Ang Pagpasok sa Mundo ng Isang Bata

Naglalayag ang aking pamangkin sa isang lugar kung saan siya lamang ang tanging bida kasama ng kanyang mga tauhan na pinintahan gamit ang krayola.

Nagtanong ako– ang sabi mo ay lumilipad ka.  Nakakatuwa. Dahil tila sa katayuan ko ngayon ay hindi ko na muling magagawa pang lumipad gamit ang aking isipan. Ni hindi ko na kayang magtiwala sa aking imahinasyon na ipunta akong muli sa lugar na ginawa ng aking kamusmusan noong walong taong gulang pa lamang ako.  Sino na kaya ang nagmamay-ari ng planetang pinagtiyagaan kong buuin gamit ang oras na hinaluan ng haraya? Naaalala ko na, noon ako rin ay nakalilipad. Ngayon, sino na kaya sa mga batang aking nakikita sa lansangan ang nakatira na sa lugar na pinupuntahan ko tuwing titingala ako sa langit?

Sino na ang kausap ng aking matalik na kaibigan na hindi nakikita ni Inay? Ano na kaya ang bagong pangalan ng aking imaginary besfrend na noon ay lagi kong kausap tuwing haharap ako sa dingding, tuwing matutulog, o tuwing maglalaro.  Nasaan na kaya ang lumilipad na palasyo na aking nakikita tuwing titingala ako sa langit habang papalubog ang araw? Sino na ang nakikipaglaro sa aking anino ng bato-bato-pik?

Nasaan na ang tamang daan upang makarating muli ang isang tulad ko sa mundo ng alapaap kasama ang mga paro-parong nagliliwanagan na may iba’t ibang kulay? Nasaan na ang kweba na lagi kong pinagtataguan tuwing darating ang mga kalabang UFO at halimaw? 

Marahil magsisimula ako sa bugtong ng pakikipaglaro sa mga bata.


At matututunan ko ulit ang paglipad.

Rummage Around


You told me long time ago that you just needed someone to talk to… you just desired someplace where you can hide and bury the things you wish to be forgotten. And that you just fancy for a friend.

I still commit to memory when you first ask me what my name is. And I can still picture out– every single breath– I told you that my name is You. How weird you didn’t act in response to that query and that your counter whisk is to smile. May I know how much in extent you really know me because in each degree I move my psyche, you seem to perceive what my thoughts are?

I want to obtain answers from you. Answers that would create lucid facts of who I really am.

Would you be kind enough to bring me back in my world.

Your second personality,



Oblivion ask me to bring back time.

Funny Ways and One Karma


let’s talk about man’s  funny ways and this karmanic universe!

let me share you a story about a writer.

this writer fell in love. he fell in love with a girl-from-another-town. so every minute, he writes poems and letters. he would write about the clouds. he would storytell his bittersweet experiences. he would compose essays of affection. he would create katagas and love songs. he would write it on a piece of paper and would mail it to the girl-from-another-town.

everyday, the writer awaits the mailman and would instruct the mailman to give his letters to the girl-from-another-town.

the mailman is good and kind. and he would always do what the writer would tell him. he would always give the writer’s letter to the girl-from-another-town. 

and so, the girl from another town would also write letters for the writer. she will send this through the mailman.

but after some months, the girl-from-another-town stopped writing to the writer.

the writer, still hopeful, would wait for the mailman if he has any letters. but he would always has none. the writer then heard the news that the girl-from-another-town fell in love with the mailman who brings the writer’s letters.

funny? sad?

i heard this story long ago. but thinking about it, i can’t seem to storytell it to you guys.

No One can See the Beginning of Time

“Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back. What if you got it back?” – shared to me by my cousin who is reading “For One More Day” by Mitch Albom.


No one can see the beginning of time: that is the universal law.

I’ll be the biggest fan of someone who will be faithful in investing his time and money just to invent a time machine. Anyone who has the reverie in discovering the secrets of warpholes and portkeys and realms of the unknown just to correct his mistake from the past.

But to time travel and to play the game of the Gods in maneuvering destiny, verve and space is not a ground zero anymore. It would be an offense to go reverse time. It would be a crime to travel the future.

But if I can, then I will. I’ll control the world through my hands. I will draw the history and conduct the future of how I want it to be. I will travel flipside and backside time.

And if all these for the price of death, it’s okay with me.

I will risk.
I will risk for someone.

Ow, I discern what you desire to utter?

**Life is influence by the laws of the universe.