Abandon All Hope

Rewatching Supernatural‘s episode entitled, “Abandon All Hope.”

I have this attachment with Jo’s character BECAUSE she pursued being a hunter despite her Mom’s negation of every-thing-hunter-ish. Take note that her parents are both hunters. INB4: Parents’ fear of their child dying first before them. Still, Jo left the Roadhouse to live the life of a hunter.  But there is this personality of Jo that I am drawn to– her willingness to try despite failing. As you may not know, Jo is not an A Class Hunter. Most of her life growing up was spent under the roof of The Roadhouse. She serves as a waitress, and, sometimes, a poker player.  Her skills are average. Yes, she can kick some ass like when she took the gun from Dean single-handedly. But she is also prone to being kidnapped like that time when she was taken by an angered spirit who fancy blonde girls.  But that is what I like about Jo. She is just an average hunter with average skills. Nevertheless, she tried and became a hunter. She may not be the best in town but she did it. She hunted whatever it is that needs to be hunted.

Her first appearance in Season 2 made me look forward for ‘that’ kiss with Dean Winchester. But as the season progresses, Jo’s character cannot/is not meant to be the love interest for Dean. (Writer Kripke admitted the conception of the character was flawed from the beginning.)

‘The’ kiss finally happened in Season 5 (in the episode Abandon All Hope) after the invisible Hell Hounds attack Jo. For me, it is important. That they kissed. That it actually happened. And I do not need to imagine both of them kissing because the series won’t allow it. It is important for me– because that is ‘the’ moment I have waited for (for) three seasons.

Sickeningly saddening, ‘the’ kiss took place right before Jo’s death.


BTW, later in the series, Jo’s character (will) return(s) [in the episode “Defending Your Life”]. But mostly as a secondary character slash filler slash closure-type only. As much as I really like to revive/keep her in the Supernatural universe, I must decline because one must show respect even for fictional characters. Yea, Jo Harvell deserved my respect because [redacted: you need to watch the episode or prolly the full series].

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