You’re a Big Fish in the Ocean; But Down There, I am a Kraken

The aquarium’s secret has been unraveled. And this is the very reason why my fishes are blind. Someone of their own kind has started the trend of cannibalism. For one moment, it’s cool. But then again, just for one moment.

Yes, I’ve been in a limbo for a long time.

Probably because I am productive at some things [offline mode].  And with that, I can say that I have done a lot lately, which makes me [my past self] proud.

The past three weeks, I was able to finish my ninja missions (of which at one point I thought of giving up). T’was an S-class mission with an S-class reward [fulfillment, I mean]. No, no, it does not include theft or murder. It is a high-profile freelance writing which includes interview with the CEO, head supervisors, and managers. Plus, I had to work at my main job for eight hours and then work for another company on my free time. Looking back, I was kind of hesitant to accept the job– but my friends pushed me to do it. Fauxx is right. If I would not accept this kind of job, it would be harder for me to accept any jobs in the future. 

And now it’s done!

Also, I was able to pay all my debts just this week. I paid my 16K-debt allotted to three different persons.  And while you read this, I’m starting anew. And I promised myself to save some money and invest for good things.  And for that, it’s a celebration! 

Moreover, I’m not on idle mode (just because I am not posting things here). Little by little, I am cleaning this website. The search for What-I-Want-To-Write had ended. I started deleting some stuff here. I did grammar check, change, and alter some photos. I am also sticking with the self-reflect/literary/sound-blog/photoblog to put here. I’ll be starting a make-over for this website soon. I am also in the propensity of deleting my blog links at the Webs and Spiders.  So if it’s backlinks you are after for this website, you may remove mine from yours ‘cause I have nothing to offer for you here.

I also tidied my room. Ugh. It’s not as clean as I want it to be but I was able to trash stuff that are no longer needed.

Right now, I have four stickers on my Greenwich Eheads coupon. I’ll be completing this on the 26th and, hopefully, I will have my Eheads collection by that time. Eating this much pizza had cost me some 2,5K plus, and it’s alright. I love pizza anyway.

Hey, come on! I have also done one amusing thing. I composed a letter to my “future self” which would be delivered to me on September 21, 2011. I hope I can still get there. It’s fun; writing myself a letter to be delivered into the future.

Ho! This feels good. Everything feels good!  Better than obtaining a new shirt or finishing the PvZ adventure mode.


25 thoughts on “You’re a Big Fish in the Ocean; But Down There, I am a Kraken

  1. if you have just bought the Eheads Collection for the outright price of 2.5K, you could have been listening to it right now.

    Oh debts. Time to hide. Hahaha


  2. I never thought of you as someone who would borrow money from others. I mean, I guess I assumed you were one of those privileged who just need to go to his daddy for more money. Now I feel sorry for even thinking that. :p

    What’s made you want to start anew though? I would love to know your story Ax. Especially when you said you cleaned your room. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time I TRIED cleaning mine. :p


    1. Hoho. How do I start this.

      I do not ask bread from Mom and Dad. Firstly, they have nothing to give me and if there is, they won’t give it to me just like that.

      Way back school days, I tried not to lose any of my academic books as I would pay for them without the help of them parents. I’ll go out with my friends using my allowance. I’ll buy things using the money I saved from gambling. Not that I gamble every day or I am actually drowned in gambling. But, once back then, gambling has been my source of money. When I reached the university years, I actually don’t ask for extra money from my mom. I saved my allowance. Period. I tried to get high grades to maintain my DL status [or the PL status]. It’s not that hard since I went to a university with the lowest tuition fee in the country.

      So all in all, kumakain ako ng streetfoods, sumasabit ako sa jeep [kahit na naka necktie or long sleeves ako], sumusugod ako sa ulan, at nag-aabot ako ng pamasahe sa public utility vehicle.

      Pero minsan maarte din ako ha.


    1. Nope, Ate Toni. Hindi siya umabot ng six months. Special project lang din siya! Hoho.

      Yeah, June ang huling biyahe ko. Actually, umabot sa 20K+ talaga yung utang ko. Binayaran ko lang paunti unti pero ayos na ngayon! Hoho!


    1. Kailangan ko ng mag-ipon. 24 na ako! Haha. Nakow, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang kita sa moonlighting [at ito talaga ang term natin]!

      Tama, unting ipon tapos pwede na mag rock and roll!


  3. why do i feel like i’m liking that hideous photo? oh well, maybe it’s the dexter in me. and the fact that i’m being reminded about the survival of the fittest mantra. :p

    it’s nice to know you’re starting at a clean slate, ax. and i’m happy you’ve gotten that freelancing job as well. wishing you all the best! cheers!


    1. Bunch of thanks, Lio!

      Survival of the fittest always reminds me of Samurai X. Epic! The parttime thingy is done. They told me that they’ll gonna contact me again sometime in December for another project. Hope I am available when that comes.

      You wished me a blasting career, I wish you a blooming lovelife!


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