Master your Craft

Akso Rojas Typoetry Master Craft

One thing I learned today is that there are people who sickeningly steal other people’s work just to add glory to their names.

If you are an artist and this happens to you, and may God forbid, all you need to do is harness ‘that gift’ that people are desperately stealing from you. This will not be easy– but you have to continue your craft. Endure all the sleepless nights. Withstand every pain. Bear each criticisms. If you are a writer, you must write even if you have to use your blood as your ink. If you are a painter, you must paint even at times of blackouts. If you are a dancer, you must dance even in sore soles.

Aside from this, you have to speak up and claim what is rightfully yours to begin with. Even if people are doubtful of your ability. Even if you are afraid. Even if you gain enemies.

But above all these, you must believe that you can pass the phase of not-wanting-to-continue-just-because-someone-stole-your-art. This is a crucial phase because most artist discontinue their craft at this stage. But if you passed this episode of drama, it will be easier for you to become naturally awesome at your craft.

My mind is a little hazy right now but I believe I have said what I wanted to. So now, I leave you with a laughing smiley XD