This is What’s Left on My Staggering Hope

I’m in a state of limbo. Pretty much ~and I am currently stuck in oblivion where I tend to forget about the things that would make me worry.

I’ve been writing a lot of things about constellations and clouds. Hell, I am trying to reach the 70-page quota, I promised myself, before the end of the semester. But this isn’t working.

~I’m being drowned in the sea of writer’s block and tides of separation anxiety disorder and insecurities.

And I may not appear like what I am feeling right now, but you wouldn’t care anyhow.

There are some blurred parts these past few weeks and I can’t even manage to fix my writing habits with regards to the deadline I did set for myself. I would try to write and take away all distractions ~but in the middle of the night I will find myself watching porn instead of doing my assignments. And then, there is this one time that I have gathered all the courage to start writing again ~I somehow pulled off a few good paragraphs ~but then again, I wasn’t able to finish a stand-alone story.

I may be a little too harsh on myself this time ~but, please, let me disassociate myself with everyone.

I will take a suicide pact with this persona who is parasitically eating much of my ideas. I won’t be posting much in this blog like what I used to do. Yes ~it’s a defeat. A fail. A manifestation of disappointment.

It sure is disheartening on my part.

While I know that most of my readers don’t give a single shit about this random rant, I still apologize to my heart’s content. I swear I tried. I have come to war against writer’s block ~and had a decent stroke of my sword slash pen.

I probably loss a limb, had a few shot of arrows and lost ~but I swear I had a good fight in the battlefield.

But still, I apologize.

Post Script:

I actually don’t know when I’ll be coming back ~let me finish first the things I should have long done. And while you wait for some crappy literary pieces ~from this moment henceforth, I can only afford to post some of my crappy photos with a one-liner or two. And this photos include but is not limited to vanity shots, foolish homemade memes and some artsy-fartsy pictures.

More pathetically post script:

It’s weird because I owe you nothing yet I am apologizing. ~Just think of this as a celebrity’s reply because he failed the drug test.

Some shitty additions:

50 more pages won’t be long though.