About Akso Rojas

About the website:

This was a black space then. Even an electromagnetic radiation such as visible light does not exist here until Akso Rojas created this realm. He named this existing-space-multi universe as Ax Realm, the birth of his newfound playground.

In a nutshell, Ax Realm is the name of this dimension.  Akso Rojas is the creator.

About Akso Rojas:

In Earth, he is just a normal teenage geeky-weirdo, typical life form although he is of a subject interests to Extraterrestrial Biological Entities because of his interesting data. He is amused with ogres, robots, vampires and space invaders–because he believes in them.

Akso Rojas sucks at history. He cannot remember dates. He will only remember dates if it is worth keeping in his memory pool. He only knows two mobile numbers.  One is his and the other one is his mom’s mobile digits. He will bore you if he sings so don’t be misguided if he insists on singing. He fears creepy dark stagnant water and will befriend anyone who can walk above waters. He also talks to walls and would definitely talk to plants and trees. Writing is like breathing for Akso. He loves to write weird stuff and believes he is doomed to create grandeur epic novels.