Newspaper Blackout

Fun will rise more.

The Culprit pass[es] through vulnerable passage.
War cannot disrupt through this passage.

An innocent one is near.


16 thoughts on “Newspaper Blackout

  1. Okay, this is plain weird. What’s that again?!?!?

    Ay teh, sharing lang: NAG-TWEET BACK SI DAVID ARCHULETA!!! #Awesome #Yay

    And yeah, I’m engrossed in Impeachment trials and its lessons that I learn everyday. Close na nga kami sa twitter ni Sir Ryan Chua at ni Mam Maria Ressa eh. galing lang! 😛


  2. Ayos to ah. Haha.. Magawa nga rin to minsan. Mag-cut out ng words sa newspaper. Haha..

    Pero parang ang gusto mong ipahiwatig ay magkakaroon pa rin ng kasiyahan dahil hindi makakalagpas ang kasamaan at himagsikan. Hahah..


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    (NOTE: Failure to link BNP may result to your blog being removed from the site listings).


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