Funny Ways and One Karma


let’s talk about man’s  funny ways and this karmanic universe!

let me share you a story about a writer.

this writer fell in love. he fell in love with a girl-from-another-town. so every minute, he writes poems and letters. he would write about the clouds. he would storytell his bittersweet experiences. he would compose essays of affection. he would create katagas and love songs. he would write it on a piece of paper and would mail it to the girl-from-another-town.

everyday, the writer awaits the mailman and would instruct the mailman to give his letters to the girl-from-another-town.

the mailman is good and kind. and he would always do what the writer would tell him. he would always give the writer’s letter to the girl-from-another-town. 

and so, the girl from another town would also write letters for the writer. she will send this through the mailman.

but after some months, the girl-from-another-town stopped writing to the writer.

the writer, still hopeful, would wait for the mailman if he has any letters. but he would always has none. the writer then heard the news that the girl-from-another-town fell in love with the mailman who brings the writer’s letters.

funny? sad?

i heard this story long ago. but thinking about it, i can’t seem to storytell it to you guys.


12 thoughts on “Funny Ways and One Karma

  1. yeah, men should not use “bridges” in courting. we have to swim, to get there! anyway, have you watched LOVE IN TIME OF CHOLERA? It’s a funny film. You will get to know a man who lives for love. LOL. Love should be in this category my friend, for it is 100 percent weird.


  2. Ha, ha, ha…I find this funny anyway that is life do not expect others to do something for you that you can do yourself because if you do then you should be prepare for the end results. 🙂


  3. simple and easy never ask someone to do things for you.. kung kaya mo naman bat d ikaw!! hmf..

    Masarp ung buhay na pinaghirapan mo kesa ung buhay nag pinaghirapan ng iba.. (ano ka sABIT!!)



  4. “Now tell us what happened to you,” Angelina said, and snuggled down to hear a good story. “I’m dying to find out what this thing is they had on your neck and why in heaven you are wearing that awful transparent suit.”


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