Superheroes Do Bleed and Retire

Three days passed my eighth birthday and whilst facing the wall, scriptures materialized. As I study the writings, it says: anyone who can read this is destined to do great things. As I commit to memory the scenario then, the idea appeared on the wall as if someone, some being, wrote them in a creepy manner. And as I remember, I was diagnosed by my mom having overwhelming imagination syndrome.

When I reached high school, life has been busy. The world becomes larger. Love becomes surreal. Saving the world is just as hard as solving a physics problem. And I failed my physics subject. I found out that humanity will exist even if I wasn’t actually born.

Days passed, I am firm that I just wanted to be a sidekick of a superhero. And if a superhero landed in front of me and offered me to be his assistant, I’d probably say yes– if he will compensate me of at least above minimum pay excluded overtime.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. No league of superheroes offered a sidekick position. I am just a normal human being walking the streets seeing faces of million normal human beings. And I am just like the others. Ordinary. Typical. Life bores me.

I planned my revenge, a dish served cold.

I created my own justice. I decided who to live and punished bad people. Well, I thought I was saving the world. I thought I am the good guy but it seems that I am on the wrong direction. And it simply shed a soft dusk, shadow in some small corner of my heart.

And the villain is born.

But every villain has one flaw. Because every villain has a conscience. But I wanted to be more evil-er. More monster-er. More darker. Just in the nick of time that this villain becomes super villain, a superhero, his dad, saved him.

And I realized I can’t save the world– but I can save one soul. And that is the moment that I wanted to become a father also. I wanted to raise a child and save someone just like what my dad did.


0 thoughts on “Superheroes Do Bleed and Retire

  1. I also wanted to become a superhero, although I can’t save the world, at least I can save a little few souls.

    -I agree. We can be heroes in our own little ways.

    Pero disagree ako dun sa villain kasi I’m a villain myself (which means di daw maganda ugali ko. waha) and I have no conscience. Joke. haha.


  2. wow.. nice one.

    everybody wants to be a super hero. and we cannot be the super hero like those on movies, atleast we ca be a real heroes.

    add kita sa links ko. tnx


  3. woot! EVERY PASSING DAYS .. you become more soulful writer.. you made my head crack lol. but I have to agree with this, I told this morning to my mom.. that I wanted to become a “Power ranger”.. she said to me “You’ve always do that.. you even acted like mask rider.” haha.. but yeah. we all wanted to become a parents, that’s how we save lives.. that’s how we save soul.. I also wanted to be a good mother of my child. Well someday.. 🙂 You too AX.. can raise child like your father did..


  4. ax, sidekick mo ako ha? 🙂

    When I was a kid I dreamt also of being a super hero,I always mimicked them. But, now I realized that I don’t have to be a super hero to do great things and help others.. I can be my own self and help others in my own little ways and yes, I agree with you, a few souls is a great consolation… very nice post!

    God bless you always Ax!


  5. hmmm, napaisip ako dito.

    KUNG HINDI NYO PA KILALA SI AX, ang mga ganitong bagay na kanyang sinusulat ay nababalot ng mga kahulugan sa likod ng misteryo ng mga salita.

    Minsan literal lang. Subtle hints about his being, his life 😛

    (at salamat sa pagpapakilala mo sa akin ng bagong henerasyon ng mga modelo ng Pantene 🙂


    1. literal lang?! at nababalot ng misteryo?! hehe.

      i believe i have to write my issues here in my blog. actually i am planning to put those issues in this post, kaso maiiba na ng usapan. may be some other time. right time to be exact.

      at ang mga pantene models, ilang beses kong pinanood yun!


  6. i am very interested as to what this story means to you. if i take it literally, i can say it is a very good prose. as former state university EIC, i give you props for this.

    LOL parang american idol.


  7. Ganda naman po nito. Although I never dreamed to become a superhero myself pero I can relate to the last part. Your father indeed is a superhero to you and so is any other parent to his child.


    1. you never dreamt pero isa ka nang superhero ni.. tsan tsararan.. alex! hehe. yeah, you’re a parent too! you’re a superhero too!


  8. superheroes are real….they are the most ordinary beings i meet everyday…they cannot fly nor transform into magical creatures…
    and yet they are real…
    and yet they do bleed and retire…
    maybe you might not believe yet…
    but i have to say it….
    cause you are one of them in the blogospehere…


  9. I have always dreamed of becoming a superhero too. hanggang ngayon nanaginip pa rin ako na nakakalipad ako and with extra-ordinary strength and other abilities. hehe

    wait how do you know that devils cry too. hehe.
    gud thing your dad is always there to keep you on the right track! 🙂


    1. devils cry kase si allen devil yan! hehe. biro lang allen! hehe.

      baka naman nakakalipad ka talaga Mon? baka ayaw mo lang sabihin. hoho superhero ka rin Mon!


      1. mon devil do cry when they do something good 😀 saka ang demonyo laging umiiyak yan dahil nasa impyerno na sila, tama? 😀


  10. Parents are seen by their children as superheroes (I was like that) but not all parents turned out be superheroes. Some parents can even turn their children into villains, intentionally and unintentionally. That is why parenting is a hard, serious work and responsibility. One does need to have super powers to nurture a child to bring out him/her potential and be the person he/she ought to be. I am a parent and I know how my child looks up at me and yes, I still wish I have super powers. When I was younger I wanted to be like Jean Grey or Storm but now I am hoping to have the powers to heal a wounded soul (may ganun bang super hero, gusto ko yun) as well as the ability to protect my son from any kind of danger or harm. But I have limitations, I can only do what I am capable of. How I wish I do have super powers…


  11. Yay to Hero Complex! In saving the world one can actually turn out a villain. Realizing that we are not the general managers of the universe can be a hard blow for young, idealistic hearts. But it’s the truth. However, we can save the world the way we can, I guess you have found your method.


    1. Yay to Hero Complex disorder! Yup, i realized there are two sides of every story.

      Yup, let us start saving the world in any way we can!


    1. Hehe, masaya naman ako. i still need time for myself. being a superhero needs you to donate all your time to save millions of people. i think i don’t want to be a superhero to humanity, i just want to be a superhero to people close to me.


        1. bakit gising kapa at nakapagkoment kapa sakin? madaling araw na jan a hehehe. may nililigtas ka sa oras na ito? hehe


  12. to be a superhero is your good example to be followed even in simple things.
    your good conduct to everyone is already a super hero quality.
    Keep it up, or else, baka i sesante ka ng “Boss above”, hehe.


    1. oo nga, baka sisantihin tayo ni Bossing! hehe. i believe also that every people are superheroes in their own ways, simple things or big things!


  13. “I realized I can’t save the world but I realized I can save one soul. ”

    It’s worth just as much, if not more. 🙂

    Nice post!


  14. I was just now googling around about this when I came by your blog post. I’m only visiting to say that I truly enjoyed seeing this post, it is very clear and well written. Are you going to write more on this? It appears like there is more fodder here for future posts.


  15. “I realized I can’t save the world but I realized I can save one soul. That is the moment I wanted to become a father also. I wanted to raise a child. I yearn for a feeling that I would be able to save someone just like what my dad did.”>>>. great realization! these are the things that we should learn and im sure your readers will find it as a motivation. galing ah!


  16. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more often, you clearly have natural ability for blogging!


  17. arrived from otep’s LMM. dumarami ang nangangarap at dadagdag pa ko. you dreamt of becoming a superhero. i believe you have the power to make it come true. hindi yung power na tulad ng kay superman o sino mang superhero but the power of faith and perserverance 🙂


  18. Yon marahil ang problema nating mga tao, umaasa pa rin tayong darating si Darna, Captain Barbell,Dyesebel,Medussa at kung anu-ano pang produkto ng halusinasyon at malikot na diwa ng ating mga manunulat.

    Simpleng pagpapahalaga lamang sa buhay natin, ayos na yon, mas lalo na kung may isang taong titingalain ka at pwedeng ipagsabi ang kabutihang taglay mo.

    Hindi tayo natutulog sa paraiso,pero pwedeng maging kung matututo tayong magising sa reyalidad.


    1. Nakakatuwa talaga tong mga comment mo J. Kulisap! Hm, kailangan ko yatang ispam ang blog mo para makabawi man lang ako!

      Tumpak, magkaroon man lang tayo ng isang taong titingalain! kahit isa lang.


    1. Oo nga. kaso kung lahat superhero, sino ang ililigtas nilang normal human beings?! hehe. pag lahat superhero, ayoko na maging superhero!


      ako na lang iligtas nila!


  19. hindi pala ko nag comment dito hehe…

    sensya na ha di ko alam na kasali ka pala hehe joke lang hehe..

    love ko tong si ax eh hehe..

    pantay tayo eh ehhe..

    pareho tayong pam pito hehe..


  20. nakalimutan ko na sino nagjoke sa kin nito:

    pag binaril daw ang pating hindi raw tatalaban.

    “Patingggg! patinggg!!! patingggg!!!!”


            1. Ang sabi ni kuya Blu ako daw si Superspam, Spam Ranger, Spammerman. Hehe.

              Di ko rin talaga alam. Pangalanan na lang ako ng mga tao! Yay.

              Ang totoo, hindi cool magbigay ng pangalan sa sarili ko. Pero, napaisip ako sa tanong mo. Sasagutin ko to pag meron na akong naisip na pangalan! hehe.


  21. it’s true.. we can be a superhero in our own
    little ways…
    ikaw nga superhero ng carebears e.. don’t you know? he he he


  22. dahil kasali ka na sa semi-final para sa mga makakakuha ng damit na galing kay otep… eto na ang question mo…

    kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon maging itlog, ano ang pipiliin mo, itlog ng Pugo o itlog ng Bibi? at bakit?


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