Eureka on Dad’s Notebook

Proposition:  my joy,

Since i could not avail myself with any opportunity i then could only writtenly express myself to you… for occasion seems to be hostile to the intention which i have longed to impart.  Also, sometimes a feeling of hesitation comes within me for i could foresee the consequences of this revelation, if, by chance, you’ll take this act of mine as a mere joke of my love ventures.  Nevertheless, to keep this instinctive emotion only by myself will no doubt lead me to nowhere.

In the past years of my life, never have i known a person of such character as you have.  i’m very proud to have met a person like you.  In a manner of speaking, it seems to me that i have already known you for a very long period of time, even if we have met and have known each other for only a short period, ago.

…it may be surprising but i think i’m in love with you… i don’t just think that i am in love with you but i know and i am certain that i do.  this must be surprising to you, but it surprised me also when i came to think that i was missing you than what i shoud have felt naturally.

Very surprising indeed.  But isn’t love very noble? to fall in love is not to like someone for her brains or beauty alone but it is in its true sense – self giving which is primarily based on trust and understanding.


**This is composed by my Dad, probably, when he was on his teenage years. I guess nineteen years of age or probably early twenties. I really do not know. Grammars are not edited to preserve originality of what my Dad wanted to express to the recipient/s of this letter. I found his notebook while cleaning the house years ago.. Didn’t tell him about it and up until now, I claimed it to be my possession. He probably didn’t know until today that I do have his three notebooks, and I am not going to tell him anyway. It was weird, back teenage years, I also do not capitalize my ‘I’ when writing.. And yes, this isn’t a letter for my Mom. I asked Mom if this was for hers, she said it’s not. She said it’s for my Dad’s ex. Mom’s answer is without jealousy and envy.. So probably, that’s what love is. Self giving, trust and understanding.

Creative Writing 101: Sunset

Describe a sunset as viewed by a character that is in bliss; describe the same sunset but this time as seen by a character that is in gloom.

A mixture of blood and smoke scattered beyond the vast firmament of
heaven.. Dispersed in malformed glorious clouds; half part is
sprinkled in snow and the other part of wine and of rubies and of
sunflowers. Celestial lavishness corrupts me. Stars reach me.  I
closed my eyes. And still, I see hues and phantasm. I am in bliss.

The dusk, a thief, stole everything. It painted the sky selfishly.
Smothered the sun with something heavy. With something so heavy, it
decided to free its fall and be swallowed by the sea. As the sun
slumber on its grave, the night cloaks the earth and my vision
darkened. It was gloomy.

While reading a book at a library slash book store, I came upon a creative writing composition. It has lots of exercises and tips on creative writing. One of the exercises include fleshing out a stranger you have seen the first time. Compose stories about that stranger and why he is on that place. And a lot more exercises. While at work, I answered this exercise where I have to describe the same sunset as seen by a happy and a sad person for five minutes (squeezing my writing ability to its boundary in a time constraint manner). Next time, I’ll try this creative writing again with different rules, probably two street dogs making love from a child’s perspective and an old guy’s perspective.. Probably or probably not. It depends.