Dad’s Resolve and My Bike

I’ve paved my way for Dad to buy me a bicycle. At what expense, I could hardly remember. For all I know, Dad wouldn’t give me something because I want it except for a robot, a kite, and a trumpo. But yeah, later in my life, he gave me a phone. Many times I have asked him a couple of things which he denied for no apparent reason. So the notion of my asking for a bicycle, back when I was six or seven years of age, is like requesting for my independence. That is what I thought then. And it is still what I think now.

Independence. Simply because I wanted to travel by myself around the neighborhood.

I have my point to telling you all of this. That one of my life-size glory experiences is learning how to ride a mechanical bicycle. That incident took place some time ago. Funny that I do not have a recollection of what my age was back then. Going back on that time frame, the whole thing, even the littlest unspecified object, is still lucid in my memory. Along with my cousins and my brother on the scenario, I underwent a grandeur life-learning ~and that is riding the two-wheeled human-powered vehicle. My dad taught me the formula of bicycling. I used the word ‘formula’ as that word best portray the process of problem solving but he did not teach me the complete process. What he instructed me is the basic rule of not falling.

Let us start my storytelling at that moment when I am holding the bicycle frame ~a feeling of an incalculable ecstasy of Dad’s trust that I can do things my own way. I am Euphoric. I am ready to hit the street 120 kilometers per hour. I must look absurd. And I like it. But hell ~I was scared. Damn, I am really frightened of things that might happen. Five minutes from that moment, I might be struck by a moving object that often the road. See myself rolling with blood and sweat. The ditch, I foresee myself swimming on the ditch. Fear enveloped me and..

Dad tapped me on the shoulder and somehow I’ve regained my courage.

“You know how to pedal, right? You know how to rear-end and you know how to use the brakes. What you are not familiar with is how to ride a bicycle. Well, Kiddo, I won’t be teaching you how to ride the bicycle.”

And my dad continued.

“I will teach you how to do balancing.” Dad paused, for awhile.

And what about balancing? I can stand unabashed with my foot. I can do the standing position onto the floor effortlessly. I can walk a non-slanting area without hitting the ground. So what about balancing?

“And you are on your own to discover how this thing works.”

My dad, who is holding the bicycle, has to let go of his grip. And that is when I realized ~the freedom of his grip entails my freedom to learn.

I managed to drive at least three meters away. Still, I fall ~big time with some scratches on my knees. Balancing is a little harder, I uttered. I got up, dusted myself, and held the bicycle frame once again.

I gaze at my Dad. But this time, I am no longer scared.


116 thoughts on “Dad’s Resolve and My Bike

  1. what a nice read! 🙂

    for my case I learned it by myself. i was ten. decided that i should learn it. after a few weeks, im riding my bicycle as if I was just breathing.


  2. nice post! well written. i started to bike as early as 4years old but it was still with two extra wheel. now i enjoy cycling on places that i visit. i did it in boracay and san pablo. my next plan is to do it in sagada. wanna join?


        1. Nope. there’s a Filipino in an expat position na nagpahiram sa akin ng bike. isang afternoon lang. kasi parang after-work gathering yun.

          and I biked in suit! ^__^

          I think I have posted that in FS.

          Masaya dun sa city centre may mga bike lanes talaga (they say Copenhagen is a bike city)


    1. ah! oks lang yun allen.

      your dad is up there, teaching some kids how to bike for sure. when you meet him for the next time, paturo ka. kudos to your dad. cheers!


  3. For days after getting my first bike I tried to drive the damn thing. They say that after your first painful fall that you will finally be able to do it. I’ve sported alot of fresh bloody scars by then and still I can’t drive.

    I’ve had alot of teachers too. My uncle, my aunt, my mother, my father… even my grandma; all were doing the same thing. Trying to push me until I somehow learn how to move the bike by pedalling without falling into a ditch. It’s not that I didn’t, but its just that if I did, I have this nagging instinct to break the fall. Your dad had a great perspective on bike training.

    And it got to the point that I have been in this stalemate against that contraption… going a few inches with the bike then stopping and trying to hold ground with my foot. Soon, it became frustrating not to mention stupid and I stopped for the night.

    The early morning after, I grabbed my bike and just go. It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve experienced and until now, I did not really know nor tried to explain to myself what happened that morning.

    Looking back, I realized it was the morning when I first learned to never really care about falling cause it just won’t get me anywhere than just frustrating myself. It is true that riding a bike means letting go of those fatherly grips, those fears of falling, and those secure balance by your left (or right) foot on the ground. That morning was one of the few mornings I met courage.

    Couragecraft shirts now available for pre-order!


    1. ayos. ayos sa comment! fauxx, alam mo ito na ang pinakamahabang comment na natanggap ko! salamat, salamat.

      that morning when you met courage, did you tell him to search me?


      1. wow. oo nga siguro. kasi ako i hate falling too at that time. i just know that I need to learn to balance first. then navigation naman.

        nung nakuha ko na yung balance, sa backyard ako ngba-bike na puro turns. okay naman. that will be the earliest project of my life that I can recall now.

        Hmmm, sa akin walang nagturo 😦 Wala man lang naghawak ng bike for my first try to balance.

        Ang ginawa ko nun, i slanted the training wheels slightly. so kapag nagb-bike ka nakaslant ka din tapos kapag may momentum na you try to straight the whole damn thing… hahaha. nice memories ^__^


  4. my dad never did teach me how to bike too. i’m the same with the people above! 🙂 oww. that’s touching. i imagine it, it’s great. 😀 someone you’re really closed to (considering that he’s ur father), and then he’s there ready to catch you if ever you’ll fall. great great! 😀

    anyway. new here. bloghops. 🙂 hahahaha..
    i know how to ride a bike. i can’t remember who taught me back then, though. 🙂


    1. i really have no photos riding a bike.. and so i searched my archives. i thought if this would be a series article, it will end in my pursuit of justice.


  5. naalala ko nung grade 2 ako, natuto ako magbike.. sariling-sikap. nung una isang paa lang i-papadyak ko habang yung kaliwang paa paminsan minsan nasa lupa.. hehe

    ur dad’s manner of teaching is good. parang tinuruan ka nyang hindi masyadong dependent. just like life itself, hindi habambuhay anjan sila. 🙂


  6. ..the fredom of his grip entails my freedom to learn…..
    there you was not about the bike after all.
    – it was about lessons to be learned in life.
    -it was about relationship
    -it was about letting go
    -it was about courage to confront our fears…

    ganda naman ng post na ito…


  7. It also took a great deal of courage for our parents to let go of their grip on us. They had to accept that only way for us to learn is for them to allow us to fall, and that is every parent’s fear.

    I learned how to ride quite late—when I was twelve, I guess. I was scared shitless of falling down and scarring myself, thus the delay. Some things are really learned just by doing, and when I look now at the scrape marks still somewhat visible on my elbows and knees, I smile and remember the ecstatic feel of the wind as I zoomed about my little hometown in my little blue bike.



  8. waw naman! 😀
    from a bicycle lesson, ended with a really great thought to ponder..hehe
    eniwey, mas masarap talagang matuto in our own way..lalo na kung may nagtitiwala sa iyo na kaya mo.. 😀


  9. The freedom of his grip entails my freedom to learn. -AX

    ang ganda ng pagkakasabi mo nyan ax. mas masarap na may nagtuturo pero mas masarap na makita ng isang magulang kung paano tayu magpursige para mas matuto pa


  10. Nice post Ax. Alala ko rin nung natuto ako mag-bike. Ang daming beses ko muna sumemplang bago ko narealize na dapat pala talaga hindi nakatingin sa gulong kundi sa pupuntahan. Hahaha..

    Ang saya kaya ng pakiramdam nung natuto ako mag-bike. Grabeh!


  11. I echo on Kat.

    I think parents intention is to help us make the most of our natural curiosity as a child. It’s an achievement for them that we learn something so that when we grow older, we can be independent.

    I think the bottom line there is that when parents give their children the support they need, expect them to do well (in school) and in life. I guess that’s what you Dad was teaching you for.

    But no, I don’t want to be controlled by machine, so I don’t know how to ride — a motorbike.


  12. my first time here… nice post!

    i couldn’t remember who taught me how to ride a bike pero ang alam ko lang, madalas akong masugatan noon dahil sa pagbagsak. there was even a time when i hit the wall big time at paa ko ang ginamit ko para mag-break. resulta, pumutok talaga yung hinlalaki ko sa paa at umuwi akong duguan. hehehe! pero OK lang, kasi natuto naman ako 😀

    btw, cool page 🙂


  13. i remember nung nag aaral pa din ako magbike…nung may umaalalay sa akin mas lalong hirap ako..puro semplang achuchuchu..pero nung mag isa ko inaral inpernes ambilis ko natuto..


  14. hmm…balancing and juggling life’s challenges din. basta kapit lang ng mabuti sa manibela para you can control your destiny. may sense ba?


    1. oo, may sense jak! actually, yan yung message ko talaga. not just about the bike process/problem.


      its about me facing life.


  15. you are the driver of your life, and you decide what path of life you will take…

    even though i never learned how to ride a bike, my parents taught me how to be a good driver of life…

    and of course, God knows the best path for you…


    1. haha. hindi yan, maaalala mo pa rin yun. nandyan na yan sa utak mo. kailangan mo na lang ulitin para maging fresh.

      wow, mutant ka pala. halimaw! wala man lang gasgas. dapat sa’yo eroplano na kaagad ang pinalipad!


  16. wow. may post din ako tungkol sa pagkatuto ko magbike! ang galing. yung experience mo with your dad, yung mga lessons, naexperience at natutunan ko sa mga kapatid ko. sila kasi nagturo sakin magbike. 🙂

    wala lang, natuwa lang ako. apir! 🙂


  17. hehehe naalala ko tuloy ung bike ko noong bata pa ako. kulay green xa.hehehe

    sa pagkakaalala ko wala nagturo sa akin. basta nisakyan ko na lang at sumemplang kung sumemplang. masagasaan kung ano masagasaan (god bless those poor chickens).

    and viola, marunong na magbike, madami pa peklat.


    1. Huwaw! Ako ata blue yung bike ko non. Di masyado maganda. Ang alam ko napaglumaan lang ng kung sino. Pero maayos para sa isang bata na tulad ko. Di naman ako mahilig sa magarbong bagay eh.

      At ang galing mo para walang magtuor sa’yo! Isa kang superhero! yay.

      may those chickens’ souls rest in peace.


  18. ako ax, hindi ako marunong magbike paturo naman..

    dati sinubukan ko pero ung balancing mahirap di ko alam kung ng ulo ko ang walang balance o ung pagpepeddal ko, sabi wag daw titingin sa ibaba, dertso lang daw tingin? ang hirap kaya.


    1. Aw. Di ka ba marunong magbike? Ako nga first time ko sa eroplano marunong na ako magpalipad.. Tsk. Galingan mo minsan bro! Haha.

      Oo nga, dapat derecho lang ang tingin.. pero dati i took it literally. hindi ako tumitingin sa gilid. haha.


  19. “My dad, who is holding the bicycle, has to let go of his grip. And that is when I realized.

    The freedom of his grip entails my freedom to learn.”

    ibig ba sabihin nito, nagsimula ka na ring i-let go ng daddy mo to experience things on your own? Parang ax, independent ka na mula ngayon. you can discover things without me, and on your own.


    1. Yep. Sort of, independent na ako.. But I am still living at my Dad’s house. Aw. Siguro ibig lang sabihin niyan na I can be on my own. Di ko na kailangan na komunsulta sa kanya masyado. Pwede na akong magdesisyon para sa sarili ko. Pwede ko na gawin ang mga bagay at hindi na kailangan magpaalam sa kanya..

      Yeah. I think, I am on my own.


    1. Yay, talaga Father Fiel? Hm. Gusto ko rin yung ‘Ang Pag-Ulan ng Bulalakaw’ ko. Haha. Hm, ano pa ba.. Lahat ata ng sinusulat ko gusto ko! Aw. Joke lang!

      Salamat, Father Fiel!


      1. kala ko nga eh eto ang ipo-post nya sa blog ko dahil dad-son bonding kuno. pero tingin nya pala sa blog ko eh tungkol sa boys who fall in love with boys.
        kidding aside, thanks for posting. looks like evryone enjoyed it.


        1. Haha. Pag marami akong videos (sana).. Kaso unti lang videos ko. Yung iba, sobrang nakakatawa. Pinapahiya ko na yung sarili ko. Parang tatanggalan ako ng lisensya pag nakita yun ng tao! Haha.

          Salamat Mr. Nonsense! Those ‘guys’ enjoyed it. Aw.


  20. wahahahaha naalala ko rin ung first time ko mag-aral na magbike. pinsan ko ang nagturo sa akin. never akong nasugatan o nagalusan man lang. pag nararamdaman ko na kasi na di ko na maibalance ang bike, tumatalon na ako…

    kaya in hindsight, natuto din akong maging stuntman. lol.


    1. Yay, safe ka pala magbike Father! Yung iba meron pang gulong sa gilid para di bumagsak! Pero mas masarap kapag yung bicycle talaga!

      Aw, now we know kung bakit mo napapanalo ang bawat contests sa mga pisikalan kalaban ang mga pari nung pumunta ka ng Basilan! Hehe.


  21. nainggit ako…di ako marunong mag bike…sinubukan pero sumuko din ako..
    pero namiss ko ang tatay ko dahil sa post na to…
    he tried to teach me, but lack of courage makes me to stop..
    madalas ba naman akong matumba, ayokong masugatan…scared to fall yet palaging ganun ang nangyayari.


    1. Wag kang sumuko.. Kase naniniwala ako na ang pagbi-bike ay isang requirement to survive kapag puno na ng zombies ang mundo natin! Promise.

      Nood ka ng Zombieland! Aabangan ko yown! Yay.


      1. cge nga, subukan ngang panoorin yang sinasabimong zombieland, baka mamotivate akong magpraktis ulit…waah! di kaya ako pagtawanan ng mga bata nito…sa edad ko ba naman ito ngayon lang ako magpapraktis ulit.


        1. movie yung Zombieland! Mukhang maganda! Para-mis! Hehe. Maganda rin yung Salt ni Angelina Jolie. Showing 2010.. Panoorin mo rin yung How to Train Your Dragon! hehe.


  22. ay susma! ngayon ka lang natutong magbisekleta? ingat ka at baka mabaog ka.
    ok i take that back….sige tuloy mong bisekleta sa express way. mas mabuti siguro kung mabaog ka.


    1. Yay. Bata pa lang ako Daddy nung tinuruan ako mag-bike! Ayun, medyo nakakatakot!

      Pero mas natakot ako nung tinuturuan ako magrollerblades. Aw. Pero fast learner ako kaya natuto kaagad ako! Haha.


  23. Bisikleta, may mga karanasan ako pero parang high school na yata ako ng matuto niyan.

    May laruan kami sa probinsya na matulin pa sa bisikleta, ito yong pinutol na tuyong dahon (palapa) ng niyog. Sa dahilig o hindi pantay na lugar ito ginagawa para umandara, pabulusok paibaba..dapat marunong kang magtumbling para di ka tumama sa puno o sa batong naglipana.

    Masarap magdiskubre ng mga bagay-bagay kapag bata ka pa, kapag hindi mo pa kilala ang takot.

    Salamat sa iyong tatay na gumabay at hayaan kang sakyan ang bisikleta.


    1. Natuwa ako sa “Masarap magdiskubre ng mga bagay-bagay kapag bata ka pa, kapag hindi mo pa kilala ang takot.”

      Antas ng buhay na hindi pa natin kilala ang takot. Ito ang kabataan. Hm, papahuli ba ako sa mga larong pambata. Meron din kami niyan.. Hindi nga lang dahon ng niyog ang ginagamit namin.. Minsan nga kahoy eh! Plywood kung plywood. Aw.


  24. ang daya porket dotcom c akso hnd xa na block s ofis..huhu… hnd ko 2loy mabisita cna daddy en oders…anyways,

    eto b ung cnsbi mo sken b4 about s pag give up or still fight back? this is just like a parable dat says, “u shud not be giving a man a fish but rather, teach them how to catch fish..”

    oha oha… 😆


    1. Haha. Hm, sayang naman.. Di ka na nakakadalaw sa mga WP-ers at sa BS-ers. Aw. Sige, backread ka na lang ng pwede mong i-back read dito! Haha. Ow, marami pala ang mga dotkomista.

      Oha, oha! Gumaganown ka pa oh! Ito ba yun.. Hindi ito yon. Oo, alam ko hindi ito yon. Ibang artic yown.


      1. uo nga eh! kht blog ko hnd ko ma update! awts..

        anyweiz, way back ung pinakauna kong post, i ask, are u willing to give up wen ders no left hope back or ur gonna give it a try and say, i can do it? u comment about this bike ek ek and ur dad..and dats my very 1st post…

        ayown..mga twice a wik or less nlng ang bisita ko sknila bka kc mgtampo cla ikw lng nabibisita ko, at pra ky daddy na iniintriga tau, for the record, ang mga dotcomers lng ang pwde s ofis..wg ng mg inarts.. 😆


    1. Oks lang yan! Turuan kita magbike? Girls riding bike in mini skirts! aw. Haha. Biro lang! Hehe, yung four-wheeled, yung meron sa likod? Oh, yakang yako mo rin ang side car!


  25. minsan ‘yong akala nating pinabayaan na tayo yun pala yong pagkakataon natin para matuto.

    ganda ng post mo na to ax. hanga din ako sa way ng pagtuturo ng father mo. 🙂


  26. A friend taught me how to ride a bike. Itinulak nya lang ako and there I was… sa kanal. haha

    My tatay taught me how to swim. =) Same thing, at first he was just holding me above the water, me doing the flutter kicks. Tapos lubog-ulo without drinking the water. Tapos treading na. When he felt siguro na I was ready, ayun, he let go.

    “For us to learn, we have to let go of comfort and for them to learn, we have to let them go.”

    Okay ax, sayaw ka na! Bawal ang drama.


    1. Sasayaw ako.. Dapat naka-video. Hm, yung song ni Haydn. Aw. Hindi, yung kay Lady Gaga na lang. Hehe.

      Hm, ako naman my uncles and cousins taught me how to swim. Panalo. Muntik na akong mamatay. At eto, nakakapag float na ako. Dapat may salbabida nga lang! Aw!


    1. I think it’s every father’s rule that they have to let go of their ‘too-much-protective-attitude’ towards their kids. It’s probably a fatherly instincts that they know what’s best for their children! ;}

      And thanks for this comment!


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