Where Bold Stars Go To Die

If you are expecting a porn review, you will just be disappointed.. And I won’t apologize for that. Yes, this is probably a bomba komiks– but the kind of which that had undergone evolution in aspects of intellect and emotions. A bomba komiks with a flesh of sentiments and art seduction, a masterpiece of nine years in-the-making. And this is entitled ‘Where Bold Stars Go To Die.’

The story is about Daniel. About a boy, unbeknownst to himself, is sustaining ‘the’ life of an 80’s bold star named Anna in a different magical world. Thus, allowing Anna to continue existing. The magical world is an alternate paradise. Paradise in its literal sense: a garden forest, scattered nude women, a place of complete bliss.


Where Do Bold Stars ‘Really’ Go To Die

“I loved her once or twice a day.
Sometimes, even more.” – Daniel

Any one could live forever. That’s what I believe in. Luckily, bold stars are not precluded in this idea. They are being immortalized through photos and videos. And this is how Daniel met Anna. The first time he saw Anna on one of her 80’s film, he knew he was lost.

It went for days and weeks and as time passes, he just couldn’t get enough of her. Daniel was consumed with the idea of Anna like an insomniac addicted to coffee. Daniel searched her in the internet, but the internet does not know Anna. Fortunately, he found a collector with unbelievable vintage stuff of the 80s.

Daniel realized that these bold stars are just human who, in any manner, could not escape the inevitable of becoming fat or getting old. Daniel doesn’t care if Anna had become any of that, except for the death part.

“As more men fantasize about a particular person,
the stronger and happier she becomes here.
And if no one fantasizes about a girl anymore,
she fades away like you saw.” – Anna

Any woman, be still living or dead, so long someone fantasizes about them, manifests in this magical paradise. They are mostly bold stars who have become the sex object of many men. When a sex symbol is being imagined in mundane acts by someone, or simply the reason of one’s masturbatation, the sex object continues to exist in this alternate world. For some reason, Daniel finds himself in this magical world after a deep slumber.

He finally met her. Had talked to her. Made love to her. Until he woke up and realized he won’t be able to go back to that magical place and see Anna again.

“I wished that I had been born at an earlier time,
in a different place.
Perhaps then, I would have met her.
Met her properly.” – Daniel

I read this story a hundred times. And this is one of my favourite comics in my possession. Where Bold Stars Go To Die is by Gerry Alanguilan and Arlanzandro Esmeña (+). It also features artwork of legends and gifted graphic artists namely Francisco Coching, Tony de Zuñiga, Brice Beckham, Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, Leinil Francis Yu, Philip Tan, Gilbert Monsanto, Carlo Pagulayan, and Edgar Tadeo.

“I held myself in my hand and I thought of Anna.” – Daniel



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      1. hehe ax mukhang malabo mangyari yan sa ngayon.. naku once a week na lang ako nakaka open ng blog ko.. puro kasi kami labas at pasyal.. yaan mo by this march talagang babantayan ko posts mo. patapos na kasi panagbenga sa baguio,hehe..


            1. Hindi na ako active sa article writing. Marami kase akong ginagawa at projects these days. Dati lang. Hehe. May kakilala kase ako na nagpapa article write at mas mataas sa odesk yung offer.


          1. Unti lang ang knowledge ko dyan Orville. Hindi talaga ako expert. Hehe.

            Kase walang makuha na keyword yung adsense sa site mo. Iba yung title, iba yung content, pati title ng photos, iba rin.

            Pag may time ako, hanapin ko yung mga readings about seo. Hehe.


    1. ako ba ang base?! lol

      PALAX!!!! musta na kuya?! hoho! sorry naman at hindi ko pa rin binasa posts mo. ahaha! magku-comment muna ako at sasabit sa lawit na Kuya Vajarl para kahit papaano nasa taas ako.

      teka, walang connection ‘to sa post pero sa title meron ah… dati may ginupit ako sa abante… naghahanp sila ng boldstar. ewan ko ba, nasa wallet ko pa rin yun. gusto ko kasi dati maghubad sa harap ng camera. lol

      (aw, sorry ulit wala sa hulog comment ko. may hang-over pa rin kasi sa mundo.)


      1. Ayos lang.

        Haha, blog mo na yang ginupit mo sa Abante. Bakit ganun? Noong bata din ako nangarap akong maging macho dancer. Wahaha.

        Hindi ko naman alam, akala ko sasayaw lang. Aba, may iba pa palang duties and responsibilities ang pagiging macho dancer. Aw.


  1. You really like mangas don’t you? Or is there a huge difference between a manga and comics? Sorry, I am not a huge fan. I am interested though.

    Anyways, I think nudity and intellect go together all the time in independent movies. Not the porn-wanting-to-be-called-independent movies here in the Philippines. Merong iba, pero karamihan walang kwenta. Pero ayun, that is the reason why I started getting into movies before. Especially when I was able to watch movies like Bad Education and Lolita.

    Some alternate world, eh? I hope people I put in my alternate world (aka people I fantasize about) would never find out I have them in there. Lol. Anyways, from the way you described and told part of the story I can tell this one’s good. Well, I have a thing for nudity but still. :p


    1. Hm, as I understand it, manga is how they call it in Japan while we in the Philippines call it komiks. I like them both, if they are actually different.

      I love Philippine comics. Kung mahilig ka sa movies, probably you are supporting Philippine movies in any way you can. You watch Filipino films in theatre or you review them in your blog. That is how I love Philippine comics and books. I am supporting Filipino writers and artists.

      If asked why.

      Because I wanted to publish a book one day and support those who wants to publish a book, too. Although, wala pa naman talaga akong nasisimulan. Yay.

      Regarding your last paragraph, sa story kase ni Kuya Gerry Alanguilan, the sex object in ‘the’ parallel world knows who is fantasizing about them. Hehe. At wala naman talagang hardcore nudity sa comics na yan. Actually, how Kuya Arlan drew the body of each women is amazing. Respetadong respedato. Hanggang boob exposure lang.

      It was the story and how it was drawn that makes it special, at least for me. Hehe. Nakakatuwa lang. Aw.


      1. Mahilig ako sa movies, pero honestly, I don’t support the Filipino movie industry. Maski yung mga magaling talaga. I know I should, especially because there are some Filipino movies that I adore like hell, pero siguro I am not that passionate about it. Past time lang kung past time. Pero saludo ako sa mga kababayan nating kinakayang sumabay sa mga forenjer pagdating sa kalidad ng pelikula.

        Sana pagdating ng oras na susulat na ko ng pangalawa kong libro ikaw ang mag publish! Hahaha. Sayo ako tatakbo. Boss ka naman ng mafia eh. Maraming pondo. Lol. Seriously though, I wish I was as passionate as you are when it comes to what you want to do in the future. I guess I live with what I have, for the most part. Darating ang darating. Kung hindi ko man magawa in a very big way ang gusto kong gawin in the future, gagawin ko in my own way sa kasalukuyan. Nyay.


        1. Well, I wish I am as passionate as what you guys think of me. Hindi rin kase, minsan nasa puntong ayoko na magsulat.. But this is what I love. There comes a time when you get tired and wanted to take a rest.. Once in my life, I told myself I never want to write again.

          That happened to me. After high school, after being the literary ed in our newspaper, pagdating ng college, I am so selfish. Ayokong magamit yung talento ko para sa school. Ayoko na magsulat. Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, hindi na ako magsusulat. Pero, look at me now. Trying harder on what I was back then.

          That’s what I learned.

          Hindi mo maiiwanan ang isang bagay na minamahal mo.

          Yow, teka, yung mga ganyang mentality pa ata ang nakakapag publish ng book ah. Baka naman mauna ka pa sa akin. Hehe. For me, this is a long term goal. Probably, 4 years from now. Ganon katagal talaga. I don’t want to rush things naman. I am 23 years of age lang..

          Batambata. (Teka, parang naiiiba na yung sinasabi ko. Parang naghahanap na ako ng kakalinga sa akin. Aw.)


          1. Heeey, we all get to experience that some time in our lives. I mean, I think what proves that we love doing something is that, that we had the chance to take some time and think if we really like what we are doing. Or if we even plan on pursuing what we are doing. I don’t remember how many times I wanted to stop writing because I felt inferior and I felt like nobody really understood what I write about, or gives a crap or whatever. But I think that’s part of it. And it only convinces us to do it more often in the future. Well, that’s just what I think.

            Haha. 23, 2 years pala tanda mo saken. I just turned 21, pero I don’t really have a specific timeframe kung kelan ako makakapagsulat ng seryosohan na libro. Tingin ko karamihan sa may online journal at mga websites na minemaintain eh pinapangarap makasulat ng libro. Sana makasali ako sa makakatupad. Kaya tatakbo ako sa publishing house mo! Lol. :p


            1. ang haba naman ng usapan… anyway, i also love manga with bagoong. lol

              (babasahin ko comment thread ninyo kapag ginanahan ako mukhang may matututunan ko eh..)


      1. Sir po, opo…humingi po ako ng paumanhin na po kay Sir Salbe.

        Talaga po Sir Ax, sila po ang nagpapantasya sa akin, ginagamit lang po nila ako kaya nilulukuban ako minsan.

        Good morning po sa inyo.


    1. haha, oo naman. kayang kaya mo yan basahin in just one sitting! unlike books, ang gumagana kase sa comics is the drawings itself.

      minsan walang words, drawing lang pero naiintindihan mo na. hehe.


  2. Ngayon lang ako napakoment kahit matagal na akong nagbabasa ng blog mo. Bakit ba? Usapang bomba eh. 🙂

    Isa lang naman sasabihin ko: Pahiram!!!


  3. I would love to get a hold of this. The story is intriguing. I read a short story a couple of years ago that had the same premise, only it was about people’s beliefs that fueled other worlds. Like, if one stopped believing in gravity, an alternate world’s gravity would stop working. I kinda forgot the title though. But it made an impression.

    I guess I’m just kind of addicted with this “alternate-verses” idea. Awesome, awesome comics you have.


    1. I am also into alternate and parallel worlds.

      Try reading books about Haruhi Suzumiya, lots of time travelling and alternate dimension.

      And, ow, Where Bold Stars Go To Die won’t disappoint you. It’ll take you just a day to finish the story. Superb.


        1. Ah, oo. Parang yan din ata ang problema ng ibang komikeros, nahihirapan silang magpromote at magdeliver ng artworks nila sa malalayong lugar. Wala atang masyadong comic artists banda diyan. Mostly, nandito sa Metro. Aw.


            1. Haha. Di ko po alam, Father. At parang sa noob lang yung title na yon. Tapos na po ako since I am blogging more than a year old.

              Ate Mtoni, thanks sa link. Binasa ko nga po!


    1. Mukha ngang lagi kang nakakapunta sa parallel universe na yun. Hi mo ako kay Anna.

      Feeling ko (lang), yung cast ng Scorpio Nights (original) yung pinaggayahan kay Anna. Di ko sure, di ko naman natanong si Sir Gerry. Hehe.


  4. sorry ha di ko binasa haha…kahit madidisapoint ako dahil wala namang bold jan haha..charos.

    di pa ata kasi ako buhay nung nag karon ng komiks na ganyan haha..


  5. hmm…ang galing ng idea… at ng mga subtle messages tulad dito “I held myself in my hand and I thought of Anna.” – Daniel

    pero mahirap ang makulong sa ganyang realidad… 😦

    congrats pala, kapatid! runaway winner ah. 🙂


    1. Maganda yung takbo ng idea. Noong kausap ko si Kuya Gerry sa email, excited na talaga ako sa book. I wonder why such title.

      Di na talaga ako makapaghintay na ipa-ship ni Kuya Gerry yung comics.

      Hehe, ayown. When I read the comics, dun ko nalaman kung saan nagpupunta ang mga bold star upang maglaho.

      Salamat po!


      1. grabe parang dating sa kin nito ang mga bold stars are just in another dimension. ikanga, parang buhay sa isang engkantong komunidad kung san di sila nalalaos at di sila tumatanda. kaya patuloy ang pagpapantasya ng mga kalalakihan sa kanila…

        mukhang good read yan ax a!


  6. OMG may comics pa lang ganyan hahaha XD., Kuya ax pwede po favor pwede po bang i link nyu ung blogspot ku for school purpose naman po pampadagdag rank lang po kc sabi ng instructor namin na your grade depends on your blog rank. peo kung d naman pwede ok lang po Thank you poh! More power!!


    1. Kung bomba komiks lang, marami dati. Sadly, I wasn’t able to have even just a single issue. Sayang, vintage collection sana yown.

      Sure, sure. Kung para sa edukasyon yan, walang problema. Hehe.


  7. dami talagang naiisip si gerry i bought one of his comics too entitled wasted. i used to join his group gatherings in san pablo. those were the times when i was still collecting comics.


    1. Uy, noong nabasa ko yung Wasted, sobrang preoccupied din ako sa story. Hindi ko tinigilan. Gandang ganda rin ako sa Wasted lalo na sa ending part.

      Yep, taga San Pablo nga si Kuya Gerry. Wow, talagang nagpupunta ka pa doon!

      “Last night while watching the sky, I saw three shooting stars fall to the earth one after the other. It was one of the most overwhelmingly terriying yet beautiful things I have ever seen and I wanted so much to share it with you.” – Wasted, Eric.


  8. Sir Ax.. I would’nt have known. There’s something deep on this kind of comics. Una kasi hahanapin po ng mga audience ang X-Factor. Literarilly X. Pero based on your entry, you released something. Something. Moral lesson i think? There’s love, passion, dream, ano pa ba.


    1. Salamat po sa comment, Sir Gerry! Masaya po ako at magiging masaya si Kuya Arlan habang binabasa po ito dahil isa po siyang inspirasyon lalo na sa akin.

      Aw, hindi naman po ako sikat! Hehe. 😉


  9. ang layo ko na sa base akso.


    teka.. nasa tao pala yun
    kung pano nya hahawakan at i eeembrace ang isang tao.
    kung kelan nya kayang pakawalan o kung kaya nya bang habangbuhay mahalin. aw. senti? hehe

    congrats!!!! akso!


    1. Oks lang yan kahit sobrang huli ka na!

      Oo nga, kung hanggang kailan niya kayang pakawalan ang isang tao.

      Ang patuloy na pakikibaka ng isang tao upang buhayin ang alaala ng isang nilalang na hindi niya kailanman nakilala sa tanan ng kanyang buhay.

      At ang proseso ng pagbitiw.


    1. pwede ka nang boldstar. saan ka kaya mapupunta?…aaaahhhhh!! or, tulad ng sabi mo, “eureka!”….and tuloy mo ay sa tumbong ni VaJJ. hehehe…wag magselos JKul.
      note: ikaw na ang mag-edit. maraming typo.)


  10. “I loved her once or twice a day.
    Sometimes, even more”

    this line is very sensual..the writer must really be a genius.. ^_^ and ang ganda ng concept and story..gusto ko ding mabasa..bigay ko mamaya yung mail address namin ah..haha. joke lang..sana one of this days, makapagbasa din ako ng comics..a break from reading and blogging siguro.. 😀


  11. i have purchased yong book na trese kasi nabanggit mo minsan yon di ko lang alam kung sa fb o dito sa blog mo, di ko pa nasisimulan. kala ko book sya yun pala comics. pero tatapusin ko. book 1 yong nabili ko. hmft… medyo scary nga lang. hehehe


    1. Huwaw, talaga?! One of the most exciting comics sa akin ang Trese. Yep, yung story at yung artist ng The Clinic sa Underpass, sila yung gumawa. Nareview ko na kase dito yun.

      Ayos yan at 1 yung kinuha mo. Pwede kaseng magsimula ka sa 3, and then 1 tapos 2. Pero I suggest 1, 2, 3 para may thrill kung ano yung past ng Kambal at ni Alexandra Trese.



  12. I used to have a bomba komiks too when i was in high school. i got it from my pinsan. then my mom saw it and burned it. she didn’t know i’ve read it more than 10 times already. LOL


    1. Aw, nagamit mo ba ang photographic memory mo?! Yey.

      Shifting to the topic again, actually, this is more of a love story with a little ingredients of bomba komiks.

      Actually, walang halong kabastusan. The women are drawn like fairies dancing in the forest.

      Henyo ang pagkakagawa!


  13. ahh parang ganun din yung sakin eh. lab story ek ek din. hehe

    kaso di ko masyado na-appreciate yun kasi mas natuon yung pansin ko sa illustrations.. nyay!


  14. Wow! i am a comic lover when i was a kid, hmmm… mga mars ravelos at liwayway tsaka ung peborit ko na FUNNY komiks? ahaheheheh 😛

    Ang gaganda at powerful ng subtitles. AStig!

    Ay layk et! 😀


    1. Kamusta Tops.

      Parang bumalik ako sa probinsya.

      May pasitahan ng komiks, nakasampay sa tindahan ni Delia, ang matandang dalaga na iniwan ng syota niya.



    2. Yung Liwayway, nakow, ang dami sa probinsya namin noon. Yung lagi kong sinusubaybayan dun ay yung Leonarda dati. Hehe. Natutuwa kase ako sa kanya, mga leon yung kasama niya.

      Ako naman, Horror komiks yung paborito ko dati! Natutuwa ako sa mga story! Yey.


        1. Aw, hindi naman. Hehe.

          Wala lang yown. Yay. Seriously, wala lang yown. Maraming mas sikat pa dyan. Ang pagkakaalam ko, tatlo lang ang nakakakilala sa akin.. Tapos yung lahat ng nagco-comment dito, robots na. Yey.


  15. noong elementary ako, funny komiks poreber talaga ako. lahi ako sumasama sa papa ko kapag bibili siya ng dyaryo kasi ibig sabihin nun may bago na namang funny komiks. ngayon wan ko kung meron pa, meron pa nga ba?
    ngayon kikomachinekomix naman pinapatos ko. adik na adik ako sa komiks eh. ay sa kikomachine lang pala.

    nagulantang lang ako sa title. si most handsome blogger, gumaganito?


    1. Wala na kase akong nakikitang komiks. Sayang, kahit ako bibili ng komiks. Naabutan ko pa yung P15.00 na komiks noon. Sayang nga eh.

      Hehe, yung Kikomachine. Sobrang astig nga yon. Hehe. Napapirmahan ko na kay Manix yung tatlong Kikomachine ko. Yey.

      Aw, nagkataon lang ito yung post ko. Hehe.



      1. teka! may naabutan ako bente pesos na ata yun oh! ang glossy na ng cover!

        tongenuh (oopppsss napamura!) di ngaaaaaaa? napapirma mo na? naiiyak ako sa inggit? why oh why? gusto ko siya mameet! astig astig niya! grabe lang!
        kumpleto mo na lahat ng kikomachine? ako kumpleto ko na eh. kaso mukha ng vintage look, nabasa kasi noong pepeng na bagyo. hahaha!

        meron ka nung colored na kikomachine? yung ano yung limited edition na kikomachine. worth Php500.00 siya eh. nakakatawa yun! ang eng eng niya! promise!

        teka nag-aattend ka ng komikcon?

        galing ng timing ko ah, yung darkside pa ni kuya ax agad ang natsambahan ko! hahahahahaha!


        1. Oo, si Manix nga unang pumirma sa Renaissance ko. Grabe, masyado siyang careful kumilos. Ayaw niya ma-scratch yung mga libro ko. Haha.

          Mabait si Manix. Actually, nung kausap ko siya, apologetic siya. Eh, wala naman siyang kasalanan. Hehe. Ayown lang, wala akong picture niya. Wala kase akong dalang camera nung Renaissance.

          Hehe. Pero sobrang bait ni Manix! Huwaw, collections mo talaga si Manix. Tatlo lang ang Kikomachine ko. Yung P500.00, yung silent comics niya. Astig talaga yown. Hehe. Nabasa ko na.. at gusto ko rin bumili. Aw, kaso kailangan pag-ipunan. Naalala mo yung kwento dun na bata na may lobo hanggang sa umabot sa outerspace yung lobo niya? Kasali yun sa Award’s Shortlist at People’s Choice ng Powerbooks, si Neil Gaiman (yata) ang judge. Kaso naging invalid yung entry niya kase nailabas niya na daw yun sa ’12.’ Sayang nga eh. Hehe.

          At nasabi ko na ba na friends kami ni Manix sa FB? Hehe.


          1. ay ows? hala! i wanna meet him! grabe! nakakatuwa siya!

            syet! down to earthsi kuya manix! takte! kapag nameet ko siya dapat may picture ako kasama siya! nakuuu magiging legend din yan!!!!

            ngak! nabasa mo na pero di ka pa nakakabili? siguro nibuksan mo yung mga nakaplastik na libro niya no? sa national bookstore?

            ay oo! yun ang pinakanagustuhan ko, natatawa ako na hindi ko maintinidhan. ang astig astig astig astig ng pagkakagawa niya. walang salita salita pero alam mo yung gusto niyang ipahiwatig! yan ang idol di ba di ba???

            aw sayang naman! pero kahit na! basta gawa siya ulit panigurado, hit na hit siya! weeeeeeeeeeeee!

            Ay pwede friend na tayo sa fb! hahaha gusto ko siya iadd kelangan ko ng update tungkol sa kanya! waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


            1. Add mo na lang siya sa FB! Mabait din siya, sobra. Hehe. At kailangan mo nga siguro ma-meet ang idol mo! Sobrang bait, kakakain niya lang non tapos nakita ko siya, bumili kaagad ako ng Renaissance tapos pinapirmahan ko sa kanya!

              Pasok pa rin siya sa People’s Choice Award. Hehe.


            2. teka teka! renaissance??? komiks niya yun? meron siyang ganung komiks??? hala! di ba ang latest eh yung ikalima na alab ng puso??? halaaaaaaa! ay iaaadd ko na yan na oh! add a s friend! chanan! hahaha!
              yes nemen! ang idol ko! weeeeeeeee!


            3. Renaissance is a collaboration between artists. Mula sa mga Pinoy abroad na gumagawa ng comics sa marvel at mga Pinoy na gumagawa ng comics dito sa Pinas.. collaboration nila yon sa Ondoy typhoon at kay Mr. Arlanzandro Esmena, yung gumuhit ng Where Bold Stars Go To Die.

              Latest niya di ba, yung 12. Pero silent komiks nga yun.

              Sige lang, i-add mo. Sobrang bait niyan ni Manix!


            4. ay yun pala yung renaissance. hala sorry nemen. hidi ko talaga alam yun eh! nakakahiya! parang ang noob ko tuloy!amp!

              uu latest nga pala niya yung 12 pero silent comics nga at limited edition talaga…

              inadd ko na, di niya pa ako niaapprove… 😦


            5. Hintay lang, ia-add ka rin ni Kuya Manix.

              Yep, yun yung Renaissance, successful naman yung event. Pumunta pala yung office mate ko, eh, may camera siya, kaso di ko naman alam na pumunta siya at saka hindi pa kami close before. Noong nalaman lang namin na mahilig kami sa comics, doon lang kami medyo naging close. Hehe.


    1. Talaga, alas dos pa naman ng madaling araw dito. Aw. Sige, matingnan nga. Yun ba yung mga 2-digit number na channel? Yey.

      Aba, at dotkomista na si Kuya Bons! Susuportahan natin yang pagiging dotkomista mo Kuya Bons!


  16. hindi naman pala siya bomba gaya nang unang naiisip ko… iba kasi ang unang namutawi sa balintataw ko aw!…

    “I wished that I had been born at an earlier time,
    in a different place.
    Perhaps then, I would have met her.
    Met her properly.” – Daniel

    …nakarelate ako sa mga linyang yan! BIGTIME!


    1. From the 80s kase si Anna. Imagine the age gap. Imagine the time lapse.. But they say love has no age.

      Given that love has no age.

      Love should be in the same lifetime.

      In the end, the reader wonders if Anna had died.. And she probably is.


  17. uyyy, ax, grabe dito dame comment….
    nabasa ko na sya. kakaiba ang story nya. astig. nagtataka lang ako kung baket napunta si daniel dun sa paradise na yun, ibig sabihin ba, me nagfantasize din sa kanya?uyyy, sino yun…. ewan, naisip ko lang…pinagulo ko ba ang story?
    so alam ko na kung san napupunta yung mga taong gustong gusto ko (pinapantasya)….hehehe…oh god, ayaw ko rin silang mawala don..hahahaha


    1. Amer, oo nga no. Ngayon ko lang din naisip yang tanong mo.. Sino ang nagpantasya kay Daniel? Ibig sabihin ba walang nagpapantasya sa akin kaya di ako nakakapunta don? Waah.

      Siguro it was an accident. Or it was meant to be.

      Just for a short duration of time.

      Haha, mga KPOP artist ba yang pinagpapantasyahan mo?


      1. Oo. Yan na ata ang magbabalik sakin sa nawawala at naliligaw kong landas ng passion sa mga bagay na passionate ako. Kung bakit ko naisip yan, hindi ko alam. Haha.


  18. wow. if i can create a world just for me and [insert name here] and that would be paradise. then she wouldn’t have to strip to make a living… anyway, i just realized i was searching for anabelle rama’s nude photos when she was well, a bomba star.

    … hi Alexandre, musta ka naman na? patambay sa realm mo ah.


    1. Pwede kang bumili ng derecho kay Kuya Gerry. Mahirap tong hanapin. Nahirapan talaga ako kase hindi pwede bumili ang mga wala pa sa age of majority.. kaya kay Kuya Gerry ako bumili mismo! Hehe.


  19. Hi Ax! sorry ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw! at ang haba na ng thread! nyeks!

    Nice komiks ah! Sarap din siguro magkaro’n nyan kaso bawal baka magalit si kumander hehehe! 😀

    Anyhow, minsan i wonder what happened to those bold stars who were good at their “craft” then and all of a sudden they just vanish from the spotlight they’ve enjoyed briefly. iilan lang talaga ang nag-move on to a higher level of acting such as the likes of jacklyn jose, gina pareno, and even anna capri. siguro mahirap na ring isipin kung san sila ngayon. but for those who have gone in this kind of work, bilib ako sa kanilang pinagdaanan. and honestly, i also did fantasized some of them before. yun lang at di ko na rin maalala kung sino sila. the only striking ones that ring a bell to me are the Softdrink Beauties nung dekada 70. hehehe! 😀

    gandang araw kapatid!


    1. Ayos lang Kuya Bong!

      Paano ko ba ipapaliwanag ang ‘Where Do Bold Star.’ Ayos naman po yan, wala pong nude drawings. Hehe. Wala po talagang issue sa drawing.

      Ang naaalala ko po ay sila Pepsi although di ko naman talaga sila napanood. Naalala ko rin yung nasa Scorpio Nights Original. Yay. Nagandahan po ako sa istorya ng SC orig kaya naaalala ko yung mga characters.


  20. The topic discussed was very daring and well written. I am now planning to do some research on this, Where Bold Stars Go to Die. I am actually intrigued and would want to know more about the book (or if it’s a comic).


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