The Liar Must Die

The Game

One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. Every twilight, as the rabbits fell asleep, the wolf would transfigure to his natural form. Night by night, one by one, the wolf would kill and eat a rabbit. The rabbits not knowing which the wolf was, arranged a meeting, to catch the murderer. The tribunal decides to kill the one amongst them who they believed to be the wolf. If they choose correctly, the rabbits win. If they were wrong, the Wolf will get to eat a rabbit each night. This is the story of such a game.

This is a game by Tonogai Yoshiki and it kept hunting me for days.

I wanted to play this game, but there should be an arbiter, so I will act as one. For those who want to play this game, register on the comment section. You have until midnight to register or until we meet a certain number of players. At least 10-12.

These are the rules: The arbitrator, Me, will choose who will get to be The Wolves. I will choose two wolves and the rest are gonna be rabbits. Will only get 10 to 12 players so this won’t take forever. We will have a lapse of time for every election. All the participants will decide who should be hanged. If they were chosen to be hanged, they will gain the ‘Dead’ status.

Non-players of the current game will be cats. They will add evidences whom they think are the Wolves. So everyone can participate. Once we completed all 12 players, I will decide who the Wolves are, and we will continue to play the game.

My advise, you should not lie. And all of you should act in the capacity that everyone is a Wolf.

So doubt everyone.


Here are the election periods:

July 5, Monday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.
July 6, Tuesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged mercilessly.
July 7, Wednesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged on the highest tree.
July 8, Thursday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged before midnight.
July 9, Friday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.
July 10, Saturday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.

Updates on Players

Joyo = Joyo (Blogger) = RABBIT
Tagabundok = Danilo (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT
Mar = Taympers (Blogger) = WOLF
Fauxx = Gus (Full time Part-timer) = WOLF


Bx = Bxjubahji (Writer) = HYENA, The tribunal decided that he should die.
Ella = Mariaellabhi (Accountant) = RABBIT, hanged using vintage necktie.
Vajarl = Vajarl (Psychologist) = RABBIT, beaten and hanged under the ceiling with a blood note that says, “Please be the Wolf.”
Slaveboi = Lovekillsboi (Blogger) = RABBIT
, Death by hanging mercilessly.
Allen = Allen (Student) = WOLF, the Rabbits created an underground alliance?
Shea = Shea (Blogger) = RABBIT
, hanged on the highest mango tree whose fruits become sour and bitter.
Muffie = Muffieshannen (Bum) = RABBIT
, tortured and was eaten by a Wolf.
Wolf = Jayr (Executive Officer) = RABBIT, slaughtered, by an Uncanny Wolf, in the basement.
Jason = Jason Hamster (IT Consultant) = RABBIT, hanged and asphyxiated.
Bons = Sir Bons (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT, his carcasses were eaten by a Wolf.
Sows = Sows (Blogger) = RABBIT
, killed by a Wolf leaving only bloody pieces behind.
Monz = Monz (Call Center Agent) = RABBIT, pushed at the edge of the roof with a rope on his neck.
Drei = Endrei (Artist) = RABBIT, heart and liver was taken by a Wolf.

I didn’t expect the turn of events at the finale of this Rabbit Doubt Game. That’s lotsa suspense on my part given the fact that I know who the Rabbits and the Wolves are. The decisions of all players added thrills to the game. To make the story short, a Wolf won the game and there, before the curtain closed, a plotted genocide had taken place.

First of all firsts, I wanted to thank all the players for playing. And thanks to everyone for taking this lightly and sporty.

Let’s start with Tagabundok. He might have lost some precious information of what took place in this game although he gathered up the pieces of what transpired on the previous murders and election. On the last election, he made a decision that the two players he is voting for ‘are’ the Wolves. He’s somewhat imminent for the Rabbits’ victory but the cooperation of another Rabbit will greatly affect everything. And Tagabundok does not know who the other Rabbit is. Well, somewhat close, I must say, but he had compounded his near-death by making one judgment error and casting his first vote to Joyo. Tagabundok’s character was killed on the plotted genocide.

Then there is Joyo who all throughout the game was controlled by a Wolf. It really amuses me that she had not clasp the intentions of this specific person and thus, go forth believing that she will be saved if she had an alliance with someone. All eleven of her votes she casted turns out to be wrong. Joyo had killed the most number of Rabbits in this game. Given her wrong turns and decisions, I want to recognize her for taking time to think with regards to the finale election. She captured one Wolf and that’s magnificent given the probability of 33.33% error. But for this scenario, there’s no room for mistakes, and by voting Tagabundok as one of the Wolves, she already killed herself. P.S.: Message by the Wolf: “I’d like you to relay this message to Joyo who will be a victim of my fangs. I had fun playing with you. I killed you not because you’re a rabbit, I did it because I don’t want to prolong your agony. You’re such a good rabbit but a fool one.” P.S.S.: To clear things up, Joyo was not killed by a Wolf, she is killed on the genocide party having the highest vote on the finale.

Fauxx. As what the name implies, a fake and imitation. I know Fauxx will dust himself even though I mapped his death at the beginning of the game. As you remember, Bx had put a lot of weight on Fauxx’ shoulders when Bx accused Fauxx (laying evidences that he is a Wolf). I intentionally planned that part of the game as I know Fauxx/Gus will come out of it alive. To those who does not know Gus, he is one of the person I really look up to since high school. I am actually waiting for a clash between Fauxx/Gus versus Wolf/Jayr on this game, but it seems Jayr’s too busy the past few days or this game does not interest Jayr. ;] Anyways, I am shocked about Gus’ plans at the finale. He thought of an exit plan and I am amazed that Fauxx had survived every election inb4 he is a Wolf. Fauxx’ character died on the genocide party being betrayed by another Wolf.

The last character, Mar/Taympers. Mar had infiltrated and pioneered the second alliance of this game. He had gathered the remaining bloggers, used them to his advantage and killed those who he thinks will thwart him to be the sole survivor on this Rabbit Doubt Game. He murdered everyone whom he thinks will be of no use to him, manipulated other characters by controlling their votes, and acted perfectly on the job assigned to him. Honestly speaking, I tried to balance the Rabbit’s advantage by using Bx (I casted Bx’ votes instead of my Dad) to kill one of the Wolves (Allen) and to kill Jason, one of Mar’s secret alliance. Mar on the other hand flawlessly eliminated Bx’ and Drei’s character out of the game. Mar no longer needs to murder any one as he is ‘the’ Invictus and the only survivor in this game. Well played.

The choices. The search for a Wolf put me on a lot of stress. ;] I really tried to choose the perfect Wolves for this game as they will spice up each moment.  I thought of picking Vajarl instead of Mar, Jason instead of Allen, and Jayr/Wolf instead of Gus/Fauxx. Looked at all perspective and decided that it would be Mar, Allen and Fauxx. I sure had lots of fun, too. And I think I made the right choices. Thanks again guys!