Abandon All Hope

Rewatching Supernatural‘s episode entitled, “Abandon All Hope.”

I have this attachment with Jo’s character BECAUSE she pursued being a hunter despite her Mom’s negation of every-thing-hunter-ish. Take note that her parents are both hunters. INB4: Parents’ fear of their child dying first before them. Still, Jo left the Roadhouse to live the life of a hunter.  But there is this personality of Jo that I am drawn to– her willingness to try despite failing. As you may not know, Jo is not an A Class Hunter. Most of her life growing up was spent under the roof of The Roadhouse. She serves as a waitress, and, sometimes, a poker player.  Her skills are average. Yes, she can kick some ass like when she took the gun from Dean single-handedly. But she is also prone to being kidnapped like that time when she was taken by an angered spirit who fancy blonde girls.  But that is what I like about Jo. She is just an average hunter with average skills. Nevertheless, she tried and became a hunter. She may not be the best in town but she did it. She hunted whatever it is that needs to be hunted.

Her first appearance in Season 2 made me look forward for ‘that’ kiss with Dean Winchester. But as the season progresses, Jo’s character cannot/is not meant to be the love interest for Dean. (Writer Kripke admitted the conception of the character was flawed from the beginning.)

‘The’ kiss finally happened in Season 5 (in the episode Abandon All Hope) after the invisible Hell Hounds attack Jo. For me, it is important. That they kissed. That it actually happened. And I do not need to imagine both of them kissing because the series won’t allow it. It is important for me– because that is ‘the’ moment I have waited for (for) three seasons.

Sickeningly saddening, ‘the’ kiss took place right before Jo’s death.


BTW, later in the series, Jo’s character (will) return(s) [in the episode “Defending Your Life”]. But mostly as a secondary character slash filler slash closure-type only. As much as I really like to revive/keep her in the Supernatural universe, I must decline because one must show respect even for fictional characters. Yea, Jo Harvell deserved my respect because [redacted: you need to watch the episode or prolly the full series].

I am A Fan of Marian and Dingdong

I am never a fan. Not a hater, too. I do not despise Filipino celebrity love teams even though they undergo a routine process of: (1) break-up slash make-up (2) fashioned with a love-triad-relationship. I also do not abhor movie personalities who became instant love birds while they starred in their upcoming films. And most importantly, I am not a stalker of celebrities and I don’t hunt their managers. 

Yes, I have said it. Sue me if you care but I am never a fan. Although there should be ellipsis there, [actually]. I am a fan of comic artists and story tellers and zoo keepers but not of celebrities specifically Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.

Not until last night while I watch late night news. This movie commercial popped up on my television screen and my Mom asked me if we can go on a movie date to watch Marian and Dingdong’s new film.

Nah, I’d rather watch an indie film or enjoy myself for a foreign one. But it is such a dilemma between having a movie bonding with someone special while watching anything of my-own-perspective-boring-film. Do I have to state the obvious?! On Saturday, I’ll probably become a fan of Marian and Dingdong.

Face Your Demons, Laugh Like Hell

Someday, you will be facing ‘that’ monster– your demon. The one that is famously called “that thing beneath your bed.” But in reality, the monster isn’t under your bed. Or in your closet. Or behind the curtains. Because it resides in a  place that no one has ever explored to but you.

It resides in your heart. 


All throughout your life– unconsciously– you are feeding this demon with fears and insecurities. By doing so, it has become a parasite eating your fright’s carcasses. And in the bottommost of your heart, it continues to lurk. And it breeds. And it grows.

But most of all, it is silently waiting. Awaiting the day when you are in your most vulnerable state– the moment when you are weak and off guard. This will be the day that your demon will face you. And when that day comes, it will grab you in your neck. Consume you. And devour you. 

Surprisingly, that is also the day you will realize that you have made a creature who will mercilessly annihilate your dreams. Your passion. Your happiness. But that will also be the day that you will have to make a choice. So when that day comes, when you have to face that monster who surfaces from the bottomest of your heart, do not ever, ever face it weak.


How so? How can you not be weak when that day arrives? Simple. Vomit your fears. Do not doubt your ability. Go bungee jumping. Conquer a mountain. Step up. Ask her out for a date. Learn the piano. Forget what people say if you want to wear that crappy hat.

And when the demon stands in front of you, deliver him to hell.