’t be able to go back to that magical place and see Anna again.

“I wished that I had been born at an earlier time,
in a different place.
Perhaps then, I would have met her.
Met her properly.” – Daniel

I read this story a hundred times. And this is one of my favourite comics in my possession. Where Bold Stars Go To Die is by Gerry Alanguilan and Arlanzandro Esmeña (+). It also features artwork of legends and gifted graphic artists namely Francisco Coching, Tony de Zuñiga, Brice Beckham, Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, Leinil Francis Yu, Philip Tan, Gilbert Monsanto, Carlo Pagulayan, and Edgar Tadeo.

“I held myself in my hand and I thought of Anna.” – Daniel


Oxygen as Poison Millions of Years Ago

A friend who loves lightning once said to me that cancer is the price all aerobic organisms has to pay.

Millions of years ago, oxygen was once a poison to every single-celled organisms. Basically, oxygen destroys the system of every microorganisms and prevented them from functioning. It’s a scare ~added the fact that oxygen is one of the abundant gasses in the atmosphere.

Earth was once a deadly place then~ at least to our ancestors. And within that timeframe, if oxygen entered the membrane of a cell, it embraced death. I just wonder how did the early bacteria survived this toxic airborne gas.

Call it a leap of faith.

The first successful one-celled life form has to take the risk and use it in cell division. And with that risk, mutation had started. Algae was able to synthesize this through photoysnthesis and they evolved protective enzymes for them to acquire aerobic respiration. That is why cancer cells are not present in plants.

That’s the shortcut story of our ancestors overcoming this disease ~And yes, I call that faith. Millions of years ago, our roots have conquered cancer.

YOU should conquer yours too.

A Dose of Normality

T’was university years when I met him. I did not notice him on the first day as I barely notice anyone (because I am not that good remembering faces and names).

Just a normal day.

It’s on my second day that I became aware of his presence. He was not wearing glasses then; and one thing I remember about him is his backpack. Yeah, I wonder what’s inside this guy’s bag. I even asked myself what kind of student would bring so many things on his second day of school?

The next day, I saw him wearing glasses. Just the normal guy~ average in intelligence with squirts of genius during certain times. He would shock you that he knew what you are thinking. He calls that instincts, I call it luck. He is one of the weird-type students walking the catwalk university munching some words, talking to someone. But he is also one of the jerks that would enter your classroom taking some chairs with him outside and sit down during the changing of classes.

He is a regular 2K3 student with a few slip-ups along the way. Specifically, 2K3-015887-7 student (now, this would give you an idea what university he came from).

He enjoys french fries talk. If you wanna know his life’s story, go and buy him french fries. He would talk until the fries is gone. It’s his weakness, BTW.

His mind is more of a night sky: deep and blank. And his student life is more of a meteor shower: rushing of deadlines and cramming of projects. But this guy’s unbelievable. He would pull off a thesis skeleton that he made overnight.

But he is not special. He would receive failing scores in quizzes. Sometimes, he would perfect the exams. He sometimes study. He sometimes not.

He loves rooftops. He quit being a writer for the school’s yearbook publication. He doesn’t care a thing. And he doesn’t know why.

That’s it. He is Akso.

And this is Chello. Signing off!

aks and chello

Normal Guy

chrish and axo

How Can a Filipino Help the Philippines

Help Philippines Ax Realm

The moment I started this blog, I started for a cause because I want to influence some life form out there who is able to access this world slash teritorrial subspace.  Me making a difference, huh? But yeah– I want to influence someone for the better.

Well, this is a list of things that I could think of that my countrymen should do– but this can also be done by those people who have learned to love this 7,107 islands

  1. Recycle Paper.
  2. Follow traffic rules.
  3. Vote. Research everything about the people you are going to vote. Do not be mislead by articles that talks about good deeds of Mr. X running for Y position. Have a neutral point of view. The winning candidates of the national election will decide and run the next six years of the Philippines.  And six years is long enough, long enough for a high school student to finish his or her secondary education.
  4. Teach kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’
  5. And teach kids the essence of prayer.
  6. Report smoke belcher vehicles. Yes, you need not be a traffic enforcer to report such.
  7. Get your ticket after you pay a public utility bus. It is honesty.
  8. Explore the Philippines. And please do not vandalize historical places.
  9. Do not burn plastic-made materials.
  10. Segregate trash.
  11. Do not badmouth the Philippines. Either in your blog, to tourists, or in any media. We have to deal with it. Things are worse sometimes here in our country. But if we speak ill about our country, we are giving bad impression to ourselves.
  12. Respect law enforcers. And of course, report law enforcers who do not enforce the law of the land.
  13. Watch indie films.. in theater.
  14. You may trash paper anywhere. But please, put the non-biodegradable in trash cans.
  15. Explain to kids why they have to put their trash in a garbage bin.
  16. Try to finish your schooling. If it is a four-year course, TRY to finish it for four years. If it is a five-year course, TRY to finish it for five years. If you are enrolled in a state university, the government is paying for your education. The government could have spent the amount of your extended years to someone who wanted to earn a college degree. If you say you are enrolled in a private school, you are spending your parent’s money that they could use on their retirement. If you say you are the one who pays for your tuition, then kudos to you.
  17. Plant anything. Vegetable, flowers, or trees. If you do not have time, at least water your plants.
  18. Observe due process.
  19. Do not hold grudge against the government. Our government means People of the Republic of the Philippines.
  20. Support even one charity, sector, or right groups.
  21. If you smoke, at least make sure the flame is extinguished when you throw it away.
  22. And would you mind to throw your cigarette in a trash bin.
  23. Cooperate with the securities of airport, hospitals, government and business buildings and educational institution.
  24. Walk if it’s near.
  25. Tell a blogger to write anything what he can do to his country.

I believe the essence of this post is to tell everyone what my thoughts are on how each of us can help the Philippines. After all, this is our home.. And most of us do not have anywhere to go to if this paradise got messy.

Bakit Mas Mahaba ang kay Kuya

(This article by Akso Rojas won BlogSikat (english trans. BlogFamous) in Saranggola Blog Awards 1999.)

Mahaba ang gabi. Pumipikit. Padilim nang padilim!

Paunti-unting nasisilaw ang aking mga mata nakapikit man ang mga ito. Umaga na pala. Kailangan nang bumangon ng isang bata. Ako si Kaito, limang taong gulang, at paborito ko ang araw ng Sabado!

Bumangon na si Kuya kaya bumangon na rin ako! Sinundan ko si kuya papunta sa palikuran at kitang kita ko–mas mahaba ang kay kuya! Nagtaka ako kung bakit mahaba ang kay kuya kumpara sa akin. Bakit mas mahaba ang toothbrush niya? Pero masaya pa rin ako dahil magkasabay kaming nagtoothbrush ni kuya, paramihan kami ng bula at paputian ng ipin.

Kainan na! Ang aking baso na puno ng gatas at ang aking pinggan na mayroong tinapay! Kakainin ko na ang aking tinapay nang mapansin kong bakit mas mahaba yung tinapay ni Kuya? Oo, sinukat ko! Napakadaya naman. Napakarami kong gutom ngunit mas mahaba pa rin ‘yung kay Kuya. Pero nagdasal pa rin ako dahil mayroon kaming pagkain ni Kuya.

Tinawag ako ng mga kapitbahay ko! Maglalaro daw kami ng tagu-taguan. Saan kaya ako magtatago? Ah! Alam ko na. Magtatago ako sa likod ng bakod namin nang makita ko si Kuya habang naglalaro sila ng basketbol. Gusto ko na tuloy maglaro ng basketbol para magkakampi kami ni kuya.

“Boom Kaito!”

Yay. Hindi ko namalayan na naghahanapan na pala.

Ngunit tinawag ako ni Mommy. Sabi ni Mommy, “Kaito, kailangan mo na mag-aral kung paano magbasa.” Bakit ganun? Mas mahaba ang oras ng paglalaro ni Kuya. Bakit ako na maliit ay kailangan pa mag-aral? Ayoko na nga magtagu-taguan o mag-langit lupa. Ayoko na rin kumain ng tinapay. Ayoko na rin magtoothbrush. Bakit lagi na lang si Kuya ang pinapaboran?

“Mommy, bakit mas mahaba ang toothbrush ni Kuya?”

“Kaito, kase mas matanda si Kuya kaysa sa iyo.”

“Daddy, bakit mas mahaba ‘yung tinapay ni Kuya?”

“Alam mo Kaito, mas malaki si Kuya kaya kailangan niya ng mas maraming pagkain!”

Ganoon ba ang sukatan? Kapag mas malaki at mas matanda, mas mahaba na ang kay Kuya? Ganito ba talaga ang tunay na buhay.. Nakakalungkot naman na sa ganitong paraan ko napagtanto ang bawat bagay. Hindi ba pantay ang pagmamahal ni Daddy at ni Mommy sa akin at kay Kuya. Siguro nga mas mahaba ang kanilang pag-aalala kay Kuya kaysa sa akin.

Nakatitig ako sa bintana namin at dumating si Kuya.

“Bakit ka malungkot, Kaito?”

“Eh kase, mas mahaba ang toothbrush mo. Mas mahaba ang tinapay mo. Mas mahaba ang oras mo ng paglalaro. Mas mahal ka nila Mommy at Daddy.”

Inakbayan ako ni kuya. Tumatawa. Napabuntong-hininga.

“Kumuha ka ng diyaryo, ng walis tingting. Kukuha ako ng pisi at ng pandikit.”

At kinuha ko ang mga sinabi ni Kuya. Dalawang pisi ang kinuha niya. Ang isa ay mas mahaba at ang isa naman ay mas maikli. Siguro sa akin ‘yung mas maikli.

Tinititigan ko si Kuya habang nagmamaniobra ng mga papel. Ang galing galing niya kahit hindi ko alam kung ano ang ginagawa niya. Para siyang inhinyero.

“Kaito, tapos na! Tera, pumunta tayo sa labas at paliparin natin itong mga ‘to. Heto ang sa iyo. Mas mahaba ang pisi na gagamitin mo. Eto ang sa akin, maikli lang.”

“Kuya, bakit?” ng may halong pagtataka. “Bakit mas mahaba ang pisi ko kaysa sa iyo?”

“Mas mahaba ang sa iyo para makarating ito ng langit! Kaito, tera na. Paliparin na natin itong mga saranggola,” napatigil siya at nagwika, “Kaito, ako ang Kuya mo. Mas malaki ako at mas matanda ako sa iyo. Kung mahaba ang pagmamahal mo sa akin, mas mahaba ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo. Bilang Kuya, aalagaan kita at proprotektahan kita. Pag ikaw ay naging kuya na rin, gagawin mo rin ito ha.”