The Liar Must Die

The Game

One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. Every twilight, as the rabbits fell asleep, the wolf would transfigure to his natural form. Night by night, one by one, the wolf would kill and eat a rabbit. The rabbits not knowing which the wolf was, arranged a meeting, to catch the murderer. The tribunal decides to kill the one amongst them who they believed to be the wolf. If they choose correctly, the rabbits win. If they were wrong, the Wolf will get to eat a rabbit each night. This is the story of such a game.

This is a game by Tonogai Yoshiki and it kept hunting me for days.

I wanted to play this game, but there should be an arbiter, so I will act as one. For those who want to play this game, register on the comment section. You have until midnight to register or until we meet a certain number of players. At least 10-12.

These are the rules: The arbitrator, Me, will choose who will get to be The Wolves. I will choose two wolves and the rest are gonna be rabbits. Will only get 10 to 12 players so this won’t take forever. We will have a lapse of time for every election. All the participants will decide who should be hanged. If they were chosen to be hanged, they will gain the ‘Dead’ status.

Non-players of the current game will be cats. They will add evidences whom they think are the Wolves. So everyone can participate. Once we completed all 12 players, I will decide who the Wolves are, and we will continue to play the game.

My advise, you should not lie. And all of you should act in the capacity that everyone is a Wolf.

So doubt everyone.


Here are the election periods:

July 5, Monday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.
July 6, Tuesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged mercilessly.
July 7, Wednesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged on the highest tree.
July 8, Thursday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged before midnight.
July 9, Friday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.
July 10, Saturday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.

Updates on Players

Joyo = Joyo (Blogger) = RABBIT
Tagabundok = Danilo (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT
Mar = Taympers (Blogger) = WOLF
Fauxx = Gus (Full time Part-timer) = WOLF


Bx = Bxjubahji (Writer) = HYENA, The tribunal decided that he should die.
Ella = Mariaellabhi (Accountant) = RABBIT, hanged using vintage necktie.
Vajarl = Vajarl (Psychologist) = RABBIT, beaten and hanged under the ceiling with a blood note that says, “Please be the Wolf.”
Slaveboi = Lovekillsboi (Blogger) = RABBIT
, Death by hanging mercilessly.
Allen = Allen (Student) = WOLF, the Rabbits created an underground alliance?
Shea = Shea (Blogger) = RABBIT
, hanged on the highest mango tree whose fruits become sour and bitter.
Muffie = Muffieshannen (Bum) = RABBIT
, tortured and was eaten by a Wolf.
Wolf = Jayr (Executive Officer) = RABBIT, slaughtered, by an Uncanny Wolf, in the basement.
Jason = Jason Hamster (IT Consultant) = RABBIT, hanged and asphyxiated.
Bons = Sir Bons (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT, his carcasses were eaten by a Wolf.
Sows = Sows (Blogger) = RABBIT
, killed by a Wolf leaving only bloody pieces behind.
Monz = Monz (Call Center Agent) = RABBIT, pushed at the edge of the roof with a rope on his neck.
Drei = Endrei (Artist) = RABBIT, heart and liver was taken by a Wolf.

I didn’t expect the turn of events at the finale of this Rabbit Doubt Game. That’s lotsa suspense on my part given the fact that I know who the Rabbits and the Wolves are. The decisions of all players added thrills to the game. To make the story short, a Wolf won the game and there, before the curtain closed, a plotted genocide had taken place.

First of all firsts, I wanted to thank all the players for playing. And thanks to everyone for taking this lightly and sporty.

Let’s start with Tagabundok. He might have lost some precious information of what took place in this game although he gathered up the pieces of what transpired on the previous murders and election. On the last election, he made a decision that the two players he is voting for ‘are’ the Wolves. He’s somewhat imminent for the Rabbits’ victory but the cooperation of another Rabbit will greatly affect everything. And Tagabundok does not know who the other Rabbit is. Well, somewhat close, I must say, but he had compounded his near-death by making one judgment error and casting his first vote to Joyo. Tagabundok’s character was killed on the plotted genocide.

Then there is Joyo who all throughout the game was controlled by a Wolf. It really amuses me that she had not clasp the intentions of this specific person and thus, go forth believing that she will be saved if she had an alliance with someone. All eleven of her votes she casted turns out to be wrong. Joyo had killed the most number of Rabbits in this game. Given her wrong turns and decisions, I want to recognize her for taking time to think with regards to the finale election. She captured one Wolf and that’s magnificent given the probability of 33.33% error. But for this scenario, there’s no room for mistakes, and by voting Tagabundok as one of the Wolves, she already killed herself. P.S.: Message by the Wolf: “I’d like you to relay this message to Joyo who will be a victim of my fangs. I had fun playing with you. I killed you not because you’re a rabbit, I did it because I don’t want to prolong your agony. You’re such a good rabbit but a fool one.” P.S.S.: To clear things up, Joyo was not killed by a Wolf, she is killed on the genocide party having the highest vote on the finale.

Fauxx. As what the name implies, a fake and imitation. I know Fauxx will dust himself even though I mapped his death at the beginning of the game. As you remember, Bx had put a lot of weight on Fauxx’ shoulders when Bx accused Fauxx (laying evidences that he is a Wolf). I intentionally planned that part of the game as I know Fauxx/Gus will come out of it alive. To those who does not know Gus, he is one of the person I really look up to since high school. I am actually waiting for a clash between Fauxx/Gus versus Wolf/Jayr on this game, but it seems Jayr’s too busy the past few days or this game does not interest Jayr. ;] Anyways, I am shocked about Gus’ plans at the finale. He thought of an exit plan and I am amazed that Fauxx had survived every election inb4 he is a Wolf. Fauxx’ character died on the genocide party being betrayed by another Wolf.

The last character, Mar/Taympers. Mar had infiltrated and pioneered the second alliance of this game. He had gathered the remaining bloggers, used them to his advantage and killed those who he thinks will thwart him to be the sole survivor on this Rabbit Doubt Game. He murdered everyone whom he thinks will be of no use to him, manipulated other characters by controlling their votes, and acted perfectly on the job assigned to him. Honestly speaking, I tried to balance the Rabbit’s advantage by using Bx (I casted Bx’ votes instead of my Dad) to kill one of the Wolves (Allen) and to kill Jason, one of Mar’s secret alliance. Mar on the other hand flawlessly eliminated Bx’ and Drei’s character out of the game. Mar no longer needs to murder any one as he is ‘the’ Invictus and the only survivor in this game. Well played.

The choices. The search for a Wolf put me on a lot of stress. ;] I really tried to choose the perfect Wolves for this game as they will spice up each moment.  I thought of picking Vajarl instead of Mar, Jason instead of Allen, and Jayr/Wolf instead of Gus/Fauxx. Looked at all perspective and decided that it would be Mar, Allen and Fauxx. I sure had lots of fun, too. And I think I made the right choices. Thanks again guys!


365 thoughts on “The Liar Must Die

            1. Yung ‘you will be missed’ para sa ibang topic yan. Hehe. Pero may pupuntahan nga talaga ako ngayon. Hehe. Meron lang kaming mami missed ni jezon. Unfortunately, sad lang kase mukhang di ko na makikita si ‘you will be missed’

              hirap magtype sa itouch. Aw!


  1. Gusto ko din sumali kaso baka pagbalik mo newt week ako naman wala oras. (lie)

    kokoment na lang ako at aakusahan ko si vaj. (lie)

    astig tong larong to, (lie) patusuhan.

    Kumusta Ax? Na-miss ko mga wentong komiks mo. (lie)

    babalik ako. (lie)


    1. Woist Jezon, I didn’t add you up as player pero it’s not yet late. Kung gusto mo sumali, I’ll add you up.

      Gusto ko kase, magconfirm yung mga sasali na gusto nila. Hehe. ;]

      Kung gusto mo, ayos lang. Hehe.


  2. parang nagegets ko yung laro… same ng polave o murderer na game…(pinalaro sa amin ng mga Singaporian na nakilala namin sa BUILD ng GK) gusto ko sumali.. kung pd pa.. nyahaha…


  3. “Rabbit doubt is a game of lies and deceit. Here’s the story: a wolf lives among the innocent rabbits and kills them mercilessly, and while the rabbits panic, the wolf laughs from the dark. A council is appointed and they then decide on who is the wolf, if they are right they kill the wolf and live happily.

    If they are wrong, the same can’t be said.”


    1. Hey everyone, next week is the start of the game but I don’t demand you to go check here often the moment this started. Okay lang naman even if you are inactive. I won’t demand anything. This is just for fun, so enjoy playing.

      Please, let this game a game. I have instructed some people to challenge all players. This is a mind game where a group of individuals will manipulate others, lie to everyone, or play dirty on this game. I have given that responsibility to them, so please, I hope no one will take this seriously.

      All you need to do is accuse, discuss, point fingers, defend yourself and join sides in this game.

      Remember, your mission is not to survive.

      Your mission is to find the Wolf.


  4. Okay. Tomorrow, wala munang pansinan. Hehe. Sa next week natin sisimulan ang game.

    These are the players. In parenthesis are your most distinguished profession.

    Bx = Bxjubahji (Writer)
    Mar = Taympers (Blogger)
    Joyo = Joyo (Blogger)
    Ella = Mariaellabhi (Accountant)
    Vajarl = Vajarl (Psychologist)
    Slaveboi = Lovekillsboi (Blogger)
    Allen = Allen (Student)
    Shea = Shea (Blogger)
    Muffie = Muffieshannen (Bum)

    These people in any way should join the game.

    Wolf = Jayr (Executive Officer)
    Fauxx = Gus (Full time Part-timer)

    Overtime players.

    Jason = Jason Hamster (IT Consultant)
    Bons = Sir Bons (Overseas Pinoy Worker)
    Sows = Sows (Blogger)
    Monz = Monz (Call Center Agent)
    Tagabundok = Danilo (Overseas Pinoy Worker)
    Drei = Endrei (Artist)

    And I will be the arbiter.

    Don’t confuse my accounts as I will also use Jaime in this game. ;]


    1. Rule 1: “Tell your friend a lie, if he keeps it a secret, tell him the truth.”

      To all the players, Rabbits and Wolves, I’ll be giving you a secret each. This secret should not be known even by the Cats.

      You should protect that secret. I’ll be giving you each one a different secret/s from the other. If that secret gets known by even just one player or non-players, then I will let the council know who the liar is. I’ll do anything to kill you.

      And of course, don’t just tell your secret to any one. Who knows, it’s the Wolf you are conniving to.


    2. Rule 2: Playing Safe by Not Answering?!

      Every round, all players, Rabbits and Wolves should answer a ‘Hanging Question’ that I will announce.

      I do not demand that you answer the question/s I’ll be posing but given that you are not able to answer the question due to some reasons, we will act on the capacity that you are not denying nor confirming anything.

      Not answering the questions in three or more rounds might give doubts to other players that you are the Wolf.

      Ironic, isn’t it? ;]


    3. Rule 3: Lucky Rope/Someone Cut the Rope.

      We have immunity in this game. I am not just posting articles these past few days. You know, right? So those who have immunity will have the Lucky Rope. Be noted that these immunity will only be used on the first and second election. Even if you were not voted on the 1st and 2nd, your immunity will be gone on the third election. These immunities were given objectively. If you want to know how, I will reveal in the coming rounds. So, enjoy killing.

      Bx = 2 immunities
      Mar = 1
      Joyo = 1
      Ella = 2
      Vajarl = 2
      Slaveboi = 0
      Allen = 1
      Shea = 0
      Muffie = 1
      Wolf = 2
      Fauxx = 2
      Jason = 1
      Bons = 0
      Sows = 1
      Monz = 1
      Tagabundok = 0
      Drei = 0

      This has something to do with the erstwhile post/s. So yes, the past will haunt you down.


  5. meron kaming game na ginagawa.. ito naman ay tungkol sa magnanakaw.. police at ang victim.. parang ganito rin ata ang rules.. ang malungkot lang eh di ako sumasali tuwing nangayayari kaya di ko rin ma gets ang rules.. mukhang masaya to ..


  6. hnd ko alam kung umabot ako. pero pasali. nakakaintriga. kung hnd na abot or hnd na pwede, cge makikikoment nlng.

    nga pla ax, asan na ung isa mong post? hide mo? sayang pang 3rd base ako dun! 😉


  7. Everyone! I do not know any of you guys so bear with me explaining some tricks on this game.

    For the next two elections, some of us have immunity. I want to use that immunity to save everyone until the second election, and thus voting only the people who are immune to be hanged. Then, for the next two elections, we can then investigate on who the real Wolves are.

    Right now, it is impractical to just vote and vote whom we think should be hanged. We might lose our own kin, the Rabbits.

    Well, you might not believe me, but I am also a Rabbit in this game.


    1. Good point though.

      But shouldn’t we take this chance to locate who the Wolves are? We should discuss the risks of hanging the immuned or spare those who does not have immunity. Just a thought.

      Rabbit here, also!


      1. There are 5 people who does have immunity for the next two elections, 7 people who have immunity for the first election, and 4 people who does not have immunity at all. The probability that the 4 people who does not have immunity to be the ‘Wolves’ are 25%.

        We have 25% risks that one or two of them are the Wolves. Reading the above post, there might be two wolves. Ax told me a secret on this game, and I do not know if we share the same secret.

        But, right now, let us save as many as we can.


        1. If we kept voting and voting those people who does not have immunity, we are risking 75% that they are NOT the Wolves in this game.

          Well, the Wolves are probably them, actually.

          Yeah, Ax is doing ‘the’ reverse psychology. Why would he appoint Wolves who does not have immunity in the vital first and second election? That would be the question.

          The Wolf could either be me and I am just posing to be ‘the’ good guy. The probability that I am the Wolf is the same as I am one of the Rabbits. This is kind of hard since we are just starting the game.

          Right now, for the next two elections, this would be my guiding light:

          I will suspect a certain player because I don’t suspect him/her at all. Yeah, I am not good at intuition.


          1. i’m 95% sure this guys is one of the wolves. he’s got 2 immunities and he’s been giving tips and stuff.

            seems like a wolf hiding in a rabbit’s form. ;p

            my votes goes to bx. HE is the WOLF!


            1. That would be okay. You may vote for me, but I won’t die tonight because I have an immunity.

              Yeah, it’s okay if I am suspected. This is the game of suspicion any way. Cheers.


            2. Counted for tonight Mon. You can vote everyday but what Bx said is true. Even if he, Fauxx or any players who have two immunities, they won’t die until tonight in this game unless the Wolves kill them. ;]


        1. My bad.

          I am not ready to vote yet. I’ll just sit and wait, and, for sure, nothing will happen. I’ll do the simple Mathematics. Nothing added, nothing subtracted, everything will be the same.

          That would be for the first election. I’ll surely let one player be killed on the second eviction, that’s for sure.

          On the second round, I will start eliminating the inactive players. Who knows, they’re watching from a far just waiting for someone to crumble.

          Every one of us should accuse someone or else we will just play safe all through out. That’s not how we should play the game. But this is not about intelligence, trust, and logic, I supposed.

          This is about teamwork while the need to accuse and point fingers is unavoidable.

          I do not suspect Bx but I’ll surely vote for him the coming days. You’ve been warned, Bx.


    2. Be noted that even though no ‘one’ is hanged, the Wolves will still kill one Rabbit every time an election ends.

      You might have immunity on the election, but you don’t have immunity on the Wolve’s fang.


  8. Wolves and Rabbits!

    Tomorrow, July 5, 2010, 10:30 pm, all players should vote on this thread whom you want to be hanged/be killed. You cannot vote for yourself. If there is no vote until 10:30 pm, that would be okay but no vote means you didn’t want to exercise your right to choose whom you think should be hanged. 😉

    Pag-isipan ng mabuti!


  9. The game has begun and there are wolves lingering around a bunch of rabbits.

    I do not know yet who their first victim would be. They will slaughter a rabbit after the first election.. without mercy. The poor rabbit.

    Some are willing to betray. But don’t trust any one. The game has just started. ;]

    Here are the election period:

    July 5, Monday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.
    July 6, Tuesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two will be hanged mercilessly.
    July 7, Wednesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two will be hanged on the highest tree.
    July 8, Thursday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two will be hanged before midnight.
    July 9, Friday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.
    July 10, Saturday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.

    Tomorrow, before 10:30pm, you may cast your vote. If you don’t want your vote to be known, use the name ‘Vote’ but be sure to use your own email. Only players can cast their vote. ;]


    1. I wanted to vote secretly, but I think this would be okay. I voted for Fauxx.

      I do not know who the Wolves are yet. I voted for Fauxx because he has two immunities and being voted out would not hurt him at all. Secondly, I will try to get reactions from all players who have immunities that are being voted out.

      I picked Fauxx in random, if he is the Wolf and I get killed after the election, at least I have given the Rabbits some facts that I voted for Fauxx and was murdered after then.

      So Fauxx, I want to know your stand and hope you are active in this game.


    2. I changed my mind. I will no longer look and stare what’s happening in this game.

      My vote goes to Bx.

      I’m still not ready to vote but Bx’s logic is interesting. Thus, I am voting for him. He knew many things. If he’s a wolf, every one is in trouble. If he’s a rabbit and if that is proven, I’ll help him even if I get to be the one hanged.


      1. This is a manga, if you read the manga, you’ll be thinking and thinking and trying to find ways on how to catch the Wolf. In the manga, the real Wolf manipulates someone to do the killing for her which requires hypnosis. Well, that’s just some information.

        And also, this Rabbit Game is being played in forums which Ax and I are players. Ax is also reading the forum and getting some tricks on winning this game. But he changed some rules. Instead of giving number clues, Ax gave us secrets that we ought to protect.

        If I am the Wolf, I will form a legion and eliminate the Rabbits one by one.


  10. hmn… thinking… lurking… hopping.
    i’m a bit confused. i just read the conversations between bx and muffie. i think i’ll observe first before i cast my vote. i don’t want to be hanged or killed.


    1. Ayaw muna ni Bx na may mapatay even though risking if the player is a Wolf or a Rabbit. On the other hand, Muf’s opinion is to take chances. Hehe.

      Not voting or voting any one with immunity is just the same. Hehe.


    1. Hindi pa mamamatay si Fauxx through election at ikaw Ella.

      Pwede kayong mamatay ni Fauxx through Wolves’ decision if they want to eat either of you.

      Haha, so takot ka kay Jayr at hindi kay Gus, ganon?


      1. i’m kinda afraid from both of them. they have something in them that they can do…malay mo, they are the wolves in this game.


    1. Why are you forming a group then?

      It would be beneficial on the wolves’ part if one of them can infiltrate at least one team in a bunch of Rabbits.

      Nevertheless, I’ll join.


  11. should i vote now for the second round???

    today is tuesday and I will use my right to vote who will be hanged MERCILESSLY…

    in this second round, I vote for fauxx and wolf. pag sila ang namatay tonight and if they really are the wolves in this game, it forms as a positive effect… but if both of them are not hanged tonight, i’ll still be “haunted” by them…

    and yes, takot ako sa dalawang iyan.


    1. Ella, hm. I think you should spread your vote to other players. Concentrating to kill these two people have 50% chances of them being the Wolves.

      Besides, even if we hang them, they won’t die right away because they have immunities on the rope.


      1. …im considering your alliance BX, but as of today, i’ve given my vote… and i won’t change it…

        ..i’ll still vote for fauxx and wolf, regardless if they are rabbits or wolves, at least i will feel the comfort of not having them as participants in this game…

        again, i am afraid of both of them


  12. I am thinking of eliminating all the inactive players who does not have immunity. Right now, we can’t form a consensus because no one is voicing their own opinion on who is the Wolf.


      1. The worst case is that we are putting judgment on two Rabbits. But we could not do anything as there is still immunity.

        And the fact that we killed two rabbits, another rabbit will be killed by the Wolves.

        If this is the worst case scenario, we are killing three rabbits for this night.

        Tomorrow, you decide on who is going to be hanged and that would be okay with me.


    1. Bx, he’s actually my vote. and since im hanged, i cant give my opinion/speculation on this. 😉

      poor Rabbit Sows, hanged by Arbiter Ax, er, i mean, the wolf.


  13. The election has ended. Below are the votes:

    Fauxx = 3
    Bx = 1
    Slaveboi = 1
    Joyo = 1
    Muffie Shannen = 1

    Fauxx was hanged last night, THOUGH, he has the lucky rope. He is still alive. ;]

    One of the three Wolves decided to kill a Rabbit. They chose Sows.


    Sows, one of the Rabbits, is now dead and could no longer vote for the next round. And yeah, she is innocent.


    1. I wanna know who Sows voted for in this election. It’s kind of hard as she underwent secret voting.

      So Sows, whom did you vote for?


  14. we should have this alliance. but it so hard to trust anyone, anyone can be betrayed. for me this is a game of betrayal nor trust.

    sows has already taken out of the game. and the game plan that in my head circling around is this, why don’t we all pretend that we are all wolves. given that wolves already who the rabbits are, but who knows AX can manipulate the game he might not told the wolves who the rabbits are and that might be the catch for wolves for being themselves in the game. remember, there is this secret and Ax does it to everyone of us.

    so if we pretend that we all are wolves, wolves are now having a hard time to use their fangs to kill the rabbits.

    I have this strong feeling that wolves are just observing us rabbit, like waiting for their next victim. i dont want to be a prey. lets think and kill the two wolves threating our lives.

    ofcourse, i dont need to disclose who am i (i.e putting my name) because i wanted to do this plan myself. i have to pretend a wolf from now on. i have this 92% feelings that it will work. so there. 🙂


      1. im a rabbit too. i think it does not make sense whoever you are in this game. i stand to be a rabbit, although im not that active in this game, ill try now to be an active one… i find it interesting. who wants to go with my alliance? anyone? i just need 2-3 people so it is easy for us to determine who’s fake and not.



    Last night, three were killed mercilessly – two through hanging; and other throught the wolf…

    and now, the real game begins. all immunities of the rabbits and wolves are now exhausted.

    and for this time, I have decided to kill Vajarl and Bons…

    KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL!!! wahahahahhah


  16. naku! habang tumagatagal. umi-exciting. Ax, ibubulong ko na lang sa’yo sa facebook kung sino iboboto ko for today. di ko sasabihin dito na sa bx pa din ang binoboto ko. weehehe.. hmmkeybye.


  17. Bx = 2
    Fauxx = 1
    Wolf = 1
    Slaveboi = 5
    Shea = 4
    Muffie = 1
    Vajarl = 1
    Ella = 1
    Bons = 1

    Slaveboi and Shea are out of the game. They were hanged mercilessly last night. While on the other hand, Muffie Shannen has been killed by the Wolf.


  18. I had this feeling that I’ve been hanged mercilessly. I thought so in the first place because I know I’m not going to online as much as I wanted to. FU.. joke… I know that I’m not good in playing such game. Even in person, when I played polave with Singaporians, I’m always the first to be killed. TOinks… It will be so much fun playing this game in person… So that you can easily know by looking at their eyes, which are the wolves and so on… I am so weak.. argh… I hate you AX…for not giving me immunity, you have hidden hatred to me eh… belat.. nyahaha… bitter lang ang bilis ko ma hang eh..


    1. Hehe, ayos lang yun. Namatay ka naman because of election hindi dahil kinain ka ng Wolf. Si Sows nga kinain ng Wolf eh.

      Aw. Yung immunity is because of the last two articles na sinulat ko sa blog ko. Yung Time Capsule at yung This is a Paid Advertisement. ;]


  19. On the first election, we tried to hang someone who has an immunity as I believe all the Wolves will have immunity on the first election.

    Then, I and Drei proposed the killing of the inactive players right before the second election. After the election, the number of players who were once inactive are now playing the game.

    So my theory is that the Wolves are the active players who were once inactive on the first round of Rabbit Doubt.


    We are also forming an alliance: I, Drei, and Muffie Shannen.

    We have unanimous votes on whom we think we should hang and get killed but Muffie Shannen was murdered by one of the Wolves. This has greatly affected the number of people in our alliance. Killing one of our alliance has weaken our team.

    So this is my other theory, I believe that Drei is not one of the Wolves. If he is, he won’t kill any one from his alliance. He would need all his teammates until he killed those other Rabbits who are part of another alliance.


    Ax said that I could not tell my secret to any one. Given that responsibility, I will not give my secret to anybody.

    Though, I think I can tell it indirectly to everyone.

    It says that there are two wolves. That is a lie.


    1. Wow, this feels awkward. I just posted my comment below!

      I agree with two wolves lie. I sensed that there is a lie somewhere in the number of wolves too. I thought it was only one wolf.

      Apparently, it is not. -__-


      1. Fauxx, will you join my alliance? The rule of the alliance is simple: Unanimous vote.

        All the members of the alliance should vote unanimously on whom they think should be hanged.

        Pros and cons? You actually don’t have a disadvantage here. Whoever you want to hang will be hanged in the next election. Besides, if I am the Wolf, I will not kill you yet because we form strength in numbers.

        Given the scenario, there are only 10 players left in the game right now. An alliance of three members could kill whomever they want given that they adapt to changes quickly.

        You actually have no choice. If you don’t, we’ll pick you at the next election. Mariaellabhi will surely vote for you, too. That would total 3 votes.

        And we have here 6 active players. The probability of scattered votes is slim. Your total votes surely will tie the Rabbit who will be hanged on the next election.

        But that’s just the worst-case scenario and it’s just a calculation.

        It just confuses me. Because as I remember it, Wolf died because he voted for Fauxx and Mariaellabhi on the last election.

        And I have a hunch that Mariaellabhi is a Rabbit in this game.


        1. if we form an alliance now, the wolf would have no choice but to watch our move first… and he will kill us one by one…

          everything becomes a lie now… should i doubt about lying and telling the truth…?

          and i feel joyous because the wolf has been attacked by the wolves! bwahahahahah


  20. OMG wait! I hope its not too late..

    First, apologies that I am being active late in the game. (School work.)

    Second, I am not a wolf. Lol. XD (or am I?)
    Actually, I agree with the whole everyone is a wolf school of thought.

    My observation is that everyone is too scared to voice out opinions with a few exceptions. (and ironic that ella is voicing out how scared she is lol) And seeing that the only power that the bunnies have over the wolf is through hanging, well, we’re pretty much doing their bidding by staying silent.

    What I see happening is that the wolves can just sit pretty sharpening their claws while the rabbits are too busy cannibalizing themselves..

    Which brings me to a hypothesis: What if there is only one wolf?


    My immunity was a curse in disguise… As much as it is convenient for us rabbits, same is true with the wolf/pack since they can just wait out for the immunities to run out (which they did?) and let the bunnies go crazy again.. 😀

    So far, 3 people have loudly (and actively) campaigned against me. Bx, mariaellabhi and Wolf. XD

    At first, I see that it seems logical. But I thought otherwise. The greater power the wolf/pack over the rabbits are their vote as rabbits as well.

    so, you three: why did you REALLY vote for me?

    So I guess my vote can be limited to the three. Or Five.


    1. There is only one sole reason I voted for you on the first election. It’s because you have an immunity all throughout until the second election. Hanging you would not harm you in any way. And I picked you at random.

      I waited for your reaction/reply as I am hoping that someone who has two immunities is ‘the’ perfect Wolf in this game.

      Bx, Ella, Vajarl, Fauxx, and Wolf are the players who have two immunities. Of course, I would not vote for myself. This left me with the four of you. Wolf could not be ‘the’ Wolf as I believe it is a reverse psychology. On the other hand, Ella is too naive when she introduced herself.

      It is part of the tactics that our alliance is to kill all inactive players whether they are Wolves or Rabbits as their silence just form confusion to all the active players.

      Fauxx and Vajarl are the inactive players on the first round who has two immunities.

      Vajarl is already dead and was proven to be a Rabbit. Same goes with Wolf. You, Fauxx, on the other hand, is still on this game.

      Do I suspect you as ‘the’ Wolf?

      Not on the third election as our aim is to eliminate all inactive players. My alliance with Drei had weakened to the point that we would not be able to kill any one. We just have to observe whom the players are voting for.

      We did not vote for Vajarl as that would be overkill. He will die because there is an alliance who is rooting for him to die. So we focused our votes on the inactive players who we think would garner the highest vote: Tagabundok and Allen.

      And thanks to that one soul who voted for Allen beside I and Drei.

      We captured one wolf.


  21. Hmn… just got back from food hunting.
    Whoah, thanks to my fellow rabbits my life is saved.

    I’ve been thinking about the alliances. I guess it was really part of their (Bx and Drei) plan to create an alliance and pursue Muffie to join them. This at some point will make them as one of the rabbits. Then later on as what happened to Muffie killed by one of the three wolves. Muffie was eaten either by Drei or Bx. I know one of them is a wolf.

    I’ve been wondering though, the three remaining wolves may have created also a secret alliance. One of their decoy is to sacrifice their own, thus voting Allen to be hanged. This will particularly make them look innocent and one of us, my fellow rabbits.

    I don’t know but if I have to cast my vote/s, I would love to hang Bx and another wolf who is silently observing, Jason… well, I am not sure but yes, they should be hanged before they kill another rabbit.


    1. Do you suspect me as one of the ‘Wolves’? If you do, then you do not have a choice but to join our alliance. We will form a group of six-players alliance.

      So you want to put judgment on me? That would be okay. But I have a deal for you. There are currently 10 players on this game. Whatever happens, two players will be slaughtered tonight and another one will be killed by the Wolves. After then, there are seven players remaining.

      If you still have doubts that I am the Wolf, then tomorrow, I’ll nominate myself to be hanged.

      If I am a Wolf, good for the Rabbits. If I am a Rabbit, good for the Wolves.

      After tomorrow, if there are no Wolves found, then the clan of Rabbits are going on extinction. At that time, there would only be four players remaining. If there still lurks a pack of Wolf, it’s game over for the Rabbits.


    1. Now that you are out of the game, naisip ko na kung ako ay isa sa mga player, isa ka sa mga una kong iboboto. Hehe.

      Your aura and your attitude resembles like that of the wolves in this game.

      But you’re a Rabbit.


      1. Baka dahil late na ko nagparamdam kaya late ako naboto. Nahihiya nga ako makimingle sabe ko sayo. Haha.

        Aura aura? Kulay black ata aura ko eh. Or yellow. Bohahaha.


  22. So, this is the results of the election.

    Bx = 1
    Ella = 1
    Vajarl = 3
    Jason = 1
    Bons = 1
    Monz = 2
    Tagabundok = 2
    Drei = 1
    Faux = 1
    Allen = 3

    One of the Wolf decided to kill a Rabbit who looks like one of them.

    It’s the end for Wolf. Ow, Wolf is a Rabbit whose name is ‘just’ Wolf.


  23. Now I fully realized the goal of this game. This is not about tactics nor logic. This is actually giving your trust to someone where everyone doubts one another.

    Ask yourself.

    Will you risk trusting someone in a world of deception and betrayal. Definitely, I do.

    Because I can’t live alone.


    1. I am doubting you, BX. sorry…

      “We did not vote for Vajarl as that would be overkill.”
      -the statement above makes me doubt if you are a rabbit at all…

      and with that, in this fourth day: I will be voting for you as one of the candidates to be hanged before midnight.

      for the other vote: I would not vote for fauxx, because i can study him in the meantime who will he vote for this round. I say, I’ll give the vote to Bons… he’s silently watching everyone’s moves… and then he will kill everyone in the end. so before anything else, i should kill him first.


  24. i guess bx is not a wolf in this game, if it is bx he could have killed fauxx or taga bundok and ella whose have been inactive from the start of the game, it would be their tactics to be silent on the start just so they would know how and what to do. im not suspecting fauxx, tagabundok and ella as wolf. but they are the next thoughts in my mind. however, im still considering those who rarely post comments here as a wolf.

    May He help me to decide whose the culprit of being wolves themselves. ill send to you ax who will be my votes. let me kick their asses. hehe.


  25. I won’t try to hide this:

    I think that BX is the best bunny here. But I also think maybe he is too good of a bunny.

    Here are facts and observations:
    RE: me having to join the alliance
    “You actually have no choice. If you don’t, we’ll pick you at the next election. Mariaellabhi will surely vote for you, too. That would total 3 votes.”

    RE: my opinion
    “It just confuses me. Because as I remember it, Wolf died because he voted for Fauxx and Mariaellabhi on the last election.”

    RE: mariaellabhi
    “And I have a hunch that Mariaellabhi is a Rabbit in this game.”

    RE: Power dynamics
    “Given the scenario, there are only 10 players left in the game right now. An alliance of three members could kill whomever they want given that they adapt to changes quickly.”

    RE: Alliance
    “Now I fully realized the goal of this game. This is not about tactics nor logic. This is actually giving your trust to someone where everyone doubts one another.”
    I am reiterating my stand that everyone should doubt EVERYBODY as a wolf.

    One of the few things I’ve picked up in reading comics is a simple logic from (Morrison’s) Batman. In trying to solve a crime, ask the question:

    “Who benefits?”

    More or less, you have your suspect. And of course, this can be used to satisfy a benefit for someone else’s.

    I am very doubtful of the “alliance”. Not that I doubt the people behind it, but the power it wields. Each one is said to be “given” a new power within it.

    But in the end, a wolf amongst them still has the advantage of information and (two-way) communication: 2 things that are needed to control the flow of the end of this game.

    It’s an attempt to aggregate power. How one can influence this alliance, well, he is in some degree a wolf incarnate.

    Now, is the game going according to plan so far? And whose plan?

    Here are some facts:
    – From the first round (Ctrl + F + “Einz”):
    Only rabbits died. Even (or especially) after the alliance was formed.

    *I* was spared because I had the immunity.

    – from the second round (“zwei”):
    Only rabbits died. Three, in fact. The alliance weakened as well by muffie being killed especially so, since she knows how to play the game(?)

    – from the third round (“drei”):
    Alas, a wolf was successfully killed. All seems right with the world. Of course, at the expense of 2 rabbits.

    Funny how it is convenient that the one who voted for me gets the axe.

    1. I think the alliance should continue. 😉 But not necessarily being truthful to each other. This is exactly the opposite of trusting each other.

    2. I would love not to join the alliance, but I will. 😀 (I don’t want to be “picked” in the next election… XD)

    3. Again to ella my ever dearest, why did you have to EXPLICITLY state that you will be voting for BX? o_O

    4. I took heat when I was inactive. Understandably, yes I have two immunities for an inactive member.

    5. If two rabbits died in the next election, then there IS power of the votes of the alliance.

    So, who benefits?

    I don’t believe the wolf’s true power is that he can kill; His real power is that he just knows who.

    If I may ask, how many alliances and who are their members?

    P.S.: It is not of concern to me whether I think BX is a wolf or not, but what I am concerned is who is the other one.


  26. My whole point is this and it is what I don’t get: Many people have been accusing me (or coerced into thinking) that I am a wolf (via votes) with reasons I do not really know or sometimes withheld.

    What I am convinced is that SOME PEOPLE wants me out THROUGH voting… one way or another. And since I seem to be the plot’s common fall guy here, its relatively easy not to be killed by the wolf (yipeee) since they could just wait till the vote comes.

    And I don’t like being the fall guy.

    Whereas I had 2 immunities and inactive in the first round. The wolves could have killed me then and there easy but they didn’t since they have use for me and my immunities. Since every round, the bunnies had a chance to kill the wolf, its focused to be rather wasted on my immunity.

    This is the reason why I am highly doubtful of people building me up as a wolf. *EHERMELLAandPOLYMAGMAUHURM* (And it seems I am closing in on the other one.)

    just thinking out loud~ >:D


  27. Your guiding light:

    (1) Suspect someone because you don’t suspect him/her at all.
    (2) Those who point fingers are probably the least to trust.
    (3) If you are a Wolf, you act as a Rabbit. If you are a Rabbit, you do things like one.


  28. sabi sayo mahina ako dito e. hahahaha. ba yan! :))))

    sorry kuya ax di ako nakakavisit lagi. been busy for the past few days. alam mo na. 🙂


  29. Halu? Hindi pa rin tapos? Gawd, anu ba. Tagal na nito. Magpatayan na lang kasi kayo.



    1. i voted also ax’s father… hehe…
      sir, sorry for doubting you… it all comes in a game…

      sabi na ba alex eh, parang may kakaiba kasi pag si BX ang nagcocoment… hehehe


  30. Bx = 4
    Ella = 3
    Fauxx = 1
    Jason = 4
    Bons = 1
    Monz = 3

    Basically, I’ll explain on this thread everything. The innocent rabbit whose heart was eaten by the Wolf is no other than Drei. So the above comment ^ by Jason would not be accepted. At the same time, Jason could not vote any more as he was also eliminated in this game through voting.

    If you are wondering, the players who voted for Jason were Drei, Tagabundok, Mon and Bx. While the players who voted for Bx were Ella, Tagabundok, Mar and Mon.

    To cut the story short, Jason is an innocent rabbit who, in my observation, was inactive on the first three rounds of the game.

    Bx on the other hand is neither a Wolf nor a Rabbit. Ngayon ko lang naisip na hindi ko ata nasabi sa mga Wolf na may 4 na characters. Sa Rabbits ko lang ata nasabi na may mga Hyenas.

    Basically, Hyenas know everything. They know who the Wolves are. And their prime purpose in this game is to confuse other players, form an alliance, crumble the alliance, pose as a rabbit and sometimes pose as a wolf. Furthermore, Bx exactly knows the standing of each players every election time.

    And it’s only when I am at home that Bx could comment. The reveal? Guys, you have met my Dad here in the internetz.


    1. correct me if i am wrong…
      so on this last day, the remaining players are

      Bx has been killed through voting, same as jason, and drei was eaten…

      And since i am a straightforward person, i’ve decided to vote for Monz and Bons…


      1. I think Joyo has an interesting personality. she could pass as a pretty werewolf. My vote goes to Joyo this time. I hope my gut feeling doesn’t fail me this time. My other one point goes to Ella cuz she’s voting for me too. hehe

        PS: I am not a wolf. I am a rabbit. Don’t vote for me, I want to survive and multiply. lol

        Hmmkey, peace on earth. 😀


      2. correct and tallied.

        Until tomorrow is the election. You have all the time until later to think and doubt who is the Wolf.

        Spoiler much, there are no longer Hyena(s) in this game.


            1. yep yep miss ella… malakas kutob ko si mon ang wolf… aside sa pagiging active niya, pinapaniwala niya ako na rabbit siya pero parang mas pinaghihinalaan kong wolf siya sa mga comments niya… hahaha i don’t know pero siya talaga ang wolf na nafefeel ko…

              hi mon! may first vote is for you. mwaah! 😆


            2. sayang nakalimotan ko pumunta dito kanina ng mas maaga. e di na-explain ko sana na ako ay isang inosenteng rabbit lang na may malakas na sex appeal. lol pasensya di ko na-inom yung kape..

              oi Ax! thanks for this game. na-enjoy ko!


  31. For the sake of the WOLVES, this is the part of the letter I sent to all RABBITS:

    So, basically, we have four characters:


    Do not trust any nonplayers cause they might be the Hyenas I am telling and you might get yourselves in an awkward scenario of trust and deception.

    Enjoy playing!

    Ayun lang. Di nila alam na may mga Hyenas. ;]


  32. napagkamalan kong ding si bx at si ax ay iisa yun pala mag-ama sila.kasi napapaghalata kong parang iisang state lang ang wavelength ng utak nila although medyo mas mataas ang frequency ni sir bx compare kay ax. hehehehehe..sorry sir bx i voted you out.


  33. i have this propensity of thoughts that tagabundok, fauxx and monz are the real player here, and one of them is wolf. If you observe tagabundok he is not that active participant or should i say inhibiting too much opinions on this game. Maybe, he is a wolf whose tactic is to observe and kill. He observes while the others are panicking. And We have this monz ‘though he’s pretty much active but notice on how he discreetly gives his sides and opinions…very subtle and inappropriate, making his way off to the real ground.And this fauxx whose has been accused as wolf but still dignify that he is not. notice how this fauxx gives his opinions, too opinionated and lousy something like he is swaying the trigger to a wrong point. too much opinions may seem to be a cloak for yourself and less opinions may seem to be you’re a culprit.

    therefore, my vote will be monz. Why did i do so? Because monz is known to be this tactical in this game, considering how he comments on this thread.not to obvious but not too loud. and that would be my basis so far though not as certain as they did. and the other vote will be whispered to ax using fb. i have two votes already. bahala na si batman.


    1. heheh… actually, parang my votes were randomly chosen, di ko pinag-isipan masyado kasi mahina ako jan eh. hehe

      okay u guys got me dead in this game, request ko lang don’t put RIP on my tomb. put BRB dahil babangon ako at magbablog. hahaa… hmkey bye 😉

      thanks. hehe


  34. WOoooo I’m alive.. for now. :O I really thought that I would be killed!

    Now from my perspective, one of the 3 is the rabbit that I need to sync votes with.

    The worst case scenario is that the rabbit votes for the other rabbit. Because in this case, it is almost guaranteed that the wolves would vote for the 2 remaining rabbits.

    I have to reveal my thoughts so that the other rabbit can take this into consideration.

    Taympers accused Me and Tagabundok ako. Why us? Why not Joyo? Maybe Taympers is the hand behind the curtain. He was the one wanting me out through the vote.

    AND I would have to agree with Mon’s opinion. Joyo has an “interesting” personality.

    I don’t think Joyo is a rabbit.

    And it all seems logical. Simply because I can’t sync my votes with tagabundok ako since I don’t know him nor anyone else as he is inactive here.


    My last vote would be Joyo and Taympers. 😦

    A question to Ax: what would happen if the rabbit votes for the correct wolves? Then that would lead to a tie.


    1. The TIE would lead to mass killings of all players. The tribunal decision is like of that of a King’s order.

      We didn’t experience tying up of votes in the last previous elections, but if there’s a tie, it would lead to genocide of two or more players.

      So, that’s it.


    2. hey you fauxx! fauxx you! and you’re not just a fauxx you’re a wolf!i knew it! because all along Joyo and I are rabbits here. We have this solid alliance that we keep each others trust for us to win this game. From the start you’ve been a suspect to us. Ngayong apat na lang tayo gusto mo pang makipagkuntsabahan kay joyo, well sorry ka naman dahil ikaw ang isa sa mga iboboto namin bilang wolf sa larong to.
      Noon pa man isa ka na sa mga watchlist namin as wolf. Hindi mo kami maloko at mabibilog ang ulo. Believe me guys, joyo and I are only innocent rabit here. And tactic nyang si fauxx is to brainwash and sneak informationg among existing alliance. pero as i have stated buo ang aming desisyon ni joyo na kayo ni tagabundok ang wolves sa larong to.
      i think its gonna be a tie gane. Oh well, the only objective in this game is to catch the wolves di ba? atleast nahuli at nagkaroon ng katarungan ang pagkamatay ng ilang rabbits.

      @joyo, basta yong dating plano.


  35. Hmn… I hope wasn’t late to vote. It’s not yet midnight here. Haha.

    (Ax, I sent it to your FB inbox. Yay, I’m still at work. Tumakas lang ako. Thursday & Friday kasi weekends dito. Busy lang.)

    Long Live the Rabbits! LOL


  36. Ten tenenen!

    The election has ended.

    Joyo = 1
    Ella = 4
    Bons = 1
    Monz = 4

    Both Ella and Monz got four votes.

    Let’s start with Ella. Ella has been active since the start of the game. Ever since, she had been doing what a Rabbit should do –and that is voting in every election. This is the only power she (Ella) had over the Wolves and at the same time, this is the only way that the Wolves could use Ella. But to no avail, Ella had a strong grip with her intuitions by voting whom she thinks are the Wolves in every election, and I salute her for doing so. Further, Ella didn’t believe on The Alliance but gives interest in joining them. But the truth is, she really didn’t think that joining an Alliance would benefit her. So to cut the story short, Ella did a good job although killed in the process. If you are a Rabbit, dismay is yours. Ella is also a Rabbit in this game.

    Then there is Monz. I’ll try to give insights regarding how he played the game. Monz lacks rationality on the first quarter of the game. But as the game progresses, he is formulating reasons on who-is-who explanation. In my opinion, the two mistakes Monz did is voting by using the method of I-Hope-She-Is-The-Wolf idea and I’m-Doing-This-For-Revenge tactics. Moreover, when fingers were pointed to him, he became too defensive.. Too defensive without giving evidences that he is not a wolf. To the remaining players, Monz is an innocent Rabbit in this game.

    And I know you haven’t forgotten that someone should die tonight.

    The carcasses are left on the dining table. Chest was ripped off and his half cold brain on the plate above the table. So long to Bons, the Quiet Rabbit in this game. ;]


    1. nyahahaa…hindi nga ako wolf in this game eh.. ayaw nyo maniwala. tsk

      natawa ako kay Joyo, parang seguradong-segurado ah.. 😀

      wala naman talaga akong tactics… di ako marunong sa mga mind games. but i’m glad i was able to get this far. naks! umi-ispeech! hmmkbye… 😉



    To the remaining players: Fauxx, Joyo, Mar/Taympers and Tagabundok, I congratulate you all for getting this far. I never thought that the ending would be this exciting.

    This is a trivial matter for the Rabbits, they know, right from the start of the game, that there are three Wolves lurking around. I would confirm that. So basically, we have two Wolves and two Rabbits remaining.

    And for the Rabbits remaining, do not, as in do not think that because it is a two on two combat with the Wolves, you just lost this game. I dare say NO. You do not have any idea what is going on behind this game. I can assure you that the probability of two Rabbits winning this game is astronomical.

    I’ll just explain some things. If all the characters remaining got a vote of:

    Mar = 2
    Joyo = 2
    Tagabundok = 2
    Fauxx 2

    Or if their vote is all tied (for example 1 vote each), then there would be mass murder on this game. That would mean that there would be no winners at all. The destiny of everyone’s life is in everyone’s hand.

    Be advised that if one Wolf and one Rabbit was eliminated in the final election, the worst-case scenario is that the remaining Wolf will kill the surviving Rabbit. Thus, the Wolf will win this game.

    Tonight at the finale, you can vote at the maximum of two players or you can vote only one player. I do not care at all. It depends on your tactic. You can also boycott the election by not voting at all. Again, whatever your choice is.

    Use your vote like your life depends on it.


  38. joyo, sorry ah natraydor kita sa game at kay jason. i planned na hanggang dalawa o tatlo lang ang member ng alliance na gagawin ko para hindi na magulo. sorry joyo at jason.

    at sumisgway ka pa pala joyot ha pinatay mo sarili mo at double dead din to kasi pinatay din kita. hahahaha.anlupet.

    to fauxx, i surely had fun playing with you too. bilang wolf binalak ko ding traydorin kita. hehe..sorry naman.

    ax, thank you. basta ha naghahanap pa rin ako ng ghost hunting actvity dito sa metro manila.


      1. i hate you both.

        but i hate you more Mar Castillo!!!! 😆 hahaha!

        ang tagal kong bumuto dahil for the last minute pinagdudahan kita. sinabi ko pa kay jason na baka ikaw yung isang wolf all along… pero ayun haha nakumbinsi mo pa rin ako na rabbit ka. naniwala ko dun sa peksman mo… hehehe! 😆

        para kong nasa pelikula… ang tragic ng ending!!! shonga kasi nung bida haha! eniwey good job Mar! You are good liar! *wink*

        ax!kaloka! nakakastress…pero nag-enjoy ako…. 😀


      2. I had a great time. 😀

        I thought the object of the game was for the wolves to win as a team. I planned and positioned myself to at least become the sacrifice for the “pack” in the end (since I wasn’t communicating with the wolves back then). Heck, I wanted to be the fall guy.

        But when Ax told me something about the two wolves not having the capacity to kill each other, I knew that this is really a battle between the wolves after they have long won over the rabbits; that Mar was planning to kill me (confirmed by the last email he sent XD)and that the game was decided right there and then… unless Joyo changes her mind.

        Unfortunately, It was too late to be the “unpopular” choice for the wolf. 😀

        I knew that I am definitely Joyo’s choice so I decided to go upfront to declare myself as one of the wolves and befriend her on facebook… hoping that she sees me and mar as evil, plotting, and mutual friends. 😀 I thought it was useless to reveal my companion since she would think it would be just another plot, so a brain game instead.

        At the back of my head, i was hoping that she figures out the real choices for wolves and would realize that between me and Mar, she should vote Mar instead for fooling her since day one just to get back at him. The rabbits could have a chance of winning too.

        To Joyo, that is the reason why I told you I’m a wolf. 😀 And the irony is that I only told you the truth. (I Love Irony. Haha.)

        But from her first reply, its obvious that Mar cemented his position as a “rabbit” and that she wasn’t going to change her mind soon enough..

        Then Tagabundokako comes out of nowhere!! I was like “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-”

        anyway, I really enjoyed the whole thing. 😀 I get to meet people too. Also, I was acting in-character throughout the whole game so I apologize to anyone I might have offended.

        TO Ella, MUHAHAHAHA.

        To WOLF, I personally killed you out of pure revenge and I enjoyed it. LOL KBYE :p


        1. Right now, I wanted to become a wolf in real life. There’s a lot of people I wanted to kill and devour. It would be fun. NOM NOM NOM


  39. Eh muntikan na pala ako maging wolf eh. Buti nalang kundi.. kundi.. teka ulet.

    Nakakaaliw ang comments dito. Kaso nung nadeds ako tinamad na ko magbasa. Haha.

    Gudibneng boss.


  40. Honestly, there’s too many text here. Don’t have the luxury of time. Redtube is more important, you know? Hahaha. Kidding aside, I really don’t understand any of this AT ALL. Kailangan ko pa lang magsubmit ng thesis proposal or give proofs (combinatorics, number theory, classical analysis, etc ) ala Paul Erdős.

    Though enjoyed my time here pestering people.


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