How Can a Filipino Help the Philippines

Help Philippines Ax Realm

The moment I started this blog, I started for a cause because I want to influence some life form out there who is able to access this world slash teritorrial subspace.  Me making a difference, huh? But yeah– I want to influence someone for the better.

Well, this is a list of things that I could think of that my countrymen should do– but this can also be done by those people who have learned to love this 7,107 islands

  1. Recycle Paper.
  2. Follow traffic rules.
  3. Vote. Research everything about the people you are going to vote. Do not be mislead by articles that talks about good deeds of Mr. X running for Y position. Have a neutral point of view. The winning candidates of the national election will decide and run the next six years of the Philippines.  And six years is long enough, long enough for a high school student to finish his or her secondary education.
  4. Teach kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’
  5. And teach kids the essence of prayer.
  6. Report smoke belcher vehicles. Yes, you need not be a traffic enforcer to report such.
  7. Get your ticket after you pay a public utility bus. It is honesty.
  8. Explore the Philippines. And please do not vandalize historical places.
  9. Do not burn plastic-made materials.
  10. Segregate trash.
  11. Do not badmouth the Philippines. Either in your blog, to tourists, or in any media. We have to deal with it. Things are worse sometimes here in our country. But if we speak ill about our country, we are giving bad impression to ourselves.
  12. Respect law enforcers. And of course, report law enforcers who do not enforce the law of the land.
  13. Watch indie films.. in theater.
  14. You may trash paper anywhere. But please, put the non-biodegradable in trash cans.
  15. Explain to kids why they have to put their trash in a garbage bin.
  16. Try to finish your schooling. If it is a four-year course, TRY to finish it for four years. If it is a five-year course, TRY to finish it for five years. If you are enrolled in a state university, the government is paying for your education. The government could have spent the amount of your extended years to someone who wanted to earn a college degree. If you say you are enrolled in a private school, you are spending your parent’s money that they could use on their retirement. If you say you are the one who pays for your tuition, then kudos to you.
  17. Plant anything. Vegetable, flowers, or trees. If you do not have time, at least water your plants.
  18. Observe due process.
  19. Do not hold grudge against the government. Our government means People of the Republic of the Philippines.
  20. Support even one charity, sector, or right groups.
  21. If you smoke, at least make sure the flame is extinguished when you throw it away.
  22. And would you mind to throw your cigarette in a trash bin.
  23. Cooperate with the securities of airport, hospitals, government and business buildings and educational institution.
  24. Walk if it’s near.
  25. Tell a blogger to write anything what he can do to his country.

I believe the essence of this post is to tell everyone what my thoughts are on how each of us can help the Philippines. After all, this is our home.. And most of us do not have anywhere to go to if this paradise got messy.