Time Capsule Will Be Hidden in the Meteor Warp Galaxy

Note: This was originally posted on June 22, 2010.

Write anything you want to write that will transcend through time. I wish this could journey through eternity but I know it won’t. But that won’t halt me from doing something even if it’s not forever-ish.

Anyways, the service of this time capsule has a limited lifespan. With that credence, this will ‘technically’ expire the day after this is published or the moment before the day ends. Let me explain further ~I will sleep in about an hour and probably will slumber for about eight hours and the first thing I will do the moment I wake up is republish this article to its next schedule.

That simple ~give your message to the future.

To your future self. To any one you have not met yet. To the world after some years. To someone who is not even born yet. Or to the next president after the 15th.


Anyone from the future.

This would be open again on August 22, 2010; September 26, 2010; December 28, 2010; January 28, 2011; April 30, 2011, September 10, 2011, October 11, 2012, November 12, 2013, December 13, 2014, May 10, 2015, February 29, 2016; and October 15, 2020. All Philippine time.

To all the dates that were not included, then this time capsule will not be visible.

I hope I can make it on 10/15/20.

I should make it! We all should make it.

Future, wait for us!