Because The Sand Gets Inside My Underwear

The Intro Part: Sapi Island? That is so Filipin-ish.

The Story Part: There’s an early wake-up call, not the usual time getting out of bed on my regular work schedule. Yes, six in the morning is too much for an afternoon guy like me. I forgot I am in Malaysia right now and for moments like this, time is of the essence. I summoned my spirit to take control of my body, took a shower and fix myself. The shore is just a 15-minute walk from the hostel. My alter-ego shouted: TODAY IS AN AQUA ADVENTURE! It is supposed to be an island hopping quest till afternoon. But due to limited time constraints, we were only able to visit Sapi Island! Probably, one good reason that I should get back to this part of Malaysia and visit other islands it has to offer.

Within the island lurks monitor lizards while on the coast swims sea jellies and swarms of fishes.. And who else will be on the shore? Of course, my great body dominating the seaside.

photos below is one heck of a school of fish.

which I believe is a pretty scary scene even though I imagine myself to be a big shark down there.

you see that black thingy near the shoreline, they are again fish[es] with some jellies.

the rocky shore part.