Letter To My Future Better Half

“I just read a letter today. Someone’s letter for someone he hasn’t met yet. Someone who may not exist. Someone just like you. I thought you could have written one for me so I have written one for you just the same.” ~ Fauxx’ Unsent Letter to Someone From the Future


I thought of using “My Destiny” or “Dear Better Half” as greetings but I think it’s overkill.

It’s 1:46 in the morning and I really need to sleep so let’s make this a quick informal one. But first again, I should be sleeping right now (yeah, I have to emphasize that I should have been sleeping at this time of the night) but this little voice inside me whimpers that I have to write something for you before I put myself to slumber.

So real business mode.

I am in ‘the’ state of wishful thinking that you’ve already found me. I imagine that while I walk the dim-lighted street every night, you are somewhere stalking me ~ hiding behind every lamp post I passes while I whistle a Canon in D. You know about me already and I, on the other hand, don’t know that you exist yet.

I don’t know. Maybe not.

But I can’t also deny the probability that I already found you long ago. I may have bumped on you while I walk my way to the university. I may have said sorry but you didn’t care. Still, I knew it was you because I felt ‘it’. I felt something that is unknown to me not until I met you. It was that unique feeling–that I happen to feel only to you amongst the hundred people I already knew. 

But then again, I could be wrong.

Because you are actually my childhood playmate who knows my childhood dreams. You and I played a lot and shared humongous wall of memories. That I need not search the world because you are just a house away from me. How could I miss that one important sign that it was you all along? And all my wasted time searching, I should have wasted on you.

But again, on the nth time, this theory is wrong.

I may have found you already or I haven’t yet but I still believe in the idea that You and I will meet someday (again). With this presumption, I can really go to sleep now ~because who knows, I’ll be meeting you later tonight in a scenario I haven’t thought of yet. If that happens, please remind me that it is you I am searching for.

But of course, I won’t believe you just like that.

You’re a Big Fish in the Ocean; But Down There, I am a Kraken

The aquarium’s secret has been unraveled. And this is the very reason why my fishes are blind. Someone of their own kind has started the trend of cannibalism. For one moment, it’s cool. But then again, just for one moment.

Yes, I’ve been in a limbo for a long time.

Probably because I am productive at some things [offline mode].  And with that, I can say that I have done a lot lately, which makes me [my past self] proud.

The past three weeks, I was able to finish my ninja missions (of which at one point I thought of giving up). T’was an S-class mission with an S-class reward [fulfillment, I mean]. No, no, it does not include theft or murder. It is a high-profile freelance writing which includes interview with the CEO, head supervisors, and managers. Plus, I had to work at my main job for eight hours and then work for another company on my free time. Looking back, I was kind of hesitant to accept the job– but my friends pushed me to do it. Fauxx is right. If I would not accept this kind of job, it would be harder for me to accept any jobs in the future. 

And now it’s done!

Also, I was able to pay all my debts just this week. I paid my 16K-debt allotted to three different persons.  And while you read this, I’m starting anew. And I promised myself to save some money and invest for good things.  And for that, it’s a celebration! 

Moreover, I’m not on idle mode (just because I am not posting things here). Little by little, I am cleaning this website. The search for What-I-Want-To-Write had ended. I started deleting some stuff here. I did grammar check, change, and alter some photos. I am also sticking with the self-reflect/literary/sound-blog/photoblog to put here. I’ll be starting a make-over for this website soon. I am also in the propensity of deleting my blog links at the Webs and Spiders.  So if it’s backlinks you are after for this website, you may remove mine from yours ‘cause I have nothing to offer for you here.

I also tidied my room. Ugh. It’s not as clean as I want it to be but I was able to trash stuff that are no longer needed.

Right now, I have four stickers on my Greenwich Eheads coupon. I’ll be completing this on the 26th and, hopefully, I will have my Eheads collection by that time. Eating this much pizza had cost me some 2,5K plus, and it’s alright. I love pizza anyway.

Hey, come on! I have also done one amusing thing. I composed a letter to my “future self” which would be delivered to me on September 21, 2011. I hope I can still get there. It’s fun; writing myself a letter to be delivered into the future.

Ho! This feels good. Everything feels good!  Better than obtaining a new shirt or finishing the PvZ adventure mode.

Bakit Madilim ang Kalangitan sa Pagsapit ng Gabi

Isipin mo ha~ kung ang kalawakan ay walang hanggan at ang mga bituin ay nagkalat sa bawat dako ng unibers, nararapat lamang na maliwanag ang kalangitan sa tuwing sasapit ang tagdilim.  Yung tipong magmumukhang binudburan ng diyamante ang langit na may pagkakaiba sa liwanag ng tanghaling tapat.  (Teka, tinatagalog ko yung sinusulat ko at di pa tapos. Wag OA. Mehehe.)

If the universe is infinite and the stars are just scattered everywhere the cosmos, then the luminous matter around the space and the universe should completely light up the dark sky of the night. It should have been like the morning sky but with hues differentiation of luminosity and sparks and spots. Moreover, light should have enough time to reach our planet considering the age of the Earth, of the Stars around us, and of the Universe.

If the universe is too old and the stars live up to millions of years and light travels at the speed humans can’t comprehend, then the photons lurking the universe should have reached our galaxy right from this very moment. And for that matter, we should have been enjoying the vast Christmas light offered by plasmas of each celestial being a couple of light years away from us.

And there should have been no dark night sky. Tonight should be a different one because I believe otherwise.

Of course, I am wrong, yet again. And thanks to Tony Darnell.