Undas Holiday

This, this, this song is composed by two of my genius classmates when we were yet to be devirginized: high school. They performed this on one lousy Friday in front of the class with a somewhat-yuletide tune. Thanks to these two guys, I wanted to become a better person than they are 😀


Written and would be performed by: 
Otep at Eden

November here it comes invades Metro Manila
The coolest celebration we’re all waiting for
Come on every freaks let’s all bring it on
It’s Halloween tonight we’ll gonna rock and roll

Damn people everywhere roam all over the city
Searching for a place where they can threat or trick
Zombies underground, relive and ass are kicking
Rejoicing from a long and deep sleep

This is my day
This is our favorite day
This is a freeway
I did it my way

Undas, my favorite holiday
Undas, happens every year
Undas, prophet’s darkest nightmare
Undas, relive all our deathdays

Nothing compares to this happiest day
The return and reunion of all living deads
Wearing their sutanas and a bible on hand
Praying for this event will not come to an end

The sun is about to shine, the dawn is coming
It frightens ev’ryone. It will ruin our day
As we about to end this Halloween party
I wish you happiness and soon you’ll be dead

I hope you’ll be here again
I hope we’ll meet again
I’m about to sign off
Please play my Undas song

Undas, my favorite holiday
Undas, its all about all souls day
Undas, forever lives kami
Undas, next month it’s Christmas day

Joseph Formanes and Edden Marie Riparip
All rights reserved ’til midnight
Any unauthorized copying
Of the said piece is defiance
Of applicable laws. ©

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