Free Flowing Whatever Ideas

And yes, I do not want to complicate this post with legal and medical terminologies. Besides, I am neither a medical-allied course nor a legalese. So please, do not ask too much of what I know in these two fields. Right now, I just want to write whatever-ideas.

Free flowing ideas.

It was not so long ago when someone asked me why I am here. What am I doing in this vast clumped rock floating in this boundless, three-dimensional universe? And so I answered. I told him humbly that I wanted to raise a child. But so much for that. I do not want to complicate this post by what I meant of raising a child.

What is the meaning of Life? What is my purpose? What is the sole pursuit of humanity? As what someone kept asking me one time.. Why?

Why are we here?
What are we here for?


The existence of organisms does not have real meaning. Because, in reality, their existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose. They are just accidentally created by a chemically-active, terrestrial planet so-called Earth. Nature gave them life and after some time, they die. Simple as that. Am I trying to associate a meaning or purpose so that I can justify my existence?

There is no point in life, and that is exactly what makes it so special. Just like free will.
If there is a reason, it’s lost on me


What is it that lies ahead for mankind if they knew the secret of this world?  Their purpose. The answer to the meaning of life is too profound, too vague to be known and understood. One will just waste his precious time looking and searching for that one thing. That one thing in exchange of one’s total lifespan. Finding that thing would mean never living at all. That is the irony of human existence.

The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life. Live life. Love something bigger, greater, and beyond ourselves, something we did not create or have the power to create, something intangible and made holy by our very belief in it. Accept and forgive human flaws. Live it as it is. Enjoy every second of it.

Because that kilo of meat on your head is not enough to contain the wisdom of the universe.


The pursuit of life’s wisdom is probably my reason to search why I am created. I believe this is an adventure game like how you used to play the Super Mario Brothers or Diablo or a Tale of Two Kingdoms. Searching the meaning of life is like finishing an adventure game. You are given a mission, just like saving the princess in Super Mario Brothers. You must have a drive to wanting to see the ending of the game. Because you wanted to know the whole story.

What am I here for? To live and to die? That is the catch. Sooner or later, I must die. But there is this little dash between two dates that would be engraved in my tombstone. And that little dash is the most essential dash I should pursue. In that span of time, I wanted to know what I am living for.

I believe I have a purpose. I believe I need to finish the game.

Go back to the first sentence of the first paragraph: I do not want to complicate this post.


151 thoughts on “Free Flowing Whatever Ideas

  1. Number 1 here.

    In Douglas Adams’ popular comedy book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything has the numeric solution of 42, which was derived over seven and a half million years by a giant supercomputer called Deep Thought. After much confusion from the descendants of his creators, Deep Thought explains that the problem is that they do not know the Ultimate Question, and they would have to build an even more powerful computer to determine what that is. This computer is revealed to be Earth, which, after 10 million years of calculating, is destroyed to make way for a galactic bypass moments before it finishes calculations. In Life, the Universe and Everything, it is confirmed that 42 is indeed the Ultimate Answer, and that it is impossible for both the Ultimate Answer and the Ultimate Question to be known about in the same universe, as they will cancel each other out and take the universe with them, to be replaced by something even more bizarre, and that this may have already happened. Subsequently, in the hopes that his subconscious holds the question, Arthur Dent guesses at question, coming up with “What do you get when you multiply six by nine?”, probably an incorrect guess, as the arrival of the Golgafrinchans on prehistoric Earth would have disrupted the computation process. However, Dent, Fenchurch, and a dying Marvin did see God’s final message to his creation: “We apologise for the inconvenience.” – My Friend Wiki


    1. A quotation by Anton Chekhov states “You ask “What is life?” That is the same as asking “What is a carrot?” A carrot is a carrot and we know nothing more.” He also professed, “All of life and human relations have become so incomprehensibly complex that, when you think about it, it becomes terrifying and your heart stands still.”

      Second explanation.


      1. You need not find it. You need not search for it. It will come, may be once or twice, while you journey your life. It will come probably when you are 12, or 26, or 58 years of age. If you found it, it’s yours to keep.. or yours to spread.


      1. naguguluhan na talaga ko. sino ba talaga si wolf at high-blood si jaime?

        si jaime, pag nagsusulat sa ingles, parang si ax lang. pero sabi niya, hindi raw siya si ax. pero naniniwala pa rin akong siya si ax.



        1. at dahil jan lio nag observe din ako

          tingin ko si ax mas pogi



          about ur post ax, dont complicate life

          masarap mabuhay

          magsilbi sa mga taong mahal mo

          at magmahal ng walang kapalit at magsaboy ng kabaitan



  2. Kaya siguro lahat ng humihinga iba-iba, kung parepareho, wala ng ‘gana’, wala ng inggit, wala ng ambisyon, wala ng tuwa o lungkot man.

    Hindi ako ang perpektong nilalang sa mundo at marahil ikaw ay ganun din, pero hindi natin maipagkakailang may sarili kang “identity” at doon natin masasabing AKO ITO.

    Minsan sa kakahanap natin nagiging masalimuot ang sagot, pero kapag tumigil para namang katapusan na ng mundo.

    Saan ba patutungo ang paliwanag kong ito….

    May kaniya kaniya tayong direksyon, pwede kang sumabay o pwede kang lumihis ng landas.

    Buhay, mahiwaga.


    1. Sa totoo lang, marami pa ring palaisipan na bumabalot sa mundong ito. Maraming tanong. Yung iba gusto ko hanapan ng sagot. Yung iba, pababayaan ko na lang.

      Gusto ko lang mag-enjoy. Because it’s how many times it took your breath away.


      1. haha kahit sabihin mo ung free flowing kung di naman ako makarelate sa sulat ni lio dahil ayaw nyang mag pabisita hehe..

        haha..bat ako di nya ginugulo ng mga ganyan tanong..dahil alam nyang nose bleed ako lagi haha..yay.tadah..


            1. dahil nakita ko ang pangalan ko rito, dito na lang ako mag-iiwan ng bakas. hehe.

              para kay lovely, ayos lang na bumisita ka sa datkom. meron na yang pahintulot mula kay lio loco. magtanung-tanog ka na lang. hehe!

              at na-special mention pa pala ko sa post na ‘to. awts! haha!

              pag sinabi mong meaning of life, wala na. talu-talo na yan. labo-labo. maraming talipandas ang magmamayabang ng kung anu-anong shit tungkol sa buhay. kaya ako, tiklop na lang muna. hehe.

              basta alam kong may gusto akong marating, may gusto akong makamit. sapat na un para sakin sa ngayon.

              it is a wonder how man wants to know everything when he only knows something of that everything. he wants infinity when his mind can only be finite. such a great paradox, eh?


            2. haha so pinangangalandakan mo na pala ngayon ulit lio ang bago mong bahay hehe..namiss mo ko noh hehe..yay..

              pag cpa ka na talaga.saka kita bibisitahin haha..basta paalam mo lang sakin hehe..joke..
              well kamusta naman ang pag papakabanggag mo haha..:)

              ax hehe…salamat


  3. Life is man’s never ending quest to find the meaning of life.
    Life has no meaning, nor a purpose, unless you choose to give it one.
    Life begins when you live it.


      1. si BOB Ax! walang kasing lalim. laging nakaka-nosebleed. i hope ur doing okay. i hope u are not in one of the affected areas by the flood. u have a good purpose/goal in life. keep it up ^^,


  4. Life without a God, a heaven, truth, or an absolute Goodness to aim at, the meaning of life becomes simply “the will to power.” Power becomes its own end, not a means. Life is like a bubble, empty within and without; but its meaning is self-affirmation, egotism, blowing up your bubble, expanding the meaningless self into the meaningless void.


  5. nahihirapan akong makarelate

    wala lang..
    nang eepal lang…
    ganun ako eh! hehehe…

    dumaan, at nasagad ang puso ko sa mga nabasa ko, kahit mahina ako sa ingles.. haha

    kapagod magbasa ng ingles, pero inintindi ko naman..


  6. life can be tough ; life can be hard ; LIFE can be easy,life can be happy; LiFe can be furious ; life can be stressful;life can be mad;life can be sad;life can be relaxing;life can be scary;LiFe can be taken…

    Life can be you make it.


  7. life can be tough ; life can be hard ; L I F E can be easy;life can be happy ; LiFe can be furious; life can be stressful;life can be mad ; life can be sad;life can be relaxing;life can be scary;LiFe can be taken…

    Life can be whatever you make it.


    1. Life is whatever I make it.

      Minsan madadapa ako. Minsan mawawala ako. Minsan masusugutan ako. Pero hindi ko isinusumpa ang buhay dahil nagkamali ako.

      Masarap mabuhay. Masarap ng may pinag-aalayan.


  8. Ang pagsulpot ba ng lahat ng bagay dito sa mundo ay walang dahilan? Pagkakataon nga lamang ba ang lahat ng ito?
    Ano nga ba ang dahilang ng ating pagkabuhay?
    Bakit minsan kahit nasa iyo na ang lahaty ng ginusto mo dati parang hindi ka pa rin masaya?
    Bakit masyadong kumplikado ang ating isipan?


    1. Utoy Ax, gusto ko lamang sagutin yong tanong ni BP, payagan mo akong magkomento. Salamat.

      Ang tanong niya: Bakit minsan kahit nasa iyo na ang lahat ng ginusto mo dati parang hindi ka pa rin masaya.

      Kaibigang BP.

      Sapagkat lahat gusto nating maangkin, hanggang sa lumabis, negatibo o positibo man ang ilagay natin sa ating pagkatao kapag labis, umaapaw. Makasarili, halos lahat siguro ng nilalang mas uunahin ang sarili kaysa sa iba, kung sino man ang mga nilalang na kinalimutan ang sarili para sa kapakanan ng iba, ipinagkakapuri ni J.Kulisap.

      Minsan tinanong ko ang ” Dunong” na naaabot ng tao, ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit nagiging hamon sa atin ang buhay.

      Kung magkataong sa simula pa lamang ng pagkamulat ay alam mo na kung ano ang iyong dahilan o purpose, papaano mo pa tatanggapin ang hamon? Ano pa ang saysay mo? Ikaw ba ay Robot?


    2. Bakit masyadong kumplikado ang ating isipan?

      Ito lang ang kaya kong sagutin.

      Ang isipan mismo natin ang nagpapakumplika sa mga bagay bagay na dapat sana ay simple at payak. Ang isipan ay isang kahangalan. Habang lalong dumarami ang nalalaman, mas lalong nalilito. Information overload. Contradiction of thoughts. Nawawalan ng saysay ang isang ideya habang may bago kang nalalaman na ibang ideya na pakalat kalat sa cosmos.

      Ang simula ng iyong pag-iisip ay simula ng komplikasyon mula sa pag-inog ng mundo, hanggang sa pagtakas ng iyong kamalayan sa iyong imahinasyon. Hanggang sa pagtatanong ng oras patungo sa walang hanggan na restaurant sa dulo ng kalawakan.


  9. kakatapos ko lang magpanosebleed sa kabilang forum ko about the RH Bill, at tapos eto uli… Hay… hehehe…

    Before I say my piece, Ax, let me just ask you on one important hinge…

    Do you believe that there is a personal God?


      1. I believe there is this Supreme Being.

        He is neither good nor evil. He does not care about me. He does not care about you. But he exist.

        Right now, he is probably here or millions of light years away from here.

        He does not care what happened if I put my hand on fire. He does not care if I take suicide. He does not care if I am 3 minutes late on work. I have no issue with him. I am just grateful he does not care.


        That is a different thing.

        I hate you.


            1. Haha. Believe me, kahit tanungin mo pa si Mon, Jason, Alvin, Kulissap at sa mga lagi kong nakakachat.. pag sinabihan na kita ng ‘i hate you’ ibig sabihin non close na tayo.

              Yun lang yung pang break ko ng usapan. Hehe. Pero asarin mo lang ako pag sinabihan kita non! Hehe.


        1. Dami kong tanong na naiisip… I am now baffled why I read that you pray, yet you believe that God does not care about us… 🙂

          Anyway, to cut the long story short, man’s purpose in life springs from the reason why God created man… Only a creator can define the purpose of his own creation… And so, it is only in the light of the revealed purpose of our creation will we be able to understand our common purpose here on earth…

          All meaning and all purpose of life steam from the reasons why we were created, and it is in this proper and exact order (from the Baltimore Catechism): to know, to love, and to serve God.

          So hanggang dito na lang muna, kasi baka mas mahaba pa sa blog post mo itong comment ko… 🙂

          Interesting fact (at least for me): a few weeks ago, I spent several hours developing a talk on “Crossroads”. In this talk, I dealt with the idea that the way to properly decide which road to take comes from knowing our purpose and from the desire to live a purpose-filled life… And so there is a portion there that tackles how to know our individual purposes… 🙂


          1. Faith is not parallel to uttering prayers. I believe in One Supreme Being. In all honesty and humility, I do not pray for material things. Neither do I pray for a good health. I did not pray to win the Blogsikat Awards. I never prayed for what I wanted in life. I do not pray to get wisdom. I do not pray to win the lottery. I do not pray to have strength within.

            My connection and relation with this One Supreme Being is kinda weird. I, in every chance I’ve got, just simply talk to Him. Storytell what happened the other day. Give Him a piece of what’s in my mind. And sometimes, I would just ask some silly questions.

            I believe He gave us freewill. This freewill is some-contract that whatever happened/happening/will happen to us here in this cosmos is our liability. Whatever transpired in this territorial space is not His fault. There is no such thing as destiny. Fate is just a word added in the dictionary to use by poets and writer.

            Faith for some people is a coping defense to whatever is unknown to them. It becomes their strength. It becomes their sanctuary.

            But my faith is not. Do not misunderstand me but I believe that there is this One Supreme Being. I believe that God does not care about us.. ‘in its kindest, purest, loving form.’

            Believe me, Kuya Mark, but I think we are in the same wavelength.. after reading your article about ‘The Silent God.’

            What if He answered all our prayers?

            If He, in any way, answered one prayer of one person it would result in an unfair actions. Thus, He will not answer a single one for the sake of humanity.

            Bang. Bang. Marami na naman akong lapses.


            1. Hmmmm… Ax, I think you had that article misunderstood… 🙂

              I would like to point some fine points of logic that were somehow missed in your response above, but this is getting longer… 🙂

              But still you have my respect… 🙂


  10. “Dogs and cats have purpose. Humans dont.” =P (if you didnt get it so be it)

    Seriously though, everything has a purpose. Every single thing. We might not know it, but it doesnt mean it is there. There is no such thing as chance. We cannot say that a thing has no purpose when we dont fully understand what it really is. And humans cannot completely understand everything or anything for that matter. We only have limited undertanding of the world around us. We even have limited understanding of ourselves.

    There can never be an ultimate question and an ultimate answer.

    Just live your life the way you want it.

    (diclaimer: my opinions are baseless and useless)

    alibi: im demented


    1. My two cents.

      From the very moment of humanity’s existence, the ultimate question was asked.

      Nature will then generate the ultimate answer.. but for a price.


      1. If ever there is an ultimate question and an ultimate amswer…

        why did the ultimate question came AFTER humanity’s existence? why not before?

        Nasasabi mo yan kasi you are looking at things from the human perspective. what about perspective of other beings here on earth (or outside earth if there are)

        why humans? we are not the center of everything. and not all things revolve around us.

        There is not one ultimate question in the universe…
        there are a lot of questions… no ultimate one. =)

        my 2 cents again…

        we keep on doin this, someone will get rich from our 2 cents. hahaha


        1. Haha. Sige, payamanin natin ang imbisibol na tao sa mga two cents natin.

          My other two centavos.

          I believe that The Ultimate Question does not revolve on humans ourselves. It revolves to all doomed who exists. My bad centering the question to humanity.

          I believe as long as there is an organism who has the ability to think.. a transient entity or a thinking-plant, the generation and formulation of that one big question will exist.

          A question so grandeur. A question so big as the universe. A question no one can fathom.

          The Ultimate Question is a metaphor.

          Yawts. Ayun lang!


          1. If you insist that there is an Ultimate Question, then I can only think of one question that fits the bill.

            If it does exist (even metaphorically) I can only imagine the question as “Is there an Ultimate Question?” (or questions to that effect)

            Since IT is the Ultimate Question, then the answer to that is YES. and that answer is the question itself.

            case closed.=P

            inuman na!hahaha kung ganun, i mean open case!=P


  11. hi ax,
    alam mo hindi ako nalungkot sa nasaba ko…bagkus natuwa pa ako. bakit? dahil naghahanap ka ng ng purpose ng buhay mo. at yan naman talaga ang dapat nating pagtuunan sa buhay naito. yong mabuhay ayon sa purpose natin.

    basta, start it kung saan ka nanggaling. start it from the very basic. minsan hndi na natin kailangang hanapin pa ang mga bagay na hinahanap natin dahil nandiyan lang yan sa paligid natin. kailangan lang nating maging sensitive.

    minsan may mga nakasanayan o nakagisnan tayong dapat nating iwanan. ax, oras na para tumawid ka sa kalsada. wag mo mang hintayin pang mawala ang mga sasakyan bago ka tumawid. ang pagtawid at tulad ng buhay. masdama mo ito kung may mga paparating na sasakyan. para mag-apura at maging masmaingat ka sa pagtawid. hehe napalayo yta.


    1. Okay, nandito na tayo sa kalsada! Puro kalsada na lang ang usapan natin Kuya Eli! Hehe.

      Naniniwala ako sa’yo. Minsan mas masarap na tumawid habang may paparating na sasakyan. Kailangan natin ng ‘Stop, Look, and Listen’ wisdom!



  12. ano ba to english na namn. hehehe. loko lang. apir! patumbling ayoko ng topic. hehe pero dahil kaibigan kita. gusto ko supurtado ko ang may akda. whahah kaya andito ako. aun, di ko pa rin tintigilan ung ambroxol feeling ko kasi may nakakapa ko sa lalamunan ko eh. hehehe. apir!! maraming salamat kala ko ba di mo lam ang no. ko,, ehehhee. pero anyways, nakatulong naman. apir!


    1. dahil nga tinext mo ako gamit yung number mo di ba? yawts. baka maguilty ako pag lumala yung sitwasyon mo. next time sa doktor ka na magpatingin at wag sa akin.



  13. Grabe, i don’t know what to say. Life has it’s own purpose. Be it big or small, it could still make a difference in this world.

    Yes, we live now and die eventually. But imagine not living at all, mas boring diba?

    Try ko lang i-share tong message na inisend ng friend ko sakin:

    It would make more sense if the life cycle was all backwards.

    You should die first, get it out of the way.
    Then you live in an old age home. You get a silver watch and you go to work.
    You work 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement.
    You do booze, chicks, you party, you get ready for High School, you become a kid.
    You play, you have no worries.
    You become a little baby, you go back into the womb, spend your last 9 months floating… and you finish off as an orgasm.


  14. hindi mo nga ginawang complicated..hindi nga

    naks, talagang free flowing of whatever ideas ha.

    ‘The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life’

    -ax nabasa ko na to before. aminin mo yan. nabasa ko na talaga. san galing to?


    1. By Christopher J. Peterson.

      Parang “Love is Blind” na sinabi ni Anonymous. Yang phrase na yan naman ay galing kay Kuya Chris. Si Kuya Christopher J. Peterson. Haha. Parang close lang kami no?!

      From the introduction of the Real Meaning of Life Book:

      I’m afraid you might have picked up the wrong book.


  15. ano ba ang katuturan ng buhay? dapat lang itanong ng mga buhay…kasi pag wala ka ng buhay…ano pa ang katuturan ng pagtatanong,aber?

    ang totoo….ang buhay…..di yan tinatanong…lalo na ang katuturan nito …kasi mas malawak pa ito sa hinagap ng ating utak at kaalaman…

    …wala naman talagang formula di ba?
    …ang totoo …namamatay na lang ang tao nang hindi nalalaman kung ano ito…
    …meron tayong mga partial glimpses…pero hindi ito ang kabuoan….
    …so balik sa tanong..ano ba ang essence nito?


    1. So, tama tong ginagawa ko! nagtatanong na ako habang buhay pa ako! yawts.

      Ano ba ang essense nito? ng lahat ng ‘to?

      To stir the mind of everyone who will read this article.


        1. Ang totoo Father Fiel, matagal na kitang tinatawag na Daddy sa site ni Mr. Nonsense. Yawts. Kaso baka akalain nila may anak ka talaga kaya hindi namin masyadong pinapahalata.

          Dahil kung ganun ang mangyayari, mapapatalsik ka sa pagpapari! Awts. Paano kung anak mo nga ako? Hm, ilang taon na ba kayo Father?

          Pero nahihiya ako tawagin kayong Daddy. Si Mr. Nonsense kase ayaw pa ako ampunin. Si Rye lang yata ang gusto niya ampunin.


            1. Kuya ko si Tsi, Kuya ko si Kulisap, Daddy kita, so Lolo ko ba si Mr. Nonsense? Teka. Ang gulo, kapatid ko rin si Hamster! Kuya ko rin si Blu. Parekoy si Otep, Manager si Stain. Grabe, kapatid ko sa labas si Rye?


            2. i admit, lasengero ako noong binata pa ako. di ko alam kung sino-sino ang naging anak ko. kelangan ko ng DNA test.
              kaso sa lahat ng mga nagi-step forward, si rye lang ang may suspicions ako…dahil sya lang ang desente(no offense, father).


            3. Bakit si Rye na lang lagi ang pinagbibigyan ng pagkakataon?

              Si Rye na laging bida. Si Rye na laging swerte. Si Rye na laging walang kasalanan. Hindi tulad ko. Buong buhay ko, lagi akong nasa anino ni Rye.

              Second great. Second place. Second honor. And yes, hindi kailanman naalala kung sino ang second. It is always the first that was written in history, right?

              Bang, bang. Yawts.


  16. Meron kaming diskusyunan ng kaibigan ko dati sa tinatanong mo e, tulad mo rin siya malalim ‘di kaya ng pala ko..kahit ‘di kami lasing e parang lasing lang yung nag-uusap dahil sa dami ng batuhan namin ng kuro-kuro ay wala ko matandaan na punto talaga.Bawat panahon ng paguusap ay nababago ang ibig sabihin nito, sa bawat panahon kasi nagiiba rin ang pananaw namin sa buhay.
    Siguro kung ano iyong ginagawa mo ngayon iyon ang buhay, kung ano iyong nagawa mo dati iyon ang dating buhay, kung ano iyong mga pangarap mo iyon naman ang kabilang buhay.

    Magulo yata ahh..

    Nakiki-epal lang.


    1. Ferdz, ferdz, ferdz? Do I know you in real life?

      Sa barkada ko lalo na nung high school, nasasama to sa topic namin. Barilan ng ideya. Bombahan ng mga nalalaman. Laglagan ng mga sandata.

      And it will happen kahit nakatambay lang kami sa journalism room, sa ground floor, sa bahay ng mga kaklase.


  17. perstaym ko dito… dumugo na ang ilong ko… hindi sa englisan kundi sa lalim ng pinag-uusapan…


    pero maganda ito, para mapagnilayan natin ang mga bagay bagay sa mundo. minsan nga lang hindi natin naiintidihan… minsan naman swak, sapol, kuhang kuha. ganyan talaga ang buhay. habang pinipilit mong languyin ang kahulugan nito, may sarili itong buhay na lumalalim ng lumalalim…

    wag lang mainis. talo ka pagnagkaganun. hehehe…

    kung ikaw man ang pinakamatalino sa buong mundo, subukan mong sagutin ang ang tanong ko, “bakit ang utot na tahimik ay mas mabaho sa utot na maingay?…”




    1. Haha. Hindi po ako ang pinakamatalinong tao sa mundo kaya hindi ko na po yan sasagutin.

      Naniniwala nga ako sa sinabi mo kuya Jun-g. Ang buhay ay parang dagat. Sa pinakapusod nito ay may mga organismo, halaman at hayop, na hindi pa natin nadidiskubre. At pilit man nating sisirin ang kailaliman ng buhay, ikamamatay lamang natin.


      Yan ang lilingkis sa katawan ng tao kapag sinubukan niyang sisirin ang pinakamalalim na parte ng karagatan..


    1. gumawa ka ng account sa wordpress Allen, kahit account lang kung ayaw mo ng blog. And voila, pwede mo palitan ang gravatar mo. haha.

      add mo na ako sa FB. oist!


  18. if i were to answer that question on what is my purpose in life, iisa lang isasagot ko jan, I am here because i am called to serve Him, alone.

    life is not always about us, but putting God first in everything. bakit ba natin ginagawa ang bagay na ito? bakit di dapat ganun? simply because we are pleasing God and not men.

    1Corinthians 10:31 Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.



  19. la akong masabi..
    coz never tried looking for my purpose here on earth or the meaning of life..that would only complicate my own existence.
    i’m living my life one day at a time though i also project goals for me to live through day by day.
    live a happy life is i think what matters.


  20. random thoughts too…

    “What is my purpose?’ is a legitimate question to ask. but the glimpse to the answer of this question will drive you crazy…

    st. ignatius de loyola had First Principle and Foundation, which articulates what he believed to be his purpose is. As a Jesuit, i believe in this too… this keeps me going and going and going.

    I may not be able to express my life’s purpose in words, but i am trying to express it in deeds, which i think is more crucial.

    May we enjoy this great adventure of finding our ultimate purpose in life.

    … thanks


    1. Salamat din Kuya Jun-G.

      I may not be able to express my life’s purpose in words, but I am trying to express it in deeds, which I think is more crucial. – Jun-G

      I think so too.

      To Will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice. Now if I do what I will not to do, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me. Rom. 7:18-20.

      Binabasa ko ngayon ang librong Spirit-Controlled Temperament na bigay ng isang co-blogger. Nai-share ko lang kahit wala na namang connect sa comment. Yawts.


    1. Haha. Yawts. Wag ka mapressure sa akin. Syempre, ikaw pa rin talaga ang magdedesisyon para sa sarili mo. Ayun lang, masesermunan kita araw araw. Haha.

      Hindi, biro lang yown. Sige, lagi akong nandyan para sa’yo.


      1. di naman ako nape-pressure kuya.

        tama nga yung sinermunan niyo ako para ma-realize ko na walang magandang naidudulot ang paninigarilyo. it’s just a waste of money. just a waste of time.

        kakahiya nga kasi i am a nursing student at alam ko na smoking is dangerous pero ginagawa ko pa rin 🙂

        thanks kuya.


  21. am…



    ako na ba last?

    WAW LAST!!!

    (alternative ng base)

    basta.. bumili ako ng book kahapon

    Purpose driven in life..

    bale yun na lang ang comment ko d2 sa ost mong to


    kamusta AX??

    ok pupunthan ko na latest entry mo!

    mukang napahaba ata pahinga ko na dapat one week lang…

    miss ko na kayo


  22. yes, you dont want to complicate your post so is my comment..hehe

    un lang..nakakatuwa lang magbasa ng mga posts realy made me think..haha


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