The Liar Must Die

The Game

One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. Every twilight, as the rabbits fell asleep, the wolf would transfigure to his natural form. Night by night, one by one, the wolf would kill and eat a rabbit. The rabbits not knowing which the wolf was, arranged a meeting, to catch the murderer. The tribunal decides to kill the one amongst them who they believed to be the wolf. If they choose correctly, the rabbits win. If they were wrong, the Wolf will get to eat a rabbit each night. This is the story of such a game.

This is a game by Tonogai Yoshiki and it kept hunting me for days.

I wanted to play this game, but there should be an arbiter, so I will act as one. For those who want to play this game, register on the comment section. You have until midnight to register or until we meet a certain number of players. At least 10-12.

These are the rules: The arbitrator, Me, will choose who will get to be The Wolves. I will choose two wolves and the rest are gonna be rabbits. Will only get 10 to 12 players so this won’t take forever. We will have a lapse of time for every election. All the participants will decide who should be hanged. If they were chosen to be hanged, they will gain the ‘Dead’ status.

Non-players of the current game will be cats. They will add evidences whom they think are the Wolves. So everyone can participate. Once we completed all 12 players, I will decide who the Wolves are, and we will continue to play the game.

My advise, you should not lie. And all of you should act in the capacity that everyone is a Wolf.

So doubt everyone.


Here are the election periods:

July 5, Monday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 1 VOTE.
July 6, Tuesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged mercilessly.
July 7, Wednesday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged on the highest tree.
July 8, Thursday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTES. Two rabbits will be hanged before midnight.
July 9, Friday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.
July 10, Saturday, until 10:30pm. You may cast 2 VOTE.

Updates on Players

Joyo = Joyo (Blogger) = RABBIT
Tagabundok = Danilo (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT
Mar = Taympers (Blogger) = WOLF
Fauxx = Gus (Full time Part-timer) = WOLF


Bx = Bxjubahji (Writer) = HYENA, The tribunal decided that he should die.
Ella = Mariaellabhi (Accountant) = RABBIT, hanged using vintage necktie.
Vajarl = Vajarl (Psychologist) = RABBIT, beaten and hanged under the ceiling with a blood note that says, “Please be the Wolf.”
Slaveboi = Lovekillsboi (Blogger) = RABBIT
, Death by hanging mercilessly.
Allen = Allen (Student) = WOLF, the Rabbits created an underground alliance?
Shea = Shea (Blogger) = RABBIT
, hanged on the highest mango tree whose fruits become sour and bitter.
Muffie = Muffieshannen (Bum) = RABBIT
, tortured and was eaten by a Wolf.
Wolf = Jayr (Executive Officer) = RABBIT, slaughtered, by an Uncanny Wolf, in the basement.
Jason = Jason Hamster (IT Consultant) = RABBIT, hanged and asphyxiated.
Bons = Sir Bons (Overseas Pinoy Worker) = RABBIT, his carcasses were eaten by a Wolf.
Sows = Sows (Blogger) = RABBIT
, killed by a Wolf leaving only bloody pieces behind.
Monz = Monz (Call Center Agent) = RABBIT, pushed at the edge of the roof with a rope on his neck.
Drei = Endrei (Artist) = RABBIT, heart and liver was taken by a Wolf.

I didn’t expect the turn of events at the finale of this Rabbit Doubt Game. That’s lotsa suspense on my part given the fact that I know who the Rabbits and the Wolves are. The decisions of all players added thrills to the game. To make the story short, a Wolf won the game and there, before the curtain closed, a plotted genocide had taken place.

First of all firsts, I wanted to thank all the players for playing. And thanks to everyone for taking this lightly and sporty.

Let’s start with Tagabundok. He might have lost some precious information of what took place in this game although he gathered up the pieces of what transpired on the previous murders and election. On the last election, he made a decision that the two players he is voting for ‘are’ the Wolves. He’s somewhat imminent for the Rabbits’ victory but the cooperation of another Rabbit will greatly affect everything. And Tagabundok does not know who the other Rabbit is. Well, somewhat close, I must say, but he had compounded his near-death by making one judgment error and casting his first vote to Joyo. Tagabundok’s character was killed on the plotted genocide.

Then there is Joyo who all throughout the game was controlled by a Wolf. It really amuses me that she had not clasp the intentions of this specific person and thus, go forth believing that she will be saved if she had an alliance with someone. All eleven of her votes she casted turns out to be wrong. Joyo had killed the most number of Rabbits in this game. Given her wrong turns and decisions, I want to recognize her for taking time to think with regards to the finale election. She captured one Wolf and that’s magnificent given the probability of 33.33% error. But for this scenario, there’s no room for mistakes, and by voting Tagabundok as one of the Wolves, she already killed herself. P.S.: Message by the Wolf: “I’d like you to relay this message to Joyo who will be a victim of my fangs. I had fun playing with you. I killed you not because you’re a rabbit, I did it because I don’t want to prolong your agony. You’re such a good rabbit but a fool one.” P.S.S.: To clear things up, Joyo was not killed by a Wolf, she is killed on the genocide party having the highest vote on the finale.

Fauxx. As what the name implies, a fake and imitation. I know Fauxx will dust himself even though I mapped his death at the beginning of the game. As you remember, Bx had put a lot of weight on Fauxx’ shoulders when Bx accused Fauxx (laying evidences that he is a Wolf). I intentionally planned that part of the game as I know Fauxx/Gus will come out of it alive. To those who does not know Gus, he is one of the person I really look up to since high school. I am actually waiting for a clash between Fauxx/Gus versus Wolf/Jayr on this game, but it seems Jayr’s too busy the past few days or this game does not interest Jayr. ;] Anyways, I am shocked about Gus’ plans at the finale. He thought of an exit plan and I am amazed that Fauxx had survived every election inb4 he is a Wolf. Fauxx’ character died on the genocide party being betrayed by another Wolf.

The last character, Mar/Taympers. Mar had infiltrated and pioneered the second alliance of this game. He had gathered the remaining bloggers, used them to his advantage and killed those who he thinks will thwart him to be the sole survivor on this Rabbit Doubt Game. He murdered everyone whom he thinks will be of no use to him, manipulated other characters by controlling their votes, and acted perfectly on the job assigned to him. Honestly speaking, I tried to balance the Rabbit’s advantage by using Bx (I casted Bx’ votes instead of my Dad) to kill one of the Wolves (Allen) and to kill Jason, one of Mar’s secret alliance. Mar on the other hand flawlessly eliminated Bx’ and Drei’s character out of the game. Mar no longer needs to murder any one as he is ‘the’ Invictus and the only survivor in this game. Well played.

The choices. The search for a Wolf put me on a lot of stress. ;] I really tried to choose the perfect Wolves for this game as they will spice up each moment.  I thought of picking Vajarl instead of Mar, Jason instead of Allen, and Jayr/Wolf instead of Gus/Fauxx. Looked at all perspective and decided that it would be Mar, Allen and Fauxx. I sure had lots of fun, too. And I think I made the right choices. Thanks again guys!

Eureka on Dad’s Notebook

Proposition:  my joy,

Since i could not avail myself with any opportunity i then could only writtenly express myself to you… for occasion seems to be hostile to the intention which i have longed to impart.  Also, sometimes a feeling of hesitation comes within me for i could foresee the consequences of this revelation, if, by chance, you’ll take this act of mine as a mere joke of my love ventures.  Nevertheless, to keep this instinctive emotion only by myself will no doubt lead me to nowhere.

In the past years of my life, never have i known a person of such character as you have.  i’m very proud to have met a person like you.  In a manner of speaking, it seems to me that i have already known you for a very long period of time, even if we have met and have known each other for only a short period, ago.

…it may be surprising but i think i’m in love with you… i don’t just think that i am in love with you but i know and i am certain that i do.  this must be surprising to you, but it surprised me also when i came to think that i was missing you than what i shoud have felt naturally.

Very surprising indeed.  But isn’t love very noble? to fall in love is not to like someone for her brains or beauty alone but it is in its true sense – self giving which is primarily based on trust and understanding.


**This is composed by my Dad, probably, when he was on his teenage years. I guess nineteen years of age or probably early twenties. I really do not know. Grammars are not edited to preserve originality of what my Dad wanted to express to the recipient/s of this letter. I found his notebook while cleaning the house years ago.. Didn’t tell him about it and up until now, I claimed it to be my possession. He probably didn’t know until today that I do have his three notebooks, and I am not going to tell him anyway. It was weird, back teenage years, I also do not capitalize my ‘I’ when writing.. And yes, this isn’t a letter for my Mom. I asked Mom if this was for hers, she said it’s not. She said it’s for my Dad’s ex. Mom’s answer is without jealousy and envy.. So probably, that’s what love is. Self giving, trust and understanding.

Wander To the Moon and Back

I would turn on the radio, search for a classical or a mellow station. I would close the lights and lie on my bed. I would look into the ceiling until my mind travels somewhere place. Slowly, ‘that’ part of me is drifting away. Wandering aimlessly to a portion of space. Whatever surrounding me becomes intangible. The light and darkness and every colors become haste. Then a phantasm of surreal objects emerges. Time ticking and I no longer hear the music.. I no longer feel my bed.. I was drawn-out away from my room.


I am Nowhere.

Believe me, when you are already on that ‘nowhere place,’ it’s dang hard coming back to reality. But why would you dare escape a realm so serene and pacific? For a minute, I won’t allow myself to leave that enchanted place.

But for another minute, I will argue with myself.

I have to get back to my reality, as this place was not meant to be mine. I shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Little by little, it becomes dark. Slowly, I would feel my back lying on my bed. The volume of the radio getting clearer.. Coming back into my senses, I would realize I am on that familiar place, my bedroom.

I would find myself staring at the ceiling.. and I’ll ask myself again for the thousandth times, ‘why did I return?’

Bakit Mas Mahaba ang kay Kuya

(This article by Akso Rojas won BlogSikat (english trans. BlogFamous) in Saranggola Blog Awards 1999.)

Mahaba ang gabi. Pumipikit. Padilim nang padilim!

Paunti-unting nasisilaw ang aking mga mata nakapikit man ang mga ito. Umaga na pala. Kailangan nang bumangon ng isang bata. Ako si Kaito, limang taong gulang, at paborito ko ang araw ng Sabado!

Bumangon na si Kuya kaya bumangon na rin ako! Sinundan ko si kuya papunta sa palikuran at kitang kita ko–mas mahaba ang kay kuya! Nagtaka ako kung bakit mahaba ang kay kuya kumpara sa akin. Bakit mas mahaba ang toothbrush niya? Pero masaya pa rin ako dahil magkasabay kaming nagtoothbrush ni kuya, paramihan kami ng bula at paputian ng ipin.

Kainan na! Ang aking baso na puno ng gatas at ang aking pinggan na mayroong tinapay! Kakainin ko na ang aking tinapay nang mapansin kong bakit mas mahaba yung tinapay ni Kuya? Oo, sinukat ko! Napakadaya naman. Napakarami kong gutom ngunit mas mahaba pa rin ‘yung kay Kuya. Pero nagdasal pa rin ako dahil mayroon kaming pagkain ni Kuya.

Tinawag ako ng mga kapitbahay ko! Maglalaro daw kami ng tagu-taguan. Saan kaya ako magtatago? Ah! Alam ko na. Magtatago ako sa likod ng bakod namin nang makita ko si Kuya habang naglalaro sila ng basketbol. Gusto ko na tuloy maglaro ng basketbol para magkakampi kami ni kuya.

“Boom Kaito!”

Yay. Hindi ko namalayan na naghahanapan na pala.

Ngunit tinawag ako ni Mommy. Sabi ni Mommy, “Kaito, kailangan mo na mag-aral kung paano magbasa.” Bakit ganun? Mas mahaba ang oras ng paglalaro ni Kuya. Bakit ako na maliit ay kailangan pa mag-aral? Ayoko na nga magtagu-taguan o mag-langit lupa. Ayoko na rin kumain ng tinapay. Ayoko na rin magtoothbrush. Bakit lagi na lang si Kuya ang pinapaboran?

“Mommy, bakit mas mahaba ang toothbrush ni Kuya?”

“Kaito, kase mas matanda si Kuya kaysa sa iyo.”

“Daddy, bakit mas mahaba ‘yung tinapay ni Kuya?”

“Alam mo Kaito, mas malaki si Kuya kaya kailangan niya ng mas maraming pagkain!”

Ganoon ba ang sukatan? Kapag mas malaki at mas matanda, mas mahaba na ang kay Kuya? Ganito ba talaga ang tunay na buhay.. Nakakalungkot naman na sa ganitong paraan ko napagtanto ang bawat bagay. Hindi ba pantay ang pagmamahal ni Daddy at ni Mommy sa akin at kay Kuya. Siguro nga mas mahaba ang kanilang pag-aalala kay Kuya kaysa sa akin.

Nakatitig ako sa bintana namin at dumating si Kuya.

“Bakit ka malungkot, Kaito?”

“Eh kase, mas mahaba ang toothbrush mo. Mas mahaba ang tinapay mo. Mas mahaba ang oras mo ng paglalaro. Mas mahal ka nila Mommy at Daddy.”

Inakbayan ako ni kuya. Tumatawa. Napabuntong-hininga.

“Kumuha ka ng diyaryo, ng walis tingting. Kukuha ako ng pisi at ng pandikit.”

At kinuha ko ang mga sinabi ni Kuya. Dalawang pisi ang kinuha niya. Ang isa ay mas mahaba at ang isa naman ay mas maikli. Siguro sa akin ‘yung mas maikli.

Tinititigan ko si Kuya habang nagmamaniobra ng mga papel. Ang galing galing niya kahit hindi ko alam kung ano ang ginagawa niya. Para siyang inhinyero.

“Kaito, tapos na! Tera, pumunta tayo sa labas at paliparin natin itong mga ‘to. Heto ang sa iyo. Mas mahaba ang pisi na gagamitin mo. Eto ang sa akin, maikli lang.”

“Kuya, bakit?” ng may halong pagtataka. “Bakit mas mahaba ang pisi ko kaysa sa iyo?”

“Mas mahaba ang sa iyo para makarating ito ng langit! Kaito, tera na. Paliparin na natin itong mga saranggola,” napatigil siya at nagwika, “Kaito, ako ang Kuya mo. Mas malaki ako at mas matanda ako sa iyo. Kung mahaba ang pagmamahal mo sa akin, mas mahaba ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo. Bilang Kuya, aalagaan kita at proprotektahan kita. Pag ikaw ay naging kuya na rin, gagawin mo rin ito ha.”

Time Capsule Will Be Hidden in the Meteor Warp Galaxy

Note: This was originally posted on June 22, 2010.

Write anything you want to write that will transcend through time. I wish this could journey through eternity but I know it won’t. But that won’t halt me from doing something even if it’s not forever-ish.

Anyways, the service of this time capsule has a limited lifespan. With that credence, this will ‘technically’ expire the day after this is published or the moment before the day ends. Let me explain further ~I will sleep in about an hour and probably will slumber for about eight hours and the first thing I will do the moment I wake up is republish this article to its next schedule.

That simple ~give your message to the future.

To your future self. To any one you have not met yet. To the world after some years. To someone who is not even born yet. Or to the next president after the 15th.


Anyone from the future.

This would be open again on August 22, 2010; September 26, 2010; December 28, 2010; January 28, 2011; April 30, 2011, September 10, 2011, October 11, 2012, November 12, 2013, December 13, 2014, May 10, 2015, February 29, 2016; and October 15, 2020. All Philippine time.

To all the dates that were not included, then this time capsule will not be visible.

I hope I can make it on 10/15/20.

I should make it! We all should make it.

Future, wait for us!

Tumilapon Ako sa Motor at Nagka-Amnesia Chandelier

Gugustuhin ko pa nga bang maalala ang malaking piraso ng buhay ko kahit hindi kaaya-aya ang mga ‘yon?! Minsan na akong tinanong ng isang pader tungkol sa usapin ng “alaala.” Kolehiyo ako no’n. Sa restroom ng university namin na pinamamahayan ng mga kakaibang nilalang, habang nakatayo kaharap ang isang makapangyarihang sinaunang imbensyon na humihigop ng iba’t ibang elemento para ipunta sa dako paroon—ang kubeta ng third floor. Habang umiihi, kaharap ang pader na puno ng sikreto at vandal ay nabasa ko ang tanong na babago sa aking hairstyle:

“Kung makakapagsimula ka ng panibagong buhay kapalit ng pagkawala ng iyong mga alaala, tatanggapin mo ba?”

Lumingon muna ako sa likod at nang makitang walang tao, kinuha ko ang isang asul na marker sa bulsa ng pantalon ko. Alam kong bawal pero natalo ako ng pagnanasang sagutin ang tanong na inihahain ng mahiwagang pader. Pagkatapos ng insidenteng ‘yon, ilang araw rin na sumirko-sirko sa aking utak ang palaisipan ng pader.

Dahil do’n, inalala ko ang aking unang alaala. Ng aking sinaunang langhap, haplos, tikim, kinig, at titig. Medyo phantasmagoric ang approach pero pinilit kong balikan—nagising ako nang nakahiga sa kama katabi ang isang robot na laruan. Hindi ko matandaan kung ilang taon ako no’n. Tatlo o apat? Pero hindi na ’yon mahalaga. Ang importante ay ‘yun ang pinakaunang alaala ko na nabubuhay ako sa mundo. Nakahiga ako sa kama kaharap ang kisame, masyadong mataas para sa batang katulad ko pero masyadong mababa para sa mga butiking umiistambay sa liwanag ng lightbulb. Malambot na kumot ang bumabalot sa aking katawan, matamis ang simoy ng umaga, at tahimik ang pagpasok ng hangin mula sa bintana. Doon ko napagtanto na simple lang ang pagiging isang bata. Pinakakomplikado na ang makabasag ng baso at makagat ng aso.

Bukod sa alaalang ‘yon, wala na akong ibang gunitain na mas tatanda pa roon. Napapatanong tuloy ako sa sarili ko kung meron bang isang tao na nakakaalala na lumalaki siya sa sinapupunan ng kanyang ina nang mahigit kumulang siyam na buwan? Meron kayang isang nilalang na natatandaan ang kahit milisegundong pangyayari noong iniluluwal siya dito sa mundo? Siguro naman kahit sinong mortal ay walang alaala ng kanyang unang araw ng kapanganakan. Deleted na sa internal memory ng hard disk at wala na rin sa recycle bin ng utak.

Siguro ay ninanakaw ng isang imortal na nilalang ang alaala ng isang tao para bigyan ng misteryo ang buhay nito. Misteryo katulad na lang ng tanong na: “what happens after this lifetime?” Magsisimula ang tao sa paghahanap ng mga kasagutan at siya ay maaaliw sa hiwaga na bumabalot kung saan siya nagmula at kung saan ang susunod niyang paglalakbay. Malilibang siya sa mga kaaliw-aliw na pangyayari sa mundo kaso madidiskubre niya na may dead-end ang paghahanap ng mga kumplikadong sagot ng kalawakan.

Dahil kahit anong pilit pa ang gawin natin upang malaman ang mga bagay bagay na inaakala nating kukumpleto sa “puzzle game” na nilalaro ng bawat isa sa atin ay lalo lang gumugulo at mas nagiging kumplikado ang mga tanong na bumabagabag sa ating utak tuwing makakadiskubre tayo ng panibagong sagot. Kung malalaman lang natin kung saan tayo nanggaling bago tayo napadpad sa mundong ‘to o kung malalaman lang natin kung anong klaseng lugar ang naghihintay sa atin kapag nakilala na natin si Kamatayan, siguro hindi magiging exciting ang pakikipagsapalaran natin habang nabubuhay pa tayo.

Yung simpleng “wala tayong alam” ang dahilan kung bakit ang bawat isa sa atin ay nagpapatuloy mabuhay. Ang pagiging inosente natin sa kumplikadong proseso ng kalawakan ang rason kaya patuloy tayo sa pagtuklas. At ang kawalan natin ng impormasyon kung saan tayo pupunta pagkatapos ng lahat ng ito ang nagpupugad sa ating takot, galak, at tibay ng loob.

Minsan iniisip ko kung nasaan na ang mga alaala na nawawala? Mayroon kayang lugar na pinatutunguhan ang lahat ng pangyayaring nilimot na ng panahon? At pwede ko pa bang makuha ang alaala na ninakaw sa akin? Saan ko naman ito hahanapin? At paano?

Basta. Ang alam ko lang, nagising ako na nakahiga sa kama katabi ang isang robot na laruan. Mga tatlo o apat na taong gulang ako no’n. Nakaharap ako sa kisame, na inaakala kong langit, kung saan tumatagos ang pagkakatitig ko patungong kalawakan.

Flobberkite. Firehippo. Facebook.

Snagglepuss. Shakaram. Krakabang. You cannot judge me on what I post in FaceBook.

Just because.

And because I’m a totally different person there. In there, I share creepypasta that I have already read in /x/ 2 years ago. I post photo of me taken on my cousin’s wedding way back 2005. I am a pop-art lover. I am a nice, sweetie boy who ultra likes at every post on my timeline. I share magic trick videos of a guy conjuring reptiles on his hand. I’m a polite, guy-next-door/website that few people love to hate.


If you want to see what my shat is made of, then go stalk my Pinterest account where I pin cuddly, adorkable animals on one board and Men’s fashion on another. Or visit my Google+ where my narcissistic persona made a trap circle confining my vanity spirit and self-absorbed id. And yes, you are welcome to go to my Twitter account where I harass employees of a Telecom Company.


Abandon All Hope

Rewatching Supernatural‘s episode entitled, “Abandon All Hope.”

I have this attachment with Jo’s character BECAUSE she pursued being a hunter despite her Mom’s negation of every-thing-hunter-ish. Take note that her parents are both hunters. INB4: Parents’ fear of their child dying first before them. Still, Jo left the Roadhouse to live the life of a hunter.  But there is this personality of Jo that I am drawn to– her willingness to try despite failing. As you may not know, Jo is not an A Class Hunter. Most of her life growing up was spent under the roof of The Roadhouse. She serves as a waitress, and, sometimes, a poker player.  Her skills are average. Yes, she can kick some ass like when she took the gun from Dean single-handedly. But she is also prone to being kidnapped like that time when she was taken by an angered spirit who fancy blonde girls.  But that is what I like about Jo. She is just an average hunter with average skills. Nevertheless, she tried and became a hunter. She may not be the best in town but she did it. She hunted whatever it is that needs to be hunted.

Her first appearance in Season 2 made me look forward for ‘that’ kiss with Dean Winchester. But as the season progresses, Jo’s character cannot/is not meant to be the love interest for Dean. (Writer Kripke admitted the conception of the character was flawed from the beginning.)

‘The’ kiss finally happened in Season 5 (in the episode Abandon All Hope) after the invisible Hell Hounds attack Jo. For me, it is important. That they kissed. That it actually happened. And I do not need to imagine both of them kissing because the series won’t allow it. It is important for me– because that is ‘the’ moment I have waited for (for) three seasons.

Sickeningly saddening, ‘the’ kiss took place right before Jo’s death.


BTW, later in the series, Jo’s character (will) return(s) [in the episode “Defending Your Life”]. But mostly as a secondary character slash filler slash closure-type only. As much as I really like to revive/keep her in the Supernatural universe, I must decline because one must show respect even for fictional characters. Yea, Jo Harvell deserved my respect because [redacted: you need to watch the episode or prolly the full series].

My Kind of Thursday

May application ako kahapon (Thursday) sa “isang” Catholic College. Logically, tabi lang ng isang simbahan ‘yun. Pang professional ‘yung get-up ko at habang inaayos ko ‘yun kwelyo ko eh na-miss ko ‘yung isang step sa tapat ng Accounting Department. Ayun, lumipad ako ng three meters. At bumangon uli. Muntik pa ako mapilayan. Narating ko ang HR Department nila sa tulong ng GPRS ng phone ko. After ng interview–uwian na.

Narealize ko na gusto ko pala makarinig ng sermon kase di pa ako nakakasimba nitong mga nakaraang linggo. Eh since tabi lang ng school ‘yung simbahan, I filled my hopes up.  

Swakto XD

May misa. Sinilip ko, konti lang ang tao. Dahan dahan akong pumasok (syempre naka-formal attire ako eh). Sa gitna ako naglakad para kunyari entourage. May mga tao sa bandang likod pero gusto ko sana sa harap para marinig ‘yung sermon ni Father. Kasalukuyang kumakanta ng something something kaya naglakad lang ako nang marahan.

Nakatingin lang ako sa altar habang naglalakad kase ang solemn ng kanta eh.

Nang malapit na ako sa harap mismo– putek na ‘yan. Nakita ko may kabaong. Misa pala para sa patay. Gusto ko matunaw. Nakita ‘ata ako ng mga kamag-anak. Curious siguro sila kung sino ako at anong relasyon ko sa namayapa na. HUHUHUHU.

Isa pang putek. Thursday pala kahapon. Di ko narealize. Minsan na lang makapagsimba eh no ganito pa ang nangyari XD

Master your Craft

Akso Rojas Typoetry Master Craft

One thing I learned today is that there are people who sickeningly steal other people’s work just to add glory to their names.

If you are an artist and this happens to you, and may God forbid, all you need to do is harness ‘that gift’ that people are desperately stealing from you. This will not be easy– but you have to continue your craft. Endure all the sleepless nights. Withstand every pain. Bear each criticisms. If you are a writer, you must write even if you have to use your blood as your ink. If you are a painter, you must paint even at times of blackouts. If you are a dancer, you must dance even in sore soles.

Aside from this, you have to speak up and claim what is rightfully yours to begin with. Even if people are doubtful of your ability. Even if you are afraid. Even if you gain enemies.

But above all these, you must believe that you can pass the phase of not-wanting-to-continue-just-because-someone-stole-your-art. This is a crucial phase because most artist discontinue their craft at this stage. But if you passed this episode of drama, it will be easier for you to become naturally awesome at your craft.

My mind is a little hazy right now but I believe I have said what I wanted to. So now, I leave you with a laughing smiley XD

Jumping in on the Hoops of Adoption

Yea, my family decided to take in a one-year old quiet, little guy.

His Supposed-To-Be-Dad told my Dad that they cannot accommodate him any longer because they have other plans for themselves. And with plans, they are talking about other endeavors that this little guy cannot be part of. So his Supposed-To-Be-Dad opted to look for a family who will take care of him.

I am against my family’s decision, deep inside.

But at the end of the day, I am still a kid yearning to have another member of the family. Whatever it may cost us financially, I still like to believe that my family will gain something in return– emotionally. So we took him in.

While I hope that this will make me a better person.